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New Nintendo 3DS System Update Released

nintendo_3ds_sideNintendo has released a new Nintendo 3DS System Update, which adds improvements to the system’s performance. For example, after updating your system to 5.0.0-11, when your Nintendo 3DS is in Sleep Mode, ‘Download Later’ software will be able to download via SpotPass while the Nintendo eShop is open. Below is a list of what the latest Nintendo 3DS System Update does… If you want to know how to perform a System Update, click here.

Version 5.0.0-11U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:

  • Nintendo eShop improvements*
  • Users will no longer need to close the Nintendo eShop application to ensure the “Download Later” feature works while the Nintendo 3DS is in Sleep Mode.
  • Other improvements to usability have been made, including the ability to download software update data in the background.

Improvements to system stability and usability

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.
  • *System menu versions 5.0.0-0U through 5.0.0-10U do not include these improvements.
  • The following, which were included within previous system updates, are not included with system menu versions 5.0.0-0U through 5.0.0-4U:
  • New features for the Nintendo 3DS Camera
  • New content for StreetPass Mii Plaza
  • System Transfer between two Nintendo 3DS systems
  • The following, which were included within previous system updates, are not included with system menu versions 5.0.0-0U through 5.0.0-1U:
  • Addition of Internet Browser
  • Addition of Nintendo eShop
  • System Transfer from a Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL system

146 thoughts on “New Nintendo 3DS System Update Released”

      1. Seems like US model 3DS’s are effected since this firmware there in that link is 5.0.0-11U.

        Users who have 5.0.0-11E or 5.0.0-11J are fine.

        1. I just updated mine and it’s US i think that this people has this problem because they tried to update via eshop and not the option in the adjust settings

    1. Thanks for this. Luckily my 3DS didn’t have this problem or I would’ve FREAKED. I think mynintendonews posted a fix for this in a later article?


    My 3DS is now BROKEN because of this update. I am not the only one. I am now getting an error, with no code, whenever I try to load the eShop or System Settings.

    “An error has occurred.
    Please save your data in any software currently in use, then restart the system.”

    Restarting does NOT work. There is NO solution to this error, and it is highly likely that it is not fixable without us having to send our 3DS back to Nintendo, since this is a firmware problem.

    Regular 3DS or XL systems, does not matter, both have reported problems.


    1. Thanks for the info, sorry about your device. I heard some people updated their systems without any errors, but I’ll refrain from updating for now, just to be safe. =]

          1. Thanks man, mine had the same problem!! Couldn’t access the ‘system’ or ‘shop’ without the “An Error has Occured, please turn off”…. Happy again.

        1. just tried it with mine, it fixed the problem. Make sure you’re holding down all the buttons before turning it on again tho.

      1. I had the Bricking error as you mentioned. And I tried your resetting message, and it worked perfectly. My system is fixed. to me, it looks like what is happening is the system completes 99 percent of the update except for the restart sequence after installation.When you do the trick to go in through the back door to complete the update, all it does is restart your system.

    2. omfg wtf u fúcking liar look i have updated it twice and look at wgat i can do here .,·’_‘’‚‛:;¨`\/ƒºª«»()[]{}*‹›”““”„~&#?!¿¡←→↑↓√@§¶†‡|¦–—¤$¢€£¥™©®+-×÷=±∞^ˇ˘˙¸˛˜′″µ°¹²³♭♪•…¬¯%‰¼½¾⇒⇔●◆■▲▼☆★♀♂ boom all 3DSymbols i did this on my 3DSan you kniw what i think of you ¦————————— ¦————————— ‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡ ¦————————— ¦————————— ¦————————— sincerely ROBLOX’S fireyjasonkill if you want to talk

  2. Great! “Download Later” was getting annoying, especially when I had to put it in sleep mode! I was hoping they would add Nintendo Network though. Smh.

  3. Uh
    Am I just lucky or something? I updated. Have no problems accessing the Eshop or System settings. Hum de dum de do.

      1. Not sure, though I hope it’s resolved soon. That’s quite a lot of 3DS’s, there’s gotta be a reason only some people had their’s mess up.

  4. There is also Wii U update pending also not downloading. I think the servers are down for maintenance for updates or just too many people downloading.

    1. I noticed it today too. It doesn’t download. might be the next system firmware (loading fix) that they will put alive as soon as all scheduled maintenance is over.

  5. Hold on. What does it mean by ” System Transfer between two Nintendo 3DS systems”? I have two 3DS’s (pikachu xl and fire emblem) so this intrigues me a little…

    1. It means if you bought 2 normal 3ds and you place a big ad card on 1 you can transfer betwin them instead of just to the 3ds xl.

  6. I guess i won’t update it tonight and read a bit more about these update error cases tomorrow, i don’t really need the eShop until Zelda oracle of ages/seasons release before the summer on VC.

