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LEGO City Undercover Actually Costs $49.99 In The Nintendo eShop On Wii U

lego_city_undercoverLEGO City Undercover released today in North America. The open world game launched in digital form via the Nintendo eShop on Wii U and in physical form via retailers. The digital version of the game was initially priced at $59.99, leading consumers to wonder why it was priced higher than the physical version, which retails for $49.99 USD. Fortunately, the price of the digital version has since been fixed to $49.99. If you downloaded the game while it was priced at $59.99, contact Nintendo’s customer service to refund your $10.

103 thoughts on “LEGO City Undercover Actually Costs $49.99 In The Nintendo eShop On Wii U”

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    1. Yeah I thought that. Nintendo also have a great customer service as well I have noticed and have been noticed as a top 5 best customer service out of people like Amazon and others

  2. I love how the Nintenvirgins are praising this kiddy version of Grand Theft Auto. It probably is because this is the closest to a Grand Theft Auto game they will get on a Nintendo shit-sile.

        1. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

          He’s talking about himself. He’s butthurt because Nintendorks get GTA for five year olds instead of the real thing.

            1. Oh so true. If I were to buy Lego City Undercover, it would definitely be for the satire, not the GTA likeness!

              1. And there is just no denying that every 3D GTA game has been near perfection…. I hate it when people accuse it of being stupid or over violent. I think it’s brilliant that a game can give you so much freedom ! Lego City and Watchdogs are a great substitute for GTA though , If we get GTAV for wiiu this year , we will have too many city sandbox games.

                1. Yep, and i guess, he even didn’t think about, that Watch Dogs, a very cose game to GTA, is coming to Wii U :D just a jealous faggot, because this Lego-game is exclusive for WiiU.

      1. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

        Why would he be butthurt? Because a shitty, boring LEGO game is Wii U exclusive? Get a life kid.

    1. Really? I’ve always found that the Grand Theft Auto series was for kids who were trying to pretend they were being “adult”. By playing a game with Ppostitutes, gangs, guns, blood, cursing, stealing cars, and beating up grandma’s. Seems like something that would appeal to someone who wants to be “one of the cool kids”. Instead of a well developed human being.

                1. I know , knack looks great :) . Just saying the hypocritical ”Mature Sony fans” all jizzed simultaneously when knack (what they would call a kiddie gamez) was unveiled.

                1. Hey Bill you know True Crime and The Godfather were on Nintendo consoles? So GTA really ain’t nothing special anymore unlike Zelda and Pikmin. But since you so biased as thinking a character with a gun in his/her hand with pretty graphics means its a real game ain’t shit. Samas has a gun in her hand as well as displaying pretty ass graphics. It is 10x better than Halo. You do know Samas ain’t no Kiddy Game and is only for Nintendo don’t you?

        1. How bout you shut the hell up and get a life? All you do is go on Nintendo fan sites and a start whining about how micro$hit and Sony are better than Nintendo.

    2. You seem to be ignoring the fact that Grand Theft Auto games have been released on a Nintendo system in the past.

      If you are going to troll at least get your fact right, then again trolls are very dumb, smell really bad and have no life.

        1. Actually it is. It is a hand held gaming console aka portable gaming console… Also, not ported, that would mean it is the same game taken and redesigned to work on another console. They were separate games.

    3. These games say different.

      Grand Theft Auto (Game Boy Color)
      Grand Theft Auto 2 (Game Boy Color)
      Grand Theft Auto Advance (Game Boy Advance)
      Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (Nintendo DS)

      1. People are too ignorant to know those games. Actually, I think these haters are too young to know those games LMAO

    4. Wow, aren’t you some kind a awesome. LEGO games are absolutely great games and this is no where near an attempt to be GTA… kiddified or not. Its just a great evolution of the LEGO series.

      GTA isn’t on WiiU solely due to the launch window and how far in development/investment they were with GTA5. Kinda why new games like Watch_Dogs are coming to WiiU (as well as other consoles) and Bayonetta2 is WiiU exclusive. Its all about when the game was initiated and what consoles were out and able to be planned for. Also, why these first multi-plats all had various potential issues as they were added very late into dev cycle and rushed to completion, thus bugs.

    5. Sorry but some of us “Nintenvirgin” as so you put will be playing GTA5 when it comes out and you’ll be stuck limiting yourself to only one console..

