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Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL Is Only $160 At Target On March 24th


US retailer Target will begin selling the Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL console for only $160 on March 24th. The limited edition console was officially announced today by Nintendo of America and will go on sale everywhere from March 24th, and will retail for $199.99. The Target advert also says that the blue, red, and pink Nintendo 3DS XL consoles are also available to purchase.

35 thoughts on “Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL Is Only $160 At Target On March 24th”

  1. Sweet! I’m totally gonna get this! I hope GameStop has a Trade-In thing going on for this, but if they don’t then I’ll still buy it anyway!

      1. That is false. Both GameStop and Target have already been verified for getting this system. It is already in the system for both retailers.

  2. With the buy two get one game free and this 3DSXL being on sale at target and the Nintendo Promotion of registering a 3DSXL and Pokemon or Luigi’s Mansion and getting a free game, it’s a very good time to be a Nintendo fan.

  3. Thats it im buying there. Ill get luigis mansion as well before that nintendo promotion ends even though i already have fox and mario ill still download one of them to always have with me.

    1. OMG! I nearly forgot that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was also out right now. D’oh!
      I NEED M O N E Y !

  4. Sickr & Alba can suck my Nuts

    This gotta be the gayest looking 3DS. At least it will be easier to identify nintenVirgins with the pikachu one.

    1. Really?
      Pokemon has been around for so long now.
      I wouldn’t call people with this system a nintenvirgin. The system has been out in japan for a year now and is going for over 700$ on ebay…

  5. I could care less for this, Luigi’s Mansion, and the b2g1f deal. But to those who are interested, if the b2g1f deal isn’t on by the time LM releases, simply buy 2 games, get your free one, don’t open one of the games you paid for and exchange it for LM with your receipt. There you go. Luigis Mansion is part of the deal. I used to work at target, so I know.

  6. I guess I’ll have to pick this up then. I don’t want to buy another 3DS, but I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!! Might have to take advantage of the Skylanders deal as well (if I can find two I don’t have).

  7. So combining all these special sales, it’s actually possible to get a “buy two, get two free” deal…with a total savings of about 140$ :D! But this little scheme involves somehow getting Luigi’s mansion a part of target’s “buy two get one free” promotion….hmm

  8. Why do so many people (trolls) keep calling Nintendo and Pikachu fans virgins? What the HELL does being a Nintendo or Pikachu (Pokemon) fan have to do with virginity? That sounds SO ignorant!

    1. Well if you haven’t opened it, I would think Target, or most any place you would have bought it new has a fairly lenient return policy, but assuming your son isn’t a bratty teenager (haha just a joke), I’m sure he’ll love it either way =) — especially since Pokemon X and Y are coming in October. It is slowly, but surely becoming my favorite Nintendo console of all time, and it already is my fav portable. Also guys, keep in mind, the deal is for all 3DS XL AND original 3DS systems, all colors, not just Pikachu – All XL’s are $160, and all reggies are $130 – and there was something about a Skylanders figure deal in there too, if I’m not mistaken ;)

  9. Hey sickr! How did you find out about this? There’s nothing on Target’s website showing the Pikachu 3DS XL. And there’s nothing in their store that says anything about it (I was just there). Are you sure about this?

  10. While I hope it is true, I’m not so sure the image from the Target ad is legit. People at my Target (Eureka CA) have no idea about the ad. I showed them the online ad on Sunday (3/17), and the guy said that Target doesn’t release their ads two weeks in advance. It could be a hoax of some kind.

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