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NightSky On Nintendo 3DS Rolls To Europe Next Week


Nicalis has announced, via Twitter, that the Nintendo 3DS edition of NightSky releases in Europe on February 21st, and it will cost €9.99 to download from the Nintendo eShop. The action-puzzle game, in which there are no enemies, no bosses and no violence, has a player guiding a sphere to its destination by using realistic physics. NightSky has been available since last year for $9.99 in the North American Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS, and according to Nicalis, NightSky’s launch in Australia and New Zealand shouldn’t be far behind its European release.

29 thoughts on “NightSky On Nintendo 3DS Rolls To Europe Next Week”

    1. wow you ungrateful son of a. just stop the childish remarks. I dont suppose they made this game for you. You really think they give two flying shits if you like their game or not? its not like they said “oh. I hope neutron likes this game” so sit your no life ass down and slowly die as age and fickle matter drain your life away into the deep ends of crap.

  1. I’m starting to have Animal Crossing dreams. For about a week I convinced myself that I saw Iwata release the NA date. It was early May or something.

    I think I’m going insane.

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  3. I read somewhere that the new Xbox will have some survailance feature so that the idiots can see whoever owns an Xbox anytime they want plus that it will be bound to Kinect, it won’t work wihout Kinect.
    If this is true, only a total mindblowingly idiot would buy this evil shit.

    1. Isn’t it illegal for a company not owned buy the U.S gov. to put a surveilance system in their electronic products as that is an INVASION OF PRIVACY!? You would have to accept the surveilance system. Otherwise being forced to take part in it would be unlawful.

  4. I’m sure they would do it anyway, it’s usa :p

    If this is true and the US goverment doesn’t mind then I guess Microshit is in league with them.
    And I’m almost certain that they created Xbox so that the american noobs gets more brainwashed by all these Anti Middle-East and Anti “Communist” countries in all these FPS games they love so much.

    I so hope that atleast the must have Kinect to play the new Xbox is true, already a failure.
    Better for us true gamers >)

    1. Stop spreading bullshit, get your tinfoil hat off, and stop believing everything you read on the internet cause most of the time its chinese whispers.

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