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Fez Coming To Wii U Would Be Unlikely


Fez creator, Phil Fish, says that the only way that the acclaimed game would come to Wii U is if Nintendo paid for it to happen. Fish took to Twitter to let fans know that it’s highly unlikely that the game will ever come to Wii U. Fez was released in April 2012 for Xbox Live Arcade and sold over 100,000 copies by the end of May that year. Fish has also previously said that a Nintendo 3DS port of Fez would be pointless.

“The only way a Fez Wii U port could happen is if Nintendo paid for and handled the port themselves. Which I highly doubt will ever happen.”

99 thoughts on “Fez Coming To Wii U Would Be Unlikely”

      1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

        You’re right. Who cares for this shitty game anyway, this shouldn’t even be reported because I really dont care.

            1. The cock meat sandwich thing just stook in my head for weeks it’s just too funny XD ”dude his dick smells of shit”

  1. Why do you keep posting about Phil Fish’s twitter feed? That’s not news… Especially after you misquoted him regarding the 3DS

        1. He said he would prefer to play monster hunter on the vita because of the lack of two analogue sticks. He is just giving his opinion on twitter where things can be taken out of context. for example, this article of him saying Fez would not be on Wii-U is being taken as “PHIL FISH HATES NINTENDO”. that’s not fair to Phil, nor does it reflect well upon the site…

          1. The title of this post is “Fez Coming To Wii U Would Be Unlikely” which is pretty much what he said. Also, I didn’t get this from Twitter. It was published by GameSpot.

              1. It’s perfectly fair. He said exactly what he meant, and we’re allowed to not like him for it. Opinions can go both ways.

  2. He had to pay Microsoft to update. Nintendo isn’t making devs do that! No don’t believe he knows 100% what he’s talking about:


    So, he’s expecting Nintendo to handle the port by themselves? What a dick, seriously, at least be a fucking advisor so that Nintendo can better capture the image.

      1. Yup. As far as I know, he is a designer, only.

        And another interesting point is that Fez makes a bunch of direct references to Mario Galaxy – specially in the visuals. I’m sure Phil Fish got inspired by the two Mario Galaxy titles.

  4. this dude sounds like a real dickhead.

    did someone at nintendo kill his puppy? i never understand hate between fans of consoles. if you don’t like console A, that’s fine, there’s no need to shout it out loud. Let people like what they want.

    But this dude’s hatred of nintendo really makes me think his puppy was killed by miyamoto

      1. PHIL FISH ‏@PHIL_FISH 4h
        the reason fez isnt on nintendo platform isnt because i don’t like nintendo. it’s because of the insulting way they treated indies.

        Of course, that was in his twitter. Let’s just say he’s a fucked up-wash up attention whore.

      2. That’s the problem on this site. There’s a lot of people who just read something posted and take it as fact.

    1. game can be good that doesn’t take away that he’s an asshole saying the only way the game would come is if they paid looks to me like he got some nasty habits from doing business with microsoft if you ask me nintendo should never give this guy a sdk to develop and if he makes another of this messages just contact him and tell him he’s never allowed to design anything for nintendo products ever

  5. the more i hear about this guy the more of a douchey dick-head he seems. He sells over 100k and now thinks he’s the shit! hahahahaha

  6. Phil, I don’t need your game on Wii U or 3DS. But keep it goin’, hate Nintendo if this is the only way, you can actually be interesting for “gaming” world. Hope your sony kids will love you forever ;)

    1. And one more thing… Why is this crap posted on this site? Do we really need to know about cocky indie developers with one descent project? (Yep, I played that game)

    2. You do know his game has only been available on XBox. It’s being released on computers next. Never has been on a Sony system, and no confirmation that it will be either. They have only talked about putting it on one.

      Why do you say “Sony kids”?

      1. I said that because previous article was about how angry he is about that 3DS is actually in better situation on market meanwhile Vita is failing in every way (I’m not sony hater, I actually have PS3 and previous generations + PSP). So, I used Sony kids because of his rage :)
        I know, that this game – like many other indie games – started on Xbox. I played it on PC and now I’m quite annoyed by myself because i payed for that. If these articles was out longer time ago, I would pirate that and I haven’t pirate any game for a few years :D

  7. What the fuck is going on with Nintendo, so just trash gets a real game ga bypassed as it has the plague … OMG

    1. Fez a real game? You must be missing a few brain cells, the Cave story is a far more ambitious and story captivating master piece. To each his own, but you big players need to catch up on gaming history and true Gems lol.

