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New Need For Speed Most Wanted Trailer Showcases Wii U Features

EA has released a new trailer for Need for Speed: Most Wanted on Wii U. The trailer showcases the unique features of the Wii U GamePad to introduce “Co-Driver” where your friend plays using the Wii Remote. You can activate boost, adjust cop difficulty and change mods using the Wii U GamePad. Need for Speed: Most Wanted arrives on Wii U on March 22nd.

96 thoughts on “New Need For Speed Most Wanted Trailer Showcases Wii U Features”

    1. I just preordered this off amazon….. I am gonna be sooo broke this month…. My wife is gonna kill me when she sees my credit card bill….. I ordered Luigi mansion, Lego city, Need for speed, Spiderman and Monster hunter…. damn!!!!

      Can anyone put me up after she kick my ass and throws me out the house? (I hope my kids and intervene for me this time again)…

      Get N or get OUT!!!!!

      1. ahaha , I like your style bro :D . I pre ordered Luigi’s mansion 2 , Lego City (this<) and NFSMW U . Monster Hunter is gunna have to wait. Not because I can't afford it but because i'm not gunna have time to play it right away , and considering it is kind of a port , it is the game I am least excited to play out of those games even if it will be the one I spend the most time playing.

        1. Yea thank you bro……. yea they are alot of games. But it’s because I don’t get them same time so i gotta send them to my mom for her to mail them to me. I didn’t want to send her the post office often.

      2. Oh man… Hope she’ll understand. I had to let my boy play as an excuse for me spending that cash. That’s too many games at one time man. I’ll pray for you, in the mean time enjoy it and make sure you get the kids involved. Lol

  1. If you look closely you can see that the only mention EA in the box of the game is like criterion is trying to move a bit away from EA ways.

      1. well activation is giving some Wii U support, so I’d hold off on bashing them, even if all they ever make is Skylanders and CoD

        1. Thought so. Good to know lol. Got upset for a minute there. I was like really? I have to go March 19th to ebgames for MH3U, then 3 days later on March 22nd for NFS:MWU, then 2 days later for Luigi’s Mansion? Hell no lol.

  2. I am off to trade in my second Xbox360, need money for this, that Monster hunter and Lego undercover I pre-ordered are affecting my resources :).

  3. Preordering that tomorrow!!!!! Hell’s yeah! I haven’t been excited about a racing game like this since the first Dub edition of Midnight Club Racing.

    1. It’s fun, but it has nothing on the original Midnight Club trilogy. I hope Rockstar comes out with a new Midnight Club that takes it back to its roots. LA was a little, eh…

  4. My friend can play while I use the touch screen to select mods and change the difficulty???? Is really all the Wii U gamepad is for??? Wow……..what an anti climax.

    1. You can play the whole game on the gamepad. The game arrives with PC visuals ( for Aeolus and his buddy Neutron ), also using PC resources and mechanics. Also it has all the DLC from the PC, xbox360 and PS3 edition. In short it is using direct X11 equivalent features :).

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to troll, the game looks great. I’m just getting more and more frustrated at the lack of original ideas to use the game pad for. The ideas being put into these “extra features” are just the bare minimum expected in my opinion and the’re being hyped up for marketing purposes. I’m not even sure what I’d like to see but then, it’s not my job!

        1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I do feel like developers should’ve done more with the gamepad as well. I’m picking this though.

  5. Guaranteed we shall not see troll on this post. It hurtles their minds that the Wii U is next generation. It must be lonely for trolls drones and bots, knowing that nintendo once again has catered to us their customers and fans. Giving us a machine that is HD, eighth gen, half wattage in comparison to the ancient HD twins and their eighth generation replacements. Also an offscreen feature to boot. I end my comment here, off to sharpen my monster hunter skills in tri.

  6. Can’t come soon enough! Pirated this for PC, but have kept me from playing it as I want to enjoy it with the GamePad!

  7. Paying full price for a game already out for other platforms (and available for less than €30) is simply unacceptable. I don’t expect it to be as cheap as the PS3/360 versions since it has new features, but definitely not close to the €50 price tag

      1. What? Its got nothing to do with being “poor”, i agree, the games is old now, why is it full price? Oh because it just got released, its stupid what companies get away with, the Capcom releasing 14 year old games for fucking £15

        1. 10 quids worth of DLC on the disc , Exclusive features , off screen play , the best console graphics. I would say it’s worth it. If it was a sloppy rushed port then no . but this is.

