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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Is Unlikely To Come To Wii U


It’s looking increasingly unlikely that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 will come to the Wii U. The franchise had done incredibly well on Nintendo’s previous home console, the Wii. Tiger Woods for Wii was the best reviewed version of the game and sold incredibly well thanks to the intuitive Wii remote. Kotaku contacted EA to find out why they’re not bringing the latest instalment to Wii U. Here’s their vague response.

“We’re currently focused on delivering a great Tiger Woods PGA TOUR experience for our fans on the Xbox 360 and PS3, where we have a great opportunity to connect fans to the real world of golf and each other. We don’t have any further platform announcements at this time.”

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105 thoughts on “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Is Unlikely To Come To Wii U”

    1. Yeah, such a disappointment, oh well I probably you know… PLAY THE ACTUALLY SPORT RATHER THAN ACTUALLY PLAY IT ON A COMPUTER SCREEN!.

      Sports games on future consoles are fucked

    2. Me too!
      Tiger is such an amazing role model, who I would love to play as a character so I can pretend I’m just like this picture of ethics and morality!
      Oh well.

  1. That’s disappointing, and not a good sign for sports on the console in the future. I really believe the controller would be great for sports games: football, golf, soccer, hockey… and had planned to buy all 4 on the system. I did not buy Madden at launch, simply because I believe the first round of sports games on a console are typically awful, and a lot of bugs and issues are worked out by the second year. Very disappointing. Looks like the PS4 will be getting my money.

    1. Just because the console isn’t getting sports games means its bad?… you do know the PS4 and 720 are most likely AREN’T going to be getting sport titles either

        1. Not really because since Microsoft is planning on making their next gen console a tablet device called the X-Surface then its going to suffer the same fate.
          Same goes with Sony’s PS4, they’ll probably get a few titles at best but with the hardware specs it has might turn some developers off, not that it isn’t power its just that the CPU in both the PS4 and 720/Xbox/X-Surface use almost the same CPU which is a bulldozer CPU… which is shit… big time.

          Wii U isn’t getting sports games… from EA. There are other sports games coming to the Wii U that at being made by other developers such as Project CARS to name a few

      1. That makes all 3 next gen systems that won’t be seeing sports games! Ps4 and Xbox will be seeing sports titles, EA have to sell them somewhere. Stop talking bs

      1. Actually no, if its just the sports game side of things its a very same genre meaning the Wii U isn’t going to miss much money, most games now a days are either FPS, TPS and Platformers, with some horror games thrown into the mix.

        So really, a same part of a genre that doesn’t even have much to being with really isn’t that much of a big deal, besides the Wii U will still get Wii Sports U, Wii Fit U and so on. Though those games might be first party they still pretty much count.

  2. I knew this would start happening. Hardly any wii I sections in local supermarkets and game shops. I bought the shocking FIFA wii u just to help towards sales, so that FIFA 14 would hopefully come to wii u on par with other consoles. I’ve had all Nintendo consoles since snes and am convinced this will be the last Nintendo home system. If it wasn’t for lego city and zelda hd I’d sell my wii u while I could still get some money for it.

    1. :::rolleyes:::
      oh grow up, we have heard the “its Nintendo’s last console” since the SNES. Its absurd. Nintendo literally was printing money with the Wii for 6 years straight. They have cash reserves, more than enough to survive several flops in a row (How’s Sony holding up lately as a company? the Eye, the Move, the PS3, the Vita, not to mention bleeding money out of EVERY division)

      The Wii U is following the 3DS trajectory at the moment, once the software comes, the hardware will start to move.

  3. EA is only concerned about the PS3 and 360’s installed base :/ . ”We are only putting the game on platforms where we can make a little bit of money” Even though a Good Tiger woods with Wii motion plus would sell quite well.
    They should be supporting Wiiu today and the fans would support them in return in the future. Maybe the Wiiu will get a late version. Which is what happened to Need for speed.

    1. People is stupid if they think this will only happen to Nintendo consoles, for all i know the install base of the next console are cero who says that there installed base will grow quieker.

      1. Exactly. The ps4 and 720 aren’t going to sell fast. They’re going to get outsold by PS3 and 360 for at least a year. If they’re a big leap in graphics , they will have to be REALLY expensive or being sold at a loss.

