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thatgamecompany’s Future Games Will Probably Release On Multiple Platforms

journey_screenshotIn an interview with Polygon, thatgamecompany‘s Jenova Chen said that his latest game, Journey, which is exclusive to the PlayStation 3, didn’t sell as well as he had hoped. Because the game was released on a single platform, Chen says he feels that limiting Journey to the PlayStation 3 prevented it from achieving a broader success. To date, thatgamecompany developed three, award-winning games – Flow, Flower and Journey – all of which were released exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

“I wouldn’t say that the development of Journey was a successful example of game development. We bankrupted the company.”

“I think to have a financial success, that is going to change everyone, it has to be much bigger than a game on the Playstation platform.”

-Jenova Chen, thatgamecompany

40 thoughts on “thatgamecompany’s Future Games Will Probably Release On Multiple Platforms”

        1. Because it was part of the 3-game exclusive publishing deal with Sony Computer Entertainment (PlayStation).

          So, chances are very, very, very slim it will go to other consoles.

  1. Shit i didn’t know they ended up bankrupt…

    I thought Journey was good, but i still haven’t seen them do something reeeeally extraordinary (in my opinion).
    Their games still aren’t really games, i’d love them to use gameplay in a way that Shadow of the Colossus did, making it really bring on emotion, rather than have it all based on presentation

      1. I’m not trying to hate on Journey but when I tried the demo, I literally fell asleep playing it. Maybe I had a long day or something but at that point and time, it couldn’t hold my interest.

        1. Different games has their own uniqueness and those features comes to the one who choose to play. Demo is one of the thing to connects as gamers especially for new devs. I don’t give a damn what haters say or bashing system to system. I’m here to enjoy what games are meant to be to have fun, explore new things around it and have an adventure. -_-

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  3. It’s funny the ps3 sold 70 plus million and this company went bankrupt. Or didn’t do to well. The future of gaming is create a game on one device and port it to the others. But It’s nice to hear it from a piece of software that’s not on nintendo’s hardware.

  4. If they release jurney to wii U, I will buy wii U that day with jurney… :) I wanted to buy a ps3 only for that, but the idea that next gen is here and still comming… push me back.

    1. its not a failure, you can watch it on youtube in HD… the whole game.. it is just amazing… But I dont have ps3.. lol and now its to late to have one, waste of money

      1. Being critically acclaimed doesn’t mean itt sold well, plus they overdid development 1/2 year project turned to 4 years on someone elses budget….. It’s still good.

      2. I watched part of a gameplay video on youtube to find out what the hype was about. It was extremely boring and nothing about it looked amazing. I guess you have to play this type of game to really understand its beauty.

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  6. You shouldve quoted the part where jenova actually said he was looking into popular platforms.

    And actually mentioned PC’s and Tablets.

  7. come make games on wiiU! I just love what they do, so beautiful, peaceful and original only problem I never had my own ps3…

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