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Analysts Believe North American Wii U Sales For January Between 110,000 And 125,000


Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter and fellow analyst firm EEDAR have both predicted that the Wii U will have sold around 110,000 and 125,000 during January in North America. The news comes ahead of January’s NPD figures which should tell us exactly how many Wii U consoles Nintendo shifted. Both analysts expect the console to be beaten by the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the Nintendo 3DS. Here’s what Pachter had to say about Wii U sales.

“Nintendo must improve sell-through of its Wii U if it hopes to maintain significant market share in the next generation.

“The console received a tepid response from consumers, for a variety of reasons: first, we think that the console was misunderstood by many as a peripheral for the Wii; second, the price point for the Wii U is relatively high, and the launch was into a weak economy; and third, first party software support was thin, and third-party software was not sufficiently differentiated to convince many that they needed a Wii U as a replacement for their Xbox 360 or PS3.”

“If the Wii U is to thrive, we think that Nintendo must market it more effectively, must speed up the pace of first-party development, and must convince third parties that they must support the Wii U or they will lose market share.”

45 thoughts on “Analysts Believe North American Wii U Sales For January Between 110,000 And 125,000”

    1. The last time pachter predicted how many wiiu’s had sold he was off by a million. I’ll wait until the official numbers are released.

  1. the way she holds the tablet to play looks very uncomfortable. I personally don’t want to have to toggle between two screens on a home console.

    1. when i first got wiiu eho ever used pro controller would win on local blopd 2. after a week the gamepad becomes the best controller ever. 2 screens is a definite advantage imo…..

  2. you need to own a wiiu. once you do , you realize its a special 8th gen console…. its better than i hoped it could be no BS…

    don’t care if it sells 30M like N64 , i’m very vrry very very very very very happy with my purchase. Mii verse is a killer app.

  3. It’s true, lot’s of people think that Wii U is a peripheral for the Wii, just like Kinect is a peripheral for the Xbox 360. I remember that one of my friends thought so.

  4. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    I would agree with what Pachter said except for the Wii U being expensive. Come on, before it was released or even before we found out the price, Pachter said it’d have to be around $300. *facepalm*

  5. These first six months mean nothing. The system is great. Its still an infant. When it takes off people gone be lookin shocked.

  6. They could remove alot of doubts marketing Wii U more and stating it as a new gen console instead of just saying it’s called Wii U cuz it does sound like an “uppgrade” for Wii to casuals…

  7. *Head-desk*

    I have the insane urge to go to Patcher’s home, slap him in the face, then shove a comparison of console launch prices into his face.
    It’s the only way that he’d ever get it into his head that the Wii U’s launch price was not “relatively high” by any stretch of a normal human’s imagination or pocket book.

    Point blank: Patcher’s a brand-loyalist to everyone except Nintendo. He want’s them to lower the price because he views the Wii U as a system of a lower quality than the others.
    There’s no other reason behind it.
    He’s just another hater.

  8. Who chooses to be an Analyst?
    Its sounds like looking at the future (with their time machines) and saying its crap.
    I’m not counting Nintendo out till they bomb E3, which they won’t. Probably- don’t want people to think I’m typing from my delorean -___-

  9. I agree nintendo needs more games from third parties especially.its sad how few third. Party games are coming out.

    I am concerned thst the games that are being releases (aliens and need for speed) wont sell well because they are late ports they maybe enhanced but I don’t think the enhancements are well marketed and will convince people to buy the over ps3 and xbox. Third parties might then say their is no demand on the wiiu for theire games.third parties are know for their lack of intellect when it comes to Nintendo consoles

    Of course I plan to buy them

  10. This time, I agree with everything Patcher said. Except maybe for the price being relatively high. Sure, 350 dollars sounds expensive now, but I’m pretty sure the PS4 and Xbox 720-or-whatever-the-name-they-choose will cost even more, if not the double of Wii U.

    First party games are really thin, indeed. Nintendo was really hoping that new mario bros U would be the killer first party game? Bad choice. At least I am still tranquil for the E3.

    1. These are good numbers, especially since it’s January and we hardly had any good games on hard copy retail. February starts with Aliens colonial Marines and it’s roses from now on. All nintendo have to do is market the Wii this month strongly and we are golden.

  11. For a slow month like January it did well in the US. Now that February is here and Aliens Colonial marines is releasing, all is well :). Am actually happy, thought it was doing Vita numbers lol.

  12. I agree with everything that article says, Nintendo has to offer more better first party games, get third party games on board.

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