        1. Third parties have forgothen how new console launchs, next year the industry will start the chanting of the industry being death, no is not is just in a reboot like it always happen whit new consoles.

              1. The business/economic scenario was different in 2006/2007. Today we have a plethora of tech devices (mainly tablets and smartphones) – absent by that time – for which games can be developed. Now we are facing a tendency of rearrangement in terms of business strategy. Since the number of platforms today is increased, I would not be surprised if from now on the industry choose distinct ways to make support happen – or – sadly for some – not happen.

                1. My point exactly they will start whit the support but if those console dont sell 10 millions in 4 months they are doom cause thats what everyone spects them to sell.

          1. Indeed. The PS3 and 360 were dog shit when they launched. The Wiiu will evolve into a different beast in the second half of this year .

        1. I bet some of this jurnalist that are jumping to the Nintendo is doom campaing are fresh from college and this is there first console launch heck this is even pachter first console launch.

  4. Our Supreme Enjoyfulness Nintendo doesn’t need this type of garbage on Wii U.

    We Nintendos require creativity, originality and fun, not realism which is what the Xbots and Sonys only care about.

  5. Should ea, still, not putting their shitty games on the Wii U surprise you?! They won’t put their games on the Wii u because of nintendo’s unwillingness to cave to their demands! Who cares about their GD sports games?! Not me. EA does not drive this market on its own there are plenty of great devs out there that do much better work than EA… And they have one of the worst development environments in the industry! Can’t wait for them to fail… Probably wont see that in the near future, but still want it to happen.

    1. I care about them. As do many gamers. And if you want a lot of quality content on your system, you should care too. If EA doesn’t see the support to bring their massively popular titles to the system, than other games will forgo it as well. Software and hardware have a delicate balance. A system needs software to sell. Software wants a system to have sold a lot before they bring out their games. It’s like someone new to the job market, and having all the positions require “Work experience.” People aren’t going to buy a console if it won’t play some of their favorite games.

  6. Is Nintendo doomed? No. But they may need some extreme changes in the front office. Someone has got to come in and get these key relationships back. Whether we like sports games or not shouldn’t matter. Software sells hardware (in gaming). The Wii U needs all the support from third parties as they can get. I fear 1st party titles and the few exclusives that remain will not be enough.

    NNID – TheImaj

    1. Sure, they need to have deals but they also dont need to go making them at every game thats is going to be released. Very few titles are realy wort it, look at metal gear raising it looks great but it feals alot like bayonneta so why whould Nintendo bring a game thats going to be competition whit them?

      1. Because in the end if I didn’t get into Bayonetta but loved MGS, Nintendo still has an opportunity to make money off of me.

        Hardcore Nintendo fans will buy/already have bought the Wii U. But they need to make it an OBVIOUS choice for those people on the fence. I personally think more software of all types can help with that. If a unique version of Tiger Woods can end up selling a machine, (which I think it could) then it becomes worth it to maintain some of these 3rd party relationships.

        1. I agree but i also agree that it cant be done to agresive or it could bring more troubles to Nintendo that what is word. Caution is what Nintendo needs more than ever whit todays publishers.

    1. What in the sweet name of fuck is the matter with you? You seriously have no life and get enough attention to where you go on a website and harass a random person. Get a life Zombie!!!!! (and yes I see what I did there)

  7. So now EA and Ubisoft betrayed Nintendo…
    And Capcom is just a mess…

    Maybe MH3U and MH4 will be something…
    I still think Nimtendo should increase their forces and come up with new IPs themselves and not just 1…

  8. ORIGIN cloud based gaming has them this mad? Wow! EA get over your high horses. Talk about a Whinny bunch. They make THQ look like saints.

  9. To you that are new to video gaming as a whole, always remember nintendo is shunned by third parties for two reasons. Nintendo is a better games developer than them, and secondly it’s a Japanese company that has outclassed and has smarter developers than western companies. These little twerps have always hated that, them and their Greek roman faggot ancient selves.

    1. …and that’s why I have always owned Nintendo systems vs other systems which have these second class (yet still enjoyable) titles available on them. Here’s to EA becoming another ATARI which Nintendo has to save again.

