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Pokemon Developer’s HarmoKnight Demo Is On North American 3DS eShop Today


A playable demo for HarmoKnight, the upcoming rhythm platformer by Pokemon developer, Game Freak, is now available to download on the North American Nintendo 3DS eShop. The full game will be available as a downloadable title and will see a release in North America on March 28th. The game was released on the Nintendo eShop in Japan on September 5th 2012.

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30 thoughts on “Pokemon Developer’s HarmoKnight Demo Is On North American 3DS eShop Today”

      1. Yeah no doubt, i’ll be buying this game when it launches but after playing the Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon and Etrian Odyssey demos this one just seemed rather short.

        Either way it was a great way to show off the gameplay, the Pokemon theme, and boss fights all in one so i’m not disappointed.

  1. Im buying pokemon because of the demo and this game because of the demo. Im real happy nintendo isnt about just trailers anymore.

    1. Man, what’s wrong with you? A few articles back you were bashing because I made a very wise prediction about Retro making Star Fox. Seriously, screw off with this “I’m better than everyone else attitude.”! I’ve never been wrong when it comes to predictions about Nintendo and I can’t wait to LAUGH IN YOUR FACE when my most recent one comes true.

        1. “I have a 6th sense when it comes to the gaming industry”

          “I am incapable of being wrong”

          More of your classic quotes which I laugh at.

          1. Show one prediction I’ve made that has not come true. And you can’t say PS4 because it hasn’t launched yet.

        1. I already explained to you the logic behind my prediction. Go back to the Star Fox article and you will understand.

          1. Honestly, I couldn’t care if Star fox is retros game or not, and yes your logic does go quite well. It’s just how your arrogance thinking you will always be right is what I don’t like.

            “I’m incapable of being wrong”

            That is one quote that highlights my issue I have with you. I’ll happily work on my attitude issue, if you work on your arrogance issue.

            1. U two need to butt poke each other and get over it………I’m sick of people acting like this is a Jerry Springer episode…don’t act like trash on a Nintendo site

              1. I frankly do not care if you are sick of people acting like this. I never re-ignited it, and he wouldn’t of shut up otherwise if I didn’t do something.

  2. OMG! is it just me, or this game is awesome? I just tried the demo, I could swear I had no interest in this tittle, after playing it I just want the F* game right now, I will never underestimate gamefreaks again.

    1. This game is pretty awesome. I don’t know how much I was expecting, but after playing the demo I really wanted more.

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