    6. It’s loads of fun. I actually prefer it to GTA cause it isn’t as violent, and it’s funny as hell. But honestly GTA isn’t all it used to be. I thought the best one was vice city.

    7. Ever heard of a game called… Watch_Dogs… yeah that game has been CONFIRMED for the Wii U and is pretty much a GTA game in its self… Bill you are the worst troll I’ve ever seen.

  3. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

    I can’t believe Nintendo losers are willing to pay $50 for this shovelware. If you really want this awful game just wait six months, it will be in the baragin bin for $9.99.

          1. After 6 months, i got GTA IV für 15€, not much difference, right? Omfg. just PLEASE THINK about that, what u want to write, before u post.

      1. Bill the last person to talk about childish is you. You simply don’t use your brain in a proper way since you go on sites you hate just to make a name for yourself. Why do you want to make a name for yourself? Was you the nerd in high school or were you raise in a foster home. I can tell you Bill you need help not for hating nintendo (I could care less) but for making sad, useless, unintelligent comment that really makes me laugh. Do us all a favor if you going to hate nintendo give us a proper reason or is that too much for your small brain too handle.

      2. Wow what a great commentary, let me take a picture of this, really dude GTFO if you don´t like NINTENDO. Maybe you are a fan and don´t want to accept :)

        1. I just did, although I don’t see any point as I don’t usually reply to arrogant idiot, who they are “mature” but really aren’t and just waste their life trolling and trying to act like the big man.

          This will be the last I time I will reply to you unless you grow up and learn some manners.

    1. Even if that does end up being the case, how is that any different then any GTA? Just like with most games, after initial sales from release date the price usually drops. Unless of course it is in short supply or is so good it goes up because of limited production.

  4. so i entered metacritic to watch the score of this game, and watched one score of 5, just because the guy felt that this game on ps360 would make more sense, so i entered his account to see his reviews, and all the nintendo games were almost 0, NWSMU 0, NintendoLand 0, ZombiU 0, the worst thing were the reasons, reasons like, i send an email and they don’t answered me so this game got 0, and i came to wonder, does metacritic really give you an insight of the game, with so many haters out there, that harm the score, because lego city got 91 on reviews scores and this guy give it a 5 because he wanted it on ps360, also why even bother to review a thing that you obviously haven’t played jut to harm the score, i don’t fucking get the trolls,why waste your fucking time?

      1. what?, i really didn’t understand, or well i did, but i don’t see what’s your point, “go get an emotional reacion”, i mean, my point is that the whole metacritic system don’t work because of people like you, people who has nothing better to do than lurk around websites of things companies that they don’t like, i mean, REALLY, what’s the point, what’s to win?, you really feel that people will say “oh look at that badass who is teaching these fanboys how is done!” i got bad news for you, none fucking cares, nintendo will stay here forever, and you, well, will be dust really son, so sorry man, nintendo will even out live your grand children, who by the way, no one will remember

      2. lol Says the little crack baby who only sits on the internet 24 hours a day from the looks of it. They oughtah put those ppl you call parents in jail for havin pieces of trash like yourself.

    1. this is why metacritic doesn’t work. But then again, you can’t really trust “professional” reviews either

  5. so… who has got and is playing this game , and what are your impressions ?

    on topic- this is good from Nintendo , nice to see them selling it cheap , even though it looks well worh a full $60 price tag!

    1. This feels like the SNES, NES, game cube, Wii and N64 with the great content and beautiful news two months straight :).

  6. I wonder, do we have a moderator lately? Really read some comments on this post GAVES ME CANCER. Since when trollers stop using irony and good jokes. Really lately just because you say things liike shit, fuck or let me read asshole make this a better post? Anyway nintendo customer support is fair better than EA, period :)

  7. The launch for this game has been a complete mess. First shipping delays, and now inaccurate pricing on the eShop… I love Nintendo and all, but they need to do better seeing that this is the first major game since launch.


    and fix it the same day. eat it PS360 children


    A pointless fight over pointless opinions, from both sides no less, broke out downtown. The police are trying to ease the fight to rest but as usual; the police on the Internet are always having coffee and doughnuts. The two sides continue to banter as the trolls continue to devour the sweet nougat that is the reactions against them.

    We’ll get back when more updates arrive. Now to cover our main story tonight: LEGO, fun or sexist?

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