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GameStop President Says Wii U Sales Are Slower Than They Expected


Forbes recently had the opportunity to interview GameStop President Tony Bartel about a number of things including Wii U sales, the PlayStation 4, and the next Xbox. Bartel told the publication that Wii U sales were slower than the retailer had expected following the holiday launch period. However, the retailer is confident that sales will improve once the big Nintendo IP’s start rolling in.

“Following the holiday launch period, sales have been slower than we expected. Nintendo plans on launching some of their biggest IP over the next few months which we think will increase gamer interest.”

29 thoughts on “GameStop President Says Wii U Sales Are Slower Than They Expected”

  1. Well people just spent a lot a money over the holidays. why do people expect big sales to continue shortly after ?

  2. It’s interesting how many western companies have been infected by the graphics society and mainstream world into believing that the Wii U should have sold like 50 million units by now after only 3 months…

    No wonder the economy is going down in the west while hoing up in the east…

    Patience and originality is a thing of the past in western weak world…

    Nintendo bless your loyal supporters…

    1. Well, anything is better than Pachter…

      I don’t like this grsvatar system or small letters…

  3. They are going to sell even slower once Smash, Galaxy, Kart, and Zelda release on the E-Shop the date of their launches. Gamestop is doomed.

  4. Ummm… I wonder what type of analysis he did to come up with this idea… Probably logic and common sense, Pachter should take lessons from him.

    1. Why would they? Anyone who’s excited about that game probably has a Wii U already. Anyone who doesn’t have a Wii U already probably doesn’t give 2 shits about it.

      It’s not like people don’t know what games are coming out for Wii U; they know alright, they just don’t care.

      Sales aren’t picking up anytime soon. Not until a price cut, I promise you that. It’s going to get even worse this holiday when the other two consoles are out for around the same price, give or take. MS says it’s targeting $299-$349, Sony hasn’t said anything but you can bet they’re not making the same mistake twice. So if Nintendo doesn’t price cut before then, Wii U is going to have several even worse months. Even if they do price cut, people rather spend $300-$400 on a more powerful, more flexible, more all-around capable console with much better 3rd party support, rather than an XBOX 360-level Nintendo console with a tablet controller.

      Sorry, it’s the truth. Sales don’t lie, kids.

  5. I can’t belive all this negative of the wii u.I would like to know what sales they were expecting and then comparing sales to every other console that as been released for the time been out!Saying that the price cut in europe as massively helped I know that from latest sales data.As I said before watch these sales take big jump very soon!

  6. Isually Gamestop likes to blame Nintendo for their “financial losses” however, it seems this time he knows whats up. Wii U will certainly bounce back in the coming months.

  7. Well, there’s not a lot of people who has 300 and 350+ dollars to just toss around. I know that I certainly don’t. The Pikachu 3DS XL is my # 1 priority at the moment.

  8. Uh, hasn’t Gamestop said this a lot in the past few weeks though? I feel as though this is a repeat article.

  9. Even worse for Nintendo: Vita outsold 3DS in Japan recently.

    Yikes, Nintendo. Not looking good. Time to start dipping into that big savings account of yours.

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  11. Dear Nintendo,

    I know that sales has not increased and I understand that everyone say’s you are head toward troubled times. However I believe that you did a lot of advertising for the Wii. While with the Wii U there was little to no advertising. I believe if you show the market what you can do with some really impressive game titles to go along with it. You would surely steal Xbox and PS’s thunder. The title that my friend brought his Wii U for is just coming out so surely that upset him.(That game was Pikmin 3) So what I’m trying to say is show them what you got. Show them that HD is not a factor anymore and that the gamepad will give a whole new experience for gaming. Show them the new Legend of Zelda ,Pikmin 3, SUPER SMASH BROS will give them a gaming experience that they’ve never had. I know that what did it for me when i first got my system the N64. Also thank you if you’re reading this because playing your games made me truly realize what gaming is really about.

    Thank you again

    Your loyal Nintendo Fan Lou


    For all those that will comment negatively please use valued reason because Nintendo is more than just some company and it’s fans are more than just fans. We are a group of players that know the gaming experience we want and we all come from different situations and saying we don’t care if not a valued reason. I am a college student studying Computer Science hoping to work for this great company Nintendo. Knowing that I can not purchase a Wii U because I am a poor college student who doesn’t have money to spare till I get a job in the summer. So please don’t trash talk any company because they truly put their heart in soul into everything they make. However if I were to pick one company that puts everything they have into it. It would truly be the one and only Nintendo.

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