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Wreck-It Ralph Director Really Wants Mario For Sequel


Rich Moore, the director behind the popular Disney film Wreck-It Ralph, has announced that he really wants Mario to star in the film, if they are lucky enough to be able to create a sequel. Moore says that he would have loved to have Mario in the original, but they just couldn’t find room for him in the film. Wreck-It Ralph is currently out in UK Cinemas.

“If we’re lucky enough to have a sequel then we’ll create that moment that’s perfect for [Mario].”

“Over the course of developing the story I was always looking for the perfect moment or scene to include Mario.”

“But it had to be organic, it had to feel like [the scene] was made for him and unfortunately as we were developing the story that moment never made itself clear.”

35 thoughts on “Wreck-It Ralph Director Really Wants Mario For Sequel”

      1. Except they established that characters can move between games.

        They could have shown Mario attempting to enter that game in his Kart because of his karting pedigree, but being denied entry at the gate. Then perhaps as he drives away dejected we see Bowser laughing at him as a little follow up to his appearance in the bad guys meeting, and then Mario fires a shell at Bowser.

    1. Nobody knows yet because Disney needs to green light it. Since it made so much money, it’s safe to say a sequel will happen.

    1. I hope the next Super Smash Bros has LONG cutscenes in the Story Mode. I would like to see long epic battles between all the cool Nintendo characters! Not just simple 10 second things that simply advance the story.

  1. I´m really sure that if a sequel is in progress, they need to do it with a complete new cast, the story of Ralph and the arcade was already told, if they want Mario, they need to move to the console, just like many arcade games to did the jump from arcade to console.

      1. Well, the movie was not set in the age of the arcade, and the online gaming in console is in his best right now, so, that is an idea for having console and online gaming in the same movie.

  2. I saw the Wreck It Ralph panel at Comic Con and they said that they wanted to put Mario in the first film but Nintendo wouldn’t approve it. So this statement is in stark contrast to what he said in July. Hmph.

    1. Thats not true. They just didn’t have a place for him to fit in…. He said it again in the article they just posted above.

      1. I don’t know what’s true or not, only that at San Diego Comic Con they said that they wanted Mario but couldn’t get him. And then John C Reilly joked about how easy it was to get frogger because what the heck is he doing these days hehe.

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  4. I wish the entire movie was based solely on Mario instead of this Ralph guy that I never heard of.

    But if Mario does appear in a sequel, I hope they get Charles Martinet to do his voice. It would be retarded if Mario didn’t even talk. Or if someone else did his voice.

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