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Paper Mario And More In US Club Nintendo Rewards


Nintendo of America’s Rewards Catalog has been updated and there’s a few things you may want to spend your hard-earned coins on. You can pick up Paper Mario and Kirby Super Star for Wii and Bird & Beans and Metal Torrent for Nintendo 3DS. These games are all available to purchase with your Club Nintendo coins until March 10th.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

26 thoughts on “Paper Mario And More In US Club Nintendo Rewards”

  1. Why would you waste your hard earned coins on these games that cost no more than $10!?! Why not use those coins for some sweet swag that you can’t purchase anywhere else?

    But props to Nintendo for at least giving consumers a choice…

    1. Almost-free games are way better than most of the “swag” you could otherwise get in North America. This ain’t Europe or Japan’s Club Nintendo with all the amazing collectibles and what-not.

      1. Added you on Wiiu jake :) sorry it took me so long. I don’t have my own stable internet connection yet. Im using my Landlords internet which is 2 floors from my Wiiu and the wiiu won’t get internet. I’m getting my own connection soon though , so you and everyone bare with me !

  2. Maybe Nintendo could start putting $5 Wii U Eshop Codes on Club Nintendo? For like 200 coins. It would be a great way to get free eshop codes :)

  3. I already own both Paper Mario and Kirby Super Star. I might want to download Paper Mario for Wii U though. That would be cool because it is my favorite Paper Mario game with Super Paper Mario in a close second place.

  4. Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door is still the best paper mario game. It’s soooo good. I hope it comes to the Wii U virtual console or really gamecube games in genoral.

    1. Kinda doubt it due to the gamepad’s triggers. Though I think I heard somewhere that Nintendo are working on Gamecube virtual console games.

  5. Played Paper Mario 1 For the N64, Paper Mario TTYD, best game Ever!, just got Super Paper Mario from Target in december, and Sticker Star for the 3ds for Christmas, lol xD 2 months man time flies, and cant wait till e3 2013! anyways i beat Paper Mario 64 over a dozen times. so much fun!

    1. “i beat Paper Mario 64 over a dozen times”
      A dozen times? I finished the game one time (thoroughly enjoyed it), then never played it again. I can’t understand how ANYONE can stand playing through a game again after they’ve completed it (unless it’s years afterwards). Kinda like how I can’t understand how a kid can be amused watching the exact same cartoons over and over and over?

  6. I remember this game being much harder when I was 13. Nostalgiiiioia. ^_^ I’m happy to get to play it again, since an ex-friend borrowed my copy & never gave it back.

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