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Nintendo Resurrects Pink And White 3DS XL For Valentines Day


Nintendo of America has announced via Twitter that it plans to rerelease the successful Pink and White Nintendo 3DS XL in time for Valentines Day. The company had previously stated that they were discontinuing the model as it was purely a limited edition version of the Nintendo 3DS XL. GameStop currently has the system listed for $199.99, but it’s on backorder.

14 thoughts on “Nintendo Resurrects Pink And White 3DS XL For Valentines Day”

    1. litteraly! typing this on wiiu :) . this console has so much potential. watching the pikmin 3 vid on gamepad. best . graphics . ever .

      nice xl’s for merica too!

  1. Cool. If I were to get a 3DS XL, this would definitely be my choice. Although I highly doubt I’d get one on Valentine’s Day, it’s still a nice system.

  2. They have pink 3ds xl and regulars in my local kmart but nobody here is stupid enough to buy hardware from them here.

  3. Glad to see that they are re-adding another color to the lineup, but can we get a better pink and atleast a few of the 14 different variations that have been released around the world. We have 3 of the 14, yay…

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  5. It’s gimmicks. Good ol’ Nintendo doing whatever they can to squeeze more cash out of people. Why not worry about saving your dying Wii U in the UK rather than colour-coating your already-good-selling handheld? Just an idea.

  6. They need to just keep it as a regular standard issue color. I got sick of waiting for more colors and got blue, which actually looks better when you have it in your hands. I do like pink, but it’s such a boring shade. Why not a more hot-pink? Ah well, I’m not gonna transfer my 3DS data AGAIN to get the pink one.

  7. They need to bring the Pikachu 3DS XL to North America. What the hell is Nintendo’s problem? All we ever get is different versions of the regular 3DS. Why cares about the regular 3DS?
    I love the special editions that are more than just a printed picture on the system. Like the Pikachu 3DS XL, it was also a unique color that didn’t previously exist.

    If I have to hold out until Hell freezes over to get a cool 3DS XL special edition, I will. But I have a feeling that even if a special edition DOES release in North America, it’ll probably be something stupid before something cool releases. Most likely something that everybody thinks is cool except for me. Which is usually how it always goes. (- _ -)

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