      2. This is the first time I am laughing at someone being poor because of a Moronic dicision to buy need for speed most wanted on the PS3 and the xbox360 hahahahaha. Should have waited. Us smarter poor by recession folk applied that old age virtue and shall be Norse boosting on and offline next week :).

        1. WTF are you on about? I didn’t but the PS3/360 edition. Did I say that? No. I was just comparing the two to argue that the Wii U version shouldn’t be full price…

    1. The euro is tanking right now and has been for the last six months! European banks are floundering and you think that EU50 is going to be a lot? Just wait til the Euro reaches yen levels and then complain about a Eu50 game price! Or just get a job and then you will have to learn to manage your money, so that you could afford the things you wanted, or just continue to complain about the price as that will help the prices to come down. By the way the Euro is trading at 1.3006-8 respectively(right now), which means that the game will cost you $65US and that’s exactly how much new games cost me here in the US. Your complaint is moot and just because it is out on other platforms doesn’t mean that they should discount the game that is obviously filled with better content than the games on the market already!

      1. I didn’t come here for your poor economics lesson. The point is this is not exactly a new game, this is a port of a game that took little effort to create, and EA are expecting us to pay full price for a game that is available for half that on other platforms

        1. The lesson was dumbed down so that a chode, such as yourself, could possibly understand how absolutely retarded your thought process on this one was.

          1. so, a game with little effort should cost full price when its equivalents are half priced. Yes, that is sooo retarded…in fact, I’m going to beg EA for forgiveness for even implying such a thing

        2. Dude, EA is the distributor, Criterion is the Developer and just because a game is a port doesn’t mean it is easy, albeit easier then starting from scratch admittedly, but there is still work that goes into it. Or we would have every third party game ported over to the Wii U already, but we don’t because it takes time to do it and money and energy.

          1. Look, I’m not stating that it doesn’t, but as you rightly said, it is much, much less than starting from scratch. Obviously money has to be spent in creating a port and it seems not every developer wants to risk that at the time being, or, again, as you said, we’d have much more third party ports.
            BUT, the effort and resources required to port it does not, imho, merit the game being full price. I refer to the publisher instead of Criterion because I believe the pricing issue arose from EA’s well documented greed, rather than Criterion’s decision. I could be wrong ofc

      2. Except that they are 60 in the US and Canada as opposed to 65. However I agree, I don’t see why it should be released at a discount price. It is a full game that is newly released (on this platform) and criterion put in a lot of work to make it on this platform and it shows. If anything pay full price just to support criterion and what they have done and shown what the Wii U can do. This is just the beginning.

        1. I’m counting taxes. Which, at our current sales tax rates, equates to roughly $65US. $64.76 is more like arguing semantics, I rounded up for brevity.

    2. Incredible but true

      Being out for other platforms doesn’t matter to some people.
      The improvements to gameplay[and graphics, though that’s a less important factor] make up the difference in price tag, and they give the Wii U a game that racing fans will love.

      1. The point here is that the devs simply took a game already out, added in some features (which even they admitted didn’t take very long because they found the Wii U easy to work with). So, should something done with a small dev team, with little effort, and already months old on other platforms cost that much? We’re talking upwards of €25 here. Inb4 I’m branded poor again – I can afford it. I choose not to buy it until after a price drop because I feel this is EA being greedy again

          1. DID I FUCKING IMPLY THAT? Jeez some people here really need reading comprehension skills…the devs mentioned that the Wii U architecture made the porting process easy. It contributed to making ports like this one which didn’t require much time, effort, resources and money to develop. These reasons, along with the fact that a cheaper version of the game already exists, should mean that the price goes down. Not the fact that the Wii U is easy to develop for in itself =__=

              1. I did. That’s why it shouldn’t be full price, among the other reasons I stated above.
                The fact that the Wii U eased development isn’t a factor in itself. Is it that hard to understand?

