lego_city_undercoverLEGO City Undercover released today in North America. The open world game launched in digital form via the Nintendo eShop on Wii U and in physical form via retailers. The digital version of the game was initially priced at $59.99, leading consumers to wonder why it was priced higher than the physical version, which retails for $49.99 USD. Fortunately, the price of the digital version has since been fixed to $49.99. If you downloaded the game while it was priced at $59.99, contact Nintendo’s customer service to refund your $10.



    • Yeah I thought that. Nintendo also have a great customer service as well I have noticed and have been noticed as a top 5 best customer service out of people like Amazon and others


  1. I love how the Nintenvirgins are praising this kiddy version of Grand Theft Auto. It probably is because this is the closest to a Grand Theft Auto game they will get on a Nintendo shit-sile.


  2. I can’t believe Nintendo losers are willing to pay $50 for this shovelware. If you really want this awful game just wait six months, it will be in the baragin bin for $9.99.


  3. so i entered metacritic to watch the score of this game, and watched one score of 5, just because the guy felt that this game on ps360 would make more sense, so i entered his account to see his reviews, and all the nintendo games were almost 0, NWSMU 0, NintendoLand 0, ZombiU 0, the worst thing were the reasons, reasons like, i send an email and they don’t answered me so this game got 0, and i came to wonder, does metacritic really give you an insight of the game, with so many haters out there, that harm the score, because lego city got 91 on reviews scores and this guy give it a 5 because he wanted it on ps360, also why even bother to review a thing that you obviously haven’t played jut to harm the score, i don’t fucking get the trolls,why waste your fucking time?


      • what?, i really didn’t understand, or well i did, but i don’t see what’s your point, “go get an emotional reacion”, i mean, my point is that the whole metacritic system don’t work because of people like you, people who has nothing better to do than lurk around websites of things companies that they don’t like, i mean, REALLY, what’s the point, what’s to win?, you really feel that people will say “oh look at that badass who is teaching these fanboys how is done!” i got bad news for you, none fucking cares, nintendo will stay here forever, and you, well, will be dust really son, so sorry man, nintendo will even out live your grand children, who by the way, no one will remember


      • lol Says the little crack baby who only sits on the internet 24 hours a day from the looks of it. They oughtah put those ppl you call parents in jail for havin pieces of trash like yourself.


  4. so… who has got and is playing this game , and what are your impressions ?

    on topic- this is good from Nintendo , nice to see them selling it cheap , even though it looks well worh a full $60 price tag!


  5. I wonder, do we have a moderator lately? Really read some comments on this post GAVES ME CANCER. Since when trollers stop using irony and good jokes. Really lately just because you say things liike shit, fuck or let me read asshole make this a better post? Anyway nintendo customer support is fair better than EA, period :)


  6. The launch for this game has been a complete mess. First shipping delays, and now inaccurate pricing on the eShop… I love Nintendo and all, but they need to do better seeing that this is the first major game since launch.



    and fix it the same day. eat it PS360 children



    A pointless fight over pointless opinions, from both sides no less, broke out downtown. The police are trying to ease the fight to rest but as usual; the police on the Internet are always having coffee and doughnuts. The two sides continue to banter as the trolls continue to devour the sweet nougat that is the reactions against them.

    We’ll get back when more updates arrive. Now to cover our main story tonight: LEGO, fun or sexist?


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