Devil Survivor 2 And Etrian Odyssey News Coming In Next Famitsu


RPG fans should be in for a treat next week as Atlus Japanese Twitter account confirms that this week’s Famitsu will contain information regarding Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 and also a new announcement for the Etrian Odyssey series. News from the latest edition of Famitsu could leak as early as tomorrow, so keep an eye out.


  1. It’s a general consensus let elitrean Odyssey be for the Wii U. No other console is moving weight world over like the 3DS. Let the 3DS share the wealth with it’s younger sibling :).

  2. Man the 3DS is going to be an unstoppable force! I hope that they do make an Etrian Odyssey on Wii U though so that way it can shift more units.

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