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Square Enix President Yoichi Wada Has Stepped Down


Yoichi Wada, the president and representative director of Square Enix, has announced that he plans to step down following a net income losses of ¥13 billion due to a decline in Western retail and digital sales. Wada will be replaced in June by Yosuke Matsuda, who joined the company in 2001. Square Enix now “expects to incur extraordinary loss in the settlement of the accounts for its fiscal year ending March 31, 2013.”

58 thoughts on “Square Enix President Yoichi Wada Has Stepped Down”

    1. No idiot, this is what happens when a mindless American company Atari 2 = xbox360 gains market share. A video game crash is looming and only one company has enough wisdom and games to save it for the millionth time. Calling Nintendo the industry needs you.

        1. Well stated swift well stated. While at it tell them to bring the entire hero league and avenging team :

          1) Super Mario Bros.
          2) Link and Zelda
          3) Samus is a must
          4) Captain Olimar and he Pikmin
          5) STARFOX
          6) Shulk
          7) Entire cast of the last story


    2. I hope so. Maybe Nintendo will learn to be manlier once he is fired. I would start by getting ride of Mario, Zelda, DK, Kirby, ad Pokemon.


  2. Release your games on Nintendo systems like Yesteryear, 80s and 90s. On consoles with more history and intelligent fans than anything out there. Multiplayer online hurting these Mega publishers and developers. Put your games on the Wii U, good games not that FPS nonsense.

  3. Detach the two companies. Let SquareSoft be it’s own entity so as nintendo can buy it. Enix on the other hand I don’t care much for.

  4. I stopped buying final fantasy after x-2… I loved FFX soooooooo much but I totally fall down in -x2 version, didnt liked the battle system… Its so fast, so you miss all the fun… they could do action RPG instead… not that!!

  5. Nintendo Commander

    Buy both or destroy both I don’t really care, just aslong as we keep them away from the evil Microsoft Realm…

    1. Agreed. Really don’t want to have to get a ps4 to play it. It’s actually the only game series I’d consider as a system seller that’s not a Nintendo game or possibly a Final Fantasy(possibly, 13 was not great IMO). Xenoblade is a greater RPG than FF13 IMO so I think the X series will be my new Final Fantasy.

    2. Kingdom Hearts? What are you, 3? That would make Nintendo even more wimpier and unmanly, you fucking retard.

      1. Agreed. Kingdom Hearts is in my top 3 video game series. I cant decise the order, so i just say top 3. There is Zelda, Metroid, and Kingdom Hearts. At the moment, playing Other M. Backloggery BTW, is IrmeliPoika.

    3. That…wouldn’t be a bad idea actually. Then people wouldn’t have to buy a whole bunch of different consoles to get the whole story. Or they could just reboot it with a more thought out story.

        1. 1,3,5,6,7,9,12,13 are my favorite games in the series. Each for their unique battle systems from previous games.

  6. Where are your own games, Square Enix? You can’t just rely on Western releases like Hitman: Absolution or Sleeping Dogs, and whatever iOS games you have on smartphones. Where is Final Fantasy Versus XIII? That one is probably dead since you don’t acknowledge it anymore. Kingdom Hearts III? Oh wait, let’s just release an HD Remix of KH 1 and Re:CoM to tide them over for the time being. Final Fantasy XV? Let’s bring that to the PS4 with increased risk for further failure. Okay, maybe that last one wasn’t required, but the popular FF fanbase certainly has been somewhat splintered because of the shift in FF ideology. Now don’t get me started with the FFXIV MMO.

  7. That’s what you get when you treat your devs and fans shitty!
    Don’t release 2/3 of the games you make to the western audience, and shit it all up with DLC.
    No more mainstream games? Really? What happened to the company that used to make games all the time, good ones at that!?

    Wanna make some money? Look back at your PS1 hayday, and try to do what you did then now. NOT REMAKES OR SQUEALS OR HD COLLECTIONS, “granted I’m not against either” but I’m ready for some more good ole’ turn based games that are new IP’s, create something new and cool, something that will grab us by the fucking balls and spill our wallets and purses empty to you guys like you did in the ps1 era!

    I KNOW you have it in you, now with this douche gone I hope to see it happen! Devs, you all have my support 100% I fucking love your work, keep on pushing out every game you make no matter what some dickless fuck in a suit tells you.

  8. Why doesn’t Nintendo just buy SE. Kingdom Hearts and FF would be great exclusives. But one question would Nintendo be allowed to make an exclusive Tomb Raider or Hitman game ?

  9. Is sad to see square enix in such state after all they almost single handly make rpgs popular in the west.

  10. Square has been losing their way ever since they merged with Enix.
    They’re not like they used to be, they need to get back to their roots and stop with all this Western game bullshit.
    They need to start putting out more of the the games that made them relevent in the gaming world; All the RPGs done right like FF, KH, Chrono Trigger/Chross, etc.
    That’s what we want SquareEnix, Not Hitman!! -.-

  11. Nintendo should buy Square Enix and own all there IP and assets and developers and engines. They could but Square Enix fir a steal. Nintendo should buy Sega, Namco, and Tecmo too.

      1. Excellent idea, Platinum Games are great. Mystwalker too but I don’t think either one of those companies are hurting for money.

  12. Hopefully this means Kingdom Hearts 3 won’t be a completely linear game like kingdom hearts 2 was. And well, that goes for all of Squares games in general

        1. Then lemme rephrase that. Ahem…
          “I’m sure Final Fantasy Duke Nukem Forever edition will be released sometime within the next 20 years”

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