  10. I used to really enjoy EA games since the original Madden. I “used” to. I was thinking I might buy some of their titles when they released real efforts on the Wii U. Doesn’t look like that will happen and all that means is I won’t be spending any money on their games. It’s getting to the point where I’m’ even feeling I won’t buy their games if they did release they, because they’re acting so greedy with their recent ports and disrespectful of Nintendo and it’s customers. Once MH3, X and Wii Fit U are released, EA will have lost their chance to get me re-interested in their franchises.

    1. I used to buy the annual releases of Madden, FIFA, and NHL, but as I got older, I didn’t have to play as much, so I kept them on a 3 year rotation. One year I get Madden, the next NHL, then Fifa, then Madden, etc. Was really looking forward to sports titles on the Wii U. It’s a shame.

  11. oh no! what am i ever to do without tiger woods golf ? best game ever created in the world and not coming to my console :(. whatever shall i do with all the other video games i will pick up like Lego city undercover or Pikimin 3 or Mario kart or Smash bros. or super Mario or both Zelda’s ? whatever shall i do with the new game X or any of the other titles that are gonna drive Wii u sales through the roof in the coming months ? what shall i dooooooooooo ? Nintendo is so doomed :( they don’t have tiger woods……for now. Once consoles start selling they will be like duhhh maybe we bring dose sportz gamez to da wii u since it sellz now and da ofver systemz are not doing so well since dey are more expezive and haz no gamez for dem . like honestly it’s just a matter of time what do they think that in this economy that people are gonna pay more for the next gen which people are saying is gonna be over 400 dollars just for the systems ? and people complain about wii u price right now lol well it ain’t looking pretty for the all blu-ray, no pre owned game and online cloud only gameplay right now.Which sucks because i am that guy who buys multiple consoles but it’s also good because then they will start making games for the wii u again since the install base will be much larger by holiday 2013.i ain’t afraid of no golf.

  12. We don’t need wife cheating american golfers in our pure machine.

    The light of EA will shine no more and the purest darkness of Nintendo will rule.

    Light is the enemy not darkness, 90% of the universe is darkness so you see EA we cannot fail hahahahahah so get over your Pearl Harbor incident!

  13. bunk, not that i would likely buy it, however with the wii u they have the opportunity to make something really intuitive and intriguing. Like what was shown about the wii u press release a few years ago. Bit of a loss potentially, but not a big surprise coming from ea. That company just down right sucks. The only reason i would want the new sony and ms systems to fail is so ea can fail because they suck so bad. I hope they just fade away…

  14. Really?
    Not one single comment about it?
    Okay, guess I’ll be the first; the guy on the right, in that pic for this article’s header, he looks so constipated that I can’t help but laugh.XD

  15. Man, who cares? The only GOOD golf games are the Mario Golf type with cute chibi characters. The real PGA is SO boring! Speaking of Mario Golf, DAMN I WISH NINTENDO WOULD HURRY UP AND BRING A NEW ONE TO THE Wii U. It’s been too long since Toadstool Tour. Can’t believe they skipped the Wii altogether. But if a new one DOES come out, it better have the mini-golf mode back. I’ll never understand why they took that out of Toadstool Tour?

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  17. As a huge sports fan this is concerning. While I’m fairly positive that Tiger will make his Wii U debut next year, when the base is there to profit, I really don’t want to see this turn into the Wii again where NCAA never shows up on the game list. Playing Madden on Wii U is a lot of fun, addictive almost with the gamepad play calling and route drawing and thats with a “sup-par” development. If they put some thought and effort into the games they made for the Wii U, they could set a new standard for sports games not seen since motion control.

  18. The problem is that EA is mad at Nintendo for some unknown reason amd releases this half-arsed ports with less features than the other platforms even though the Wii U is more than capable of having all that.

  19. Newsflash people, the game gets released next month, meaning that because of the different WiiU structure there’s no way they can just port it over and slap something on the gamepad in that short of a timeframe. Plus the game was already in the development stage long before the finalized WiiU developer kit came out. This explains why they said that they did not have any further announcements regarding other consoles, they also didn’t mention anything regarding PC or handhelds. This title is misleading and is only used to gain views and become troll bait.

    1. Thanks for that report, SWES2012. It’s either Electronic Arts toying with us or they’re under Non-Disclosure Agreement with the global president of Nintendo.

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