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Could This Be A New Screenshot From The Next Shantae Game?


WayForward Technologies today uploaded the photo above onto Twitter. The photo is of a screenshot of what seemingly is a brand-new Shantae title. The developer hasn’t stated which game the screenshot is from, but we do know that a Shantae title for Wii U is in the works, and that Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse is in development for Nintendo 3DS. The latest Shantae game released is Shantae: Risky’s Revenge for DSiWare and iOS.

Update: It turns out this screenshot is from WayForward Technologies’ Might Switch Force! 2, which is coming this spring to the Nintendo eShop.

36 thoughts on “Could This Be A New Screenshot From The Next Shantae Game?”

  1. honestly, just by the design of the ground and background… i think it is an screenshot from Mighty Switch Force…

      1. I though the chicks were criminal because everytime I catch them she says justice is serve. Anyway if its mighty force cant wait.

            1. Well hey Mrs. Finkleburg, up for a movie. I’m thinking we should watch Hugo, or March of the Penguins, or maybe, Casablanca? Oh, you can’t pass down on Casablanca.

  2. So unmanly. Oh my fucking god. It is so pathetic how Nintendo only has stupid shovelware like this, and that all of the retarded Nintenvirgins eat it up. You nerds are a lost cause…

        1. Okay, for the record: Nothing you said would indicate you being or not being virginal; even so, to act like being a virgin is something to be ashamed or humiliated about, how old are you, dude? Thirteen?

        2. He lost his virginity… to me.
          And him and I loved every part.
          Remember what we did with that rusty nail we found on the floor?
          We sure “Nailed It”
          He really “Screwed Me”
          He got me quite “Hammered”
          However he was a little “Rusty” at it.

    1. Honestly, why do people reply to Bill? All he does is post the same damn comment.. “This game is unmanly wahh wahh wahhh!!” Then everyone eats this shit up and a riot starts! Seriously. Don’t comment on his stuff. Thats how trolls win. By making you mad.

        1. Bill act’s like a whiny little kid. He doesnt even have solid statement’s for why he doesnt like these games all he says is their “Unmanly” and that apparently makes a game terrible!

    2. I eat it up and it taste delicious! dude you don’t relize how much effort go into these game’s. also “Stupid shovelware” it’s just an eshop game not an actual retail in store game!. Dude stop using “Unmanly” every other bill clone uses it and its really annoying!

  3. Actually, along with the photo, a message was tweeted saying “Who’s ready to switch it UP?”, which since that’s a slogan from the game Mighty SWITCH Force!, and they said they’re working on a MSF 2, I think it would be for that game. Possibly. I don’t know. Plus, high-tech structure in the far background.

  4. This is obviously Mighty Switch Force 2, the tweet was saying “Who’s ready to switch it UP?”, this sentence is from Mighty Switch Force.

  5. Nope, it’s Mighty Switch Force 2, too futuristic for a shantea game.
    But it would be cool if shantae would appear as a cameo character .

  6. I would like to say that it is obviously MSF2, but it appears >9000 people have already done that.

    Looking nice though :)

  7. Pretty sure it’s Mighty Switch Force 2, And also, What the hell is that baby doing there?
    Parents these days. . . . .

  8. It’s from Mighty Switch Force 2. Their Tweet says “Who’s ready to Switch it UP?” It’s so obvious mynintendonews. lol.

  9. It’s Mighty Switch Force 2 based on the tweet. Also the image resolution matches the 3DS resolution.

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