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Wii U Software Only Accounted For 1.6% Of All UK Software Sales In January


Recent sales figures for the United Kingdom show that Wii U software only actually accounted for 1.6% of all UK software sales during the month of January. As you’re probably aware, not a single Wii U exclusive game has charted in the UK all formats top 40 during 2013. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has previously stated that “out of all the major countries in which we operate, we perform least favourably in the UK”.

60 thoughts on “Wii U Software Only Accounted For 1.6% Of All UK Software Sales In January”

    1. I am from UK and I did not feel there was enough advertisements anywhere!! I only knew because I always like to check news online. I wouldn’t of done the cheesy advert too but apart from that, We should improve by end of 2013 when the big games are announced.

      1. That’s so true. It;s like the only thing they ever bother advertising strong was Mario Kart Wii. Truth is they did advertsise the DS and Wii strongly and both sold better than all past consoles in the UK combined. So why they haven;t bothered to carry that on with the Wii U and 3DS is very strange.

      2. AGREED! i live in London, an wii u is no where, there are no tv adverts, no bill board, NOTHING! an on top of that, can you blame us? there is absolutely nothing worth buying on wii u at the moment, never mind spending almost £350 to £380 on a wii u, which anyone with a brain cell knows in not that much more powerful then a ps3! i own an game on all platforms, an i LOVE NINTENDO, but i stay real, the fact is, even though i loved my wii, i felt burned in a major way by Nintendo, they focused way to much on casual grannies, an stuck up the middle finger to us hard core gamers, who have been supporting them since the nes, for instance, just the fact that the wii didn’t come with a classic controller in every box, an have it as the default controller on every games, alienated allot of core gamers, who didn’t want to look like a tit waving their hands around! its the same problem with wii u all over again, why on earth didnt Nintendo include a pro controller in VERY WII U BUNDLE? an make it compatible with EVERY GAME! that way all 3rd party developers would have a alternative to the game pad an touch controls, if they are to lazy, may be then the wii u would have gotten more third party support, but as is, its the wii all over again, even thought Nintendo said they are focusing on core gamer, an that BULLSHIT! just look at the e.3 just gone, all they showed was Nintendo land, an some singing an dancing game, WTF? an a bunch of pointless mediocre 3rd party ports, which any core gamers who most likely owns a ps3 or 360 as well as a Nintendo console, due to lack of 3rd party support, anyway most gamers have already played these games, an so wii u launch games was dismal! i love Nintendo, but iam fed up of some of the business practices they conduct, by all means chase that money, by attracting the casual s, but don’t in the mean time forget the HARDCORE GAMERS, the ones who have supported you from the beginning! my wii gathered dust for a long time, an now since launch, my wii u is doing the same! an iam fed up! BUCK YOUR IDEAS UP NINTENDO!!!!!

    1. Is the pound sterling not one of the most valuable currencies in the world?

      it’s the 4th or 5th strongest currency there is, as far as I know. But I could be wrong.

        1. No games came out for Wii u anyway so nobody’s guns buy 30 pound games right after x-mas if its been out for months

    1. NSMBU and Nintendo land have sold 2M each and ZombiU about 400K , Monster Hunter about 400K and blops 2 about 200K. This is a brand new console with hardly any games out .

    1. It’s already sold more hardware than the Vita though. So when the Wii U finally gets some damn games, it should improve.

      Although, this is the UK, so it won’t improve much. But a little!

  1. The Wii U hasn’t had too much advertising, nor A* games.

    However all the people that do have Wii U’s that I know of, love them, including myself.

    3 Million consoles in 2 months is better than what the Xbox and PS3 did. FACT.

    I just hope the console can get to £200 and fast, then with all the Wii U exclusives (Mario/Zelda/Yoshi etc) people will buy,

    I will wait for Wind Waker U/Rayman Legends when I buy.

  2. Ok, so worst case scenario… What if Nintendo basically only offered 1st party games on their consoles, and their hardware was always a little more than half the price of the competition?

    I know, terrible, and not the outcome anyone wants, but if Nintendo could sustain itself on 1st party sales… Would that be so bad? I rarely play 3rd party games.
    Sure I have enjoyed ME3, ZombiU and a few other’s, but I could live on 1st party and indie developers, (with a dew 3rd party exclusives sprinkled in)

    To sensational of a though? Am I a crazy man?
    Yeah, pretty much.

  3. I fail to see how it is so damn hard for people to advertise Wii U?

    Use that app or whatever it is, Panorama View and show the games like that! plus adding the full support of the Wii games and controls!

    In Swedn they only show a 7 sec long advertising on a channel maybe 2% of the entire population watches –.–

  4. 1) I think I’ve only seen one advert! 2) There is no massive rush to buy one yet, like Assassin’s Creed 3, Mass effect, Darksiders 2 hhmm what do they all have in common??? There all been release on other platforms first plus none of the other games in them series’ have been released on a nintendo… Then you get Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 a massive game with a massive audience, audiences that are more xbox or PS3 although it’s doing pretty well from what I here. Batman: Arkham City: Armoured Edition already been out for ages on xbox and PS3! New Super Mario Bros U and ZombiU two awesome games but two games are probably not enough to make a hardcore console sell massively. Those to things plus the fact the price’s of games in the uk has become a joke theres not wonder!

