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LEGO City Undercover Download Requires An External Hard Drive?


If you’re looking to purchase LEGO City Undercover from the Wii U eShop then you should be warned that you may need an external hard drive. The Wii U eShop listing for the game says: “An external hard drive is required to download this software.” The listing doesn’t state whether this is just for the 8GB Basic Package, or for the 32GB Premium Package.

56 thoughts on “LEGO City Undercover Download Requires An External Hard Drive?”

    1. I know right ? . This game is supposedly GTA sized so you would presume it will be a good 10+ GB’s in size. Maybe something like 18GB ? I dunno….

      Off topic – the review for this game are totaly matching what I expected from this game. I said to my self it will sit at about 80/100 on Metacritic. The game looks really good , but seems to have some crap loading times and other niggles. Can’t wait.

        1. Same here in UK , 28th for both. and 21st for both MHU and NFSMW U …

          I can see my self playing one game and thinking about the other. Gunna be awesome. Luigi’s mansion 2 is one of my most anticipated games ever. The nostalgia that I have from unboxing a gamecube on day 1 as a boy (11-12 years old or something) and just playing the crap out of it and loving every minute of it.

          Luigi’s Mansion 2 has a strong chance of being the best game I will play on any platform this year. Contenders being Pikmin 3 , Pokemon X and Y , GTAV and more.

          1. Agreed so much man! The three 3DS pokemon games coming out this year will probably be my winners, but non-pokemon games, this will be my GOTY. Can’t freaking wait! Also I have to ask you something, I’m looking to buy a 3DS game off of the eshop, any reccomendations? :P

              1. I’m not trolling. More games that I like came out so I’m back on the bandwagon. Also, learn the definition of trolling. Judging by the last couple of days worth of articles, you’re the one who has been trolling.

                  1. 1) Explain how I am as well.

                    2) All your negativity towards games coming out, you think because you hate the game, everyone else HAS to as well. Whens someone disagreed with you, you attacked there gender and say we support shovelware. You sound like Aeolus when someone disagrees with him actually. It may not be the true definition of trolling, but it’s closer to trolling then I have been.

                    1. I’m sorry but Disney Infinity is shovelware that’s something even the developers of the game would secretly agree. For the situation with justcallmeashley, let’s just say her gender was not the reason I insulted her.

                  2. And heck even your comment now, I was having a good discussion with Nintedward and you just come in actling like a twat wanting an argument.

            1. Hmmm . small/indie 3DS games – Crimson shroud , VVVVV , Escape vector , Fractured soul , Gunman clive , Crashmo/fallblox . that’s what I downloaded on mine most recently and love every one of them!

              1. I think I’ll get fallblox and crimson shroud. I loved pullblox, and the sequel looks so much better. :) Thanks for the tips man!

                1. Crimson shroud is an awesome little turn based JRPG . You can’t walk or run around , you simply select an area to jump into next and battle and enjoy the story. awesome game.

                    1. You should enjoy it then. It mixes old school FF with DnD oddly enough, seems to pull it off as well. The player “pieces” really threw me for a loop at first, but once you get over that it’s a good play.

            1. Yeah , day 1. I always wanted it for PS3 and 360 and was pissed it wasn’t announced for Wiiu. I couldn’t afford it back then because I was saving for Wiiu and now it’s just perfect for me :) . See U online.

              1. See u online too! Im getting need for speed first, then getting the monster hunter game in april when the update comes for the off tv play + online multiplayer with europe.

                Oh and about that trine 2, i finally unlocked level 20, then i somehow delete my file save *O_O. Starting again from the beggining, wanna play online sometime? (with a new save file) before the big releases come out? Im guessing friday/saturday would be great to play online.

          2. I agree. Luigi’s mansion will bring so much nostalgia… It’s one of my favorite GameCube games, and the 3DS title seems to live up to the awesome animation standard and hilarious moments from the previous game. I can’t wait.

  1. I’d imagine it would be for the Premium one them, as Tekken is a whopping 16GB, which dwarfs the available storage on the Basic.

  2. I wonder why. Such a big and long game so no wonder but I always got an external hardrive knowing I would need one in future :).

    1. Seems like a no brainer, but yeah, I’m not clogging up the internal memory when the retail option is still there. Not to mention pricing. Heck, even the retail limited edition is probably cheaper than whatever price they’ll slap on it on the eShop.

  3. That’s really not that bad at all. I mean if you are downloading games digitally, getting an external hardrive would be logical. I guess that’s the only trade-off.

  4. Honestly, who does not have an extra hard drive to use with the Wii U. It’s a must have if you plan on buying digital games. I have like 3 100GB+ hard drives that I don’t even use.

      1. Well i never keep all my DL games anyway, i play them then delete them. If its a game i’ll play in the future, or continuously, like a multiplayer, which has never happened, i’ll buy disk.

  5. I’ll stick to physical copies for big retail games and digital for indie games on the eShop.

    But with all these indie games coming to the Wii U i’ll probably still need an external HDD

    1. yup, that’s why I bought and external HDD. I will buy physical games as long as it exists, but I really think that the Eshop is a great source of good download-only titles, just like on the 3DS,

  6. I don’t understand why this is news. On eShop, almost on every game it says you need an external hard drive if you have a Basic Set, this text is in red.

  7. Nintendo really screwed up by giving the Wii U limited internal memory. Seriously 8 and 32 GB? Seriously?

  8. With only $80 in the Eshop, i have to choose which one to get from the eshop (need for speed, monster hunter, or lego city) Man this is gonna be a tough one.

    1. It depends on your personal tastes. which of these games do you want most? which matches all your preferences when you bought a WiiU?

      Lego City has great content, it’s a fresh lego experience with one of the best uses of the gamepad, because it was build from the ground up for WiiU.

      Monster hunter is the biggest game of all three, hours and hours of gameplay and online multiplayer, it might not look like a WiiU game, because it’s just a port from Wii with Hi-res textures, but surely will be a great game to play, if you like hard-to-beat games.

      NFS seems like the definitive version of the game on consoles. Hi-res PC textures and models, better frame rate, it’s gonna be the best looking WiiU game. the multiplayer online seems to add extra replayability to the tittle, its also the first thirdparty game to embrace miiverse. very interesting tittle.

      They’re all different titles, that’s no doubt a difficulty choice, but choose the one you want to play most, and enjoy it. you can get the others later. =)
      I hope I’ve helped you.

  9. Finally getting not one but two good online titles. Monster Hunter will be the game to finally tear me away from Blops 2. Until DLC if ever. Also, this topic is about as pointless as anything to do with Pachter. Unless you really can’t DL it to 32 GB Wii U. I hope we see a great boost in Wii U sales this month.

  10. Hello Nintendo haters. As you can see games are releasing. Also February sales increased from January haters. SO you see the games. Now lets see if Nintendo fans are right that the Wii U will be successful or if you trolling haters are right. After seeing more games fill up Wii U`s library I think Patcher is wrong. I see Ninty haters wouldnt dare notice the differences in January and February total sales. So if Wii U sold 30,000 MORE UNITS IN February that increase could get them to 125,000 UNITS BY THE END OF THIS MONTH. Im jtz have a nice day! So how is the Wii U doomed if Nintendo saw an increase in sales? When Nintendo games debut lets see what happens then. Maybe it will be the best selling console in Japan.

  11. i heard somewhere its 22GB. im not going to source it. but i suspect its going to be too large even for the deluxe. just saying.

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