        1. Understandable, I was a bit hasty in attacking you for having an opinion! I will try to refrain from that from now on. I will be buying the game because I never bought it on my other consoles and I want to try and support good work on the Wii U. The disappointment is that Criterion is held hostage under the umbrella of disarray that is EA and their greed. But, I see my purchase as a welcome encouragement to the devs that they are doing a good job and Nintendo gamers appreciate it! That’s all.

          1. A good example of what your trying to get across about the game being a port and therefore needing to be cheaper would be the recent release of The Amazing Spider Man on Wii U. That game is only $40US, so in turn why should this one not be similar in it’s pricing and that would again come back to EA’s greed machine and desire to topple anyone that opposes them. I hate EA with a burning passion, but I will buy this game at full price because Used games don’t contribute money to the devs that made them, used games make games specialty resellers money… not the makers of the game.

  8. it’s just a port of an old PC, and di are the new game from EA, no one in the future,
    will not be the next NFS

    1. PS3 and Xbox360 cannot run this version. So take you and your damage control self up to the video then play it to see what you shall never play on your console lol.

  9. Even though the trailer highlighted the co-op potential, theres alot of feature in that mode that i would find myself using like changing the time of day, and clearing traffic (traffic is fucking annoying in Criteron games).

    Either way, i dont like the level design in t his game, and the set up for the races and what not is just dumb, so not a chance i’ll be buying it

  10. I just preordered this off amazon….. I am gonna be sooo broke this month…. My wife is gonna kill me when she sees my credit card bill….. I ordered Luigi mansion, Lego city, Need for speed, Spiderman and Monster hunter…. damn!!!!

    Can anyone put me up after she kick my ass and throws me out the house? (I hope my kids and intervene for me this time again)…

    Get N or get OUT!!!!!

    1. Wow, um that’s a heavy CC bill there! The only way I’m able to get games is to trade in others or preorder at GS and put $10 on it here and there tip it’s paid off before release. I’m in the same boat right now as I have about 5-6 games coming this month and next that I’ve preordered and I have to come up with some funds to pay for all of them!! LOL… oh well it’s the price I pay to play games with my kids!

      1. Yea I fell you bro……….. I am glad that my kids like video games like their dad……… My wife hate that tho….. she is saying am a bad influence……lol

        1. party. We sent out e-vites because I thhugot the idea of spending time and money on paper invites for a one-year-old’s birthday party was beyond stupid. Yeah. Not a fan of the kids’ b-day party.

    2. You are so dump dont you know if you order on amazon you should order cheap jewerly for her and you will have her of your back for at least a week maybe have some booty too.

      1. lol…. not a bad idea…. but it will take too long to get them.

        I am in jamaica… so I preorder stuff at amazon in america and send them to my mom address then she would go to the post office and mail them to me. So it’s a long wait.

        I will probably get her something here in Jamaica and try to “sweet her up” lol.

  11. Nintendo Commander

    1. Criterion should join the dark side (Nintendo)…

    2. Anyone who makes fun of poor people or any other suffering people (excluding Xbots amd Sony Units), do not deserve to be a part of Nintendo and should either learn or cease to exist…

    3. It should cost a bit lower than full retail price like 15% cheaper…

  12. I want this game, but $60 is too steep for an old game even if it has all the DLC. I’ll wait for a sale.

    1. The game is still $60 for the other consoles and it does not include the DLC which you have to pay extra for. This game is a little over 4 months old so it is not really an OLD game now is it.

    2. Gee, it’s a good thing you guys saying this is too expensive aren’t looking to buy the Metroid Prime Trilogy… Just because something is older doesn’t mean it is worth less. If it’s new to you then it’s new lol.

  13. Please…. those kid’s teeth… I have them in my mind now… so hard to resist… something went wrong with this advert.

  14. TO NINTENDO HATERS: I thought you sony/Microsoft fanboys said Nintendo fans dont like hard core? WE ONLY PLAY MARIO? YET according to these 93 commets before me, it proved you all wrong. JUST WAIT FOR MORE WII U GAMES. I’m jtz have a nice day.

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