  8. Pffft hahahaha xD
    “Take my game that i’ve been beating for years, that everyone said “yeah, its pretty good” when they played it. BIG BRAIN AM WINNING, I AM THE GREETEST!”

    The guy is fucking tool. Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Final Fantasy 6 and 7, Mega Man X, Walking Dead, Journey, Bioshock Infinite, Xenoblade, Shadow of the Colossus, i could go on and on, these games are going to be remembered for all of time.

    People stopped giving a shit about Fez when the next big trend came along, just like Slender, and Gangnam Style.

  9. Omg im so disapointed my live has no meaning … Nah only old indie game i care is minecraft, mark of the ninja and a world for keflings there are others too but not FEZ.

  10. Love how you grab one tweet that doesn’t include the context of both why he couldn’t if he wanted to at the moment (cost), and why he doesn’t like the idea of working with Nintendo very much (grudge against Nintendo’s ass backwards policies towards indies last gen).

  11. hahahahaha Pachter has spawned minions for children. He should thank the 100 000 people that made his little game an indie one hit wonder for now. For many of those were nintendo fans, and still bought his IP ( intellectual property ) to support the art of video games. Now you insult the gamers that played Super Mario bros. 1 the game that paved the true path for FEZ. Phil Fish should humble himself, for his game is not watch dogs nor niño kuni, in a little more than a month it shall be an indie game with no relevance. ‘The Cave Story’ is a classic and of more noteriety, but alas the Cave story’s creator is humble.

    1. Come on dude -___-‘ Do not joke about that. Sure he hates Nintendo, but does he really deserve to get a decease that will kill him in a painful way because of that?

  12. Buying this game, would be the same as buying a good tasting pie from the Westboro Baptist Church.

    Sure you bought something decent, but the money went to some huge ass holes, and you have to live with that.

  13. Me buying the game Fez is very unlikely. Seriously this guy needs to lay off Nintendo. I get that he doesn’t have to necessarily like the company or it’s systems but to rant again is really annoying…….almost as annoying as Michael Pachter.

  14. wow, the way this guy talks about anything, it makes me really uninterested in me giving him any of my money. guess i’ll just pirate his game rather than paying for it. i can understand not liking a platform and not wanting to port over to it, but he’s gone a little too far with how much he complains about it.

  15. That guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s a designer, not a programmer.
    And Nintendo greatly improved its support for downloadable games on 3DS & Wii U.
    Lastly, I don’t even care about that game and this guy sounds like a dick.

  16. Nintendo Commander

    It’s obviously clear to me that this Xbot Tribe Leader is trying to overthrow the Xbot Ambassador Pachter…

    I don’t even know what this Fuzzy Fez whatever it is, is…

    Only one thing is certain, High Command will never pay you a single penny over your silly little arrogance…

  17. even if it did hit eshop with all the crap he was talking nintendo fans wont even buy that crap besides that game sucks

  18. So Nintendo is basically supposed to do all of the work for porting his game over, but it’s his game? LOL. What a self-righteous asshole. If you are to lazy to be a developer and go through the developing process like everyone else (You’re not special, Fish) then don’t cry about it when your game doesn’t arrive on the platform.

  19. What a bold and insulting statement. Basically saying if Nintendo wants it then they can pay us and make it themselves cause we arent going to assist them. Fuck of.

  20. nintendo did a nice job supporting bayonetta 2, now this guy comes to say that he hates the 3ds and it’s success and these wise words “nintendo should pay to port our game to his handheld”, yup nintendo should put this guy in his xmas list.

  21. Lol I hope Nintendo reads this, because we’re all saying the same thing; that nobody wants this game if he is going to make Nintendo work for it. Personally Fez would probably look pretty cool in 3D (I think most 2D games do for some reason.) Whatever he could have made his 100k into 200k, but he just has to be so stubborn about it.

    1. Yeah, as an indie game developer I even see the Wii U as an awesome piece of hardware. Phil Fish is just a twat who thinks he is all that.

  22. It would have been nice to have this game on Wii-U but when you boil it down, its simply a colourful everyman’s version of a Mario platformer. Its why these types of games succeed on other systems because it fills that lack of Mario on those other systems. As for the shitty attitude of the Creator. I don’t know the guy but I really don’t care about his comments. Not important to affect the Wii-U or 3Ds. As long as Nintendo continues to make good games and some developers produce good products for or with them, no big issue. The guy just sounds like he is jumping on the “developers with inflated heads” bandwagon and maybe just for that, I’ll avoid the developers products..

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