  5. probbly gonna get some hate for this but in my opinion nintendo’s mostly done this to themselves in the uk were really getting shat on ,theres small things like the 50hz uk virtual console thing, but whats incredibly bullshit is nintendo letting retailers make their own prices in a country which imo is already overpricing everything they weren’t gonna sell it fairly from the goodness of thy’re fucking hearts nintendo, the thing that really angered me though is when some american wii u players got up in arms about the wii u zombiu bundle theyre getting everything we got + digital nintendoland + a fucking artbook for a price thats a bit more expensive then the basic wii u over here. I know there are factors to put into pricing so its not as simple as putting the american price through a converter so its always gonna be a bit more but 80 pounds odd seems way out there to me, i would of had the money for a wii u at christmas and would have bought it without hesitation if it was prices fairly but because of the horrible pricing I still can’t afford it. ive seen a few retailers slash some of their prices now but I think it’s a bit too late nintendo needed the christmas sales and why slashing the prices should help a bit I still think its too expensive compared to the us version. Anyway srry for the rant just wanted to get it out of my system.

    1. in the UK, like in the rest of europe, manufacturers are not allowed to impose retail prices on retailers… so called “price fixing” is actually a serious offence

      1. So the uk pricing was out of their control then? okay that clears things up alot, still it is horribly overpriced over here whether it be ninty’s fault or not and there is a severe lack of advertisements I have yet to see a single one yet actually.

        1. they can release so called MSRPs but those are, as their name implies, merely suggestions

          i don’t know what the suggestion was for the british market
          usually (not always) the retailers sell the product well below the MSRP

          could be that they simply sold it at the MSRP which is why they’re so spendy.. if that is the case you can expect prices to drop however, especially in light of bad sales

  6. If Nintendo want to do well in the UK a good start would be to try and sponsor a premier league Football Team. But untill Nintendo put more visual clout in their consoles and offer more mature games they just aren’t going to do well here. They should be bending over backwards to get GTA5 on Wii U. I hate to say it but Nintendo consoles are an affront to most male Brits masculinity, which isn;t helped by the fact that I’m both gay and the only other Nintendo fans I know are gay or female.

  7. The thing is, in the UK there are very few Nintendo fans, as its seen as uncool to have a Wii or Wii U, and the majority of gamers prefer Xbox to other consoles. This, coupled with very high prices on games and hardware, have made the Wii U not sell that well.

    1. It was, very much so. I’m british, and I couldn’t name a family I know that doesnt own one.
      The reason why the Wii U is not doing as well is because of the complete lack of advertising, and the lack of a games from mainstream series (besides super mario bros). Once they get a new Mario Kart out, things will get back on track for the Wii U here. People lap that shit up here.

      1. My girlfriend and I agree. Nintendo didn’t do ANY advertising for the Wii U. To this day, I still haven’t even seen a playable demo of the Wii U at any stores I go to. And I bet there’s still a ton of people who doesn’t even know it’s a new console. I don’t get it. Nintendo had playable NES, SNES, N64’s, Gamecube and Wii’s in stores. Why not the Wii U? Or am I just living in a crap place that happened to not get any? I know one thing, I sure wish we had a Toys R Us here. I have to drive over 200 miles just to go to places like that. But now I’m off the subject.

        I myself was waiting until Pikmin 3 came out to buy the Wii U. But I might wait until at least 2 major cool games come out before I buy one. I’m in no rush. And Nintendo hasn’t done anything to make me WANT to rush.

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  9. Wii U never hear’d of it.. nothing in tesco or asda… 99% of game’s shop are gone. no tv ad’s, nothing.. speak to a lot of people and no one hear of Wii u.. plus the government has taking all our spare change..
    ok here a idea..
    1) buy some advertising space… you know on side of bus stops… i have been hearing good thing about Tv.. think it may catch on, very soon…..
    2) Some game would be a good start… or some good game not them shitty lazy port’s
    3) 60hz …………… 2013 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please fill free to add some more thanks from UK

  10. Its almost as if they have wrote of the Uk market before it started ie no advertising and store prescense.

    However I concede from my experience the majority of console buyers are self consious teenage boys who are too scared off looking uncool at the expense of playing shit generic shooters with ps3 and xbox controllers that are impossible to use. They dont even no what hardcore is its perthetic back in the day I would love to see some of them try and complete some of the old school game difficulties. There just sheep same with apple unfortunately its sad but computer consoles like phones are now like fashion and Nintendo should play them at their same game.

    Advertise Advertise and they should have put all their effort the last two years to release 3d mario and new not repeat zelda for release that way they would have got the sales got the third party support. They waste all their time with freaking nintendoland and super mario rehash 2000. Lazy.

    Thats what frustrates me with Nintendo last time they have the full package now and do nothing to market it when it counts.

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