  7. this update is really cool. those “framerate drops” in castlevania mirror of fate are gone now. (well, most of it.) or at least, that’s what my 3DS is showing. :)

          1. it was actually pretty good. the demo was one of the best demos ive played on my 3ds. im even planning to buy that game some time this spring along with other great games coming out.

    1. Dude, I know! I can’t access system settings or eshop anymore. I don’t know what to do. HALP! Please! Someone! My 3ds is semi-bricked!

      1. Here’s the fix, if you missed it…

        “While turning on the 3DS System HOLD the following:

        L R Up A (Left Shoulder Button, Right Shoulder Button, Up on the D-pad, and A) while powering it on

        This will bring up a system update screen, which will allow you to access the eShop and System Settings”

    1. Yeah mine was good too and I have the same color, manufactured in 2010. So maybe just newer 3DSs are having problems? I’d better help my siblings with the update in case this happens…

  8. I think I’ll wait. I had some strange errors last night telling me to restart my 3DS while I was playing Luigi’s Mansion 2 Online, My 3DS is fine, but better not risk it.

  9. Damn, that sucks, hopefully Nintendo will be able to fix it via wifi without us having to turn it in to get it repaired. ):

  10. Unless my 3DS won’t let me do anything else unless I update my system, after hearing about these system-bricking stories I think I’ll sit this update out for awhile. No need to break what isn’t broken. Sucks to hear about those it affected, though. Hope their data and games can be recovered alright.

      1. …How am I a retard? I’d like them to do something with the quality when playing DS games. Seriously, go back to sucking on your mother’s tit.

    1. You can already remove the blur filter. Just hold down start or select while the game is starting up. (I think that’s what they’re called, the buttons on either side of the home button).

  11. I found a fix for the problem

    While turning on the 3DS System HOLD the following:

    L R Up A (Left Shoulder Button, Right Shoulder Button, Up on the D-pad, and A) while powering it on

    This will bring up a system update screen, which will allow you to access the eShop and System Settings

    Crisis averted.

  12. My 3 DS XL connects to WI_fi it knocks out my DSi, wife’s phone, daughters kindle and the printer. No one at Nintendo has helped and I can’t game online our get any updates.

  13. Well, I didn’t have any problems downloading. Now I have Ver. 5.0.0-11E.
    You that have had problems, you haven’t used anything ‘unauthorized’?

  14. My 3DS works just fine. Lucky for me though, I didn’t have any problems as I have read some of your guys comments. But anyways I really do hope and pray that Nintendo themselves will release a big update containing a Miiverse app or something of that sort later in the year. I am happy about the update but they could have done better (no offense). I also wish that Nintendo would increase the number in the friend list so that we all could add more then just 100 friends. Not sure how Nintendo could do that though.

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    1. i dont know if you are trolling or just stupid
      the 3DS is new(2 years), you can wait 6-7 years for a new system but that’s just fail

      1. Dont know if you’re an asshole or just a douche… But anyways…
        I’ve lost track with all the DS systems that has come out, I had DSi(?) at one point.
        I thought 3DS was just an update of DS (like DS to DSi), and fear of it coming obsolete has kept me from buying one.
        But thank you for the info, if it still has at least 6 year life time ahead of it, I guess I’ll buy one.

        1. The 3Ds is a lightyear away from the old DS system, the best 3DS games are console quality.
          Now is a good time to buy, there is the 3DSXL, and the games are really getting good 2013 is looking up to be a great year for 3ds games.
          Its already been out for two years I think it will probably have at least 3 or 4 more years until Nintendo releases the next generation handheld.

        2. No no, the 3DS takes the best features of the DS and DSi, improves them, and throws in better, 3D graphics. It’s worth getting. I got mine close to launch and haven’t regretted it a bit.

    1. Does your system have enough room to breathe?
      I would think overheating is your problem.
      Mine freezes sometimes too, but not really that much

  16. ———- Nintendo Everything News ————————-
    3DS update makes eShop and System Settings inaccessible for some users – here’s a fix

    March 26th, 2013 Posted in 3DS, News, Posted by Valay

    Quite a few users have reported that their systems have been more or less bricked following the latest 3DS upgrade. There’s a large thread on Nintendo’s technical forums about the problem, which results from an unexpected error during the update process. Those who encounter the issue have been unable to access the eShop or System Settings.

    There is a fix, fortunately! When turning on the 3DS, hold down the “L”, “R”, and “A” buttons while also pressing the “Up” area on the d-pad. You’ll then be brought to a system update screen to complete the process.

      1. I’m Saff314 from that topic and I assure you it is real. Like you I attempted to simply update my system when I was prompted. It told me an error had occurred in the middle of it and to shut down. I don’t use flash cards and I’m not trying to make Nintendo look bad, but I would hope a simple system wouldn’t brick a device I got less than three months ago.

  17. (read this is frederick’s voice)
    “ability to download software update data in the background.” what does that mean? im confused if the system is downloading something while you are using an app. or the system is downloading something while you are on the eshop.. can anyone explain?

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  19. mine is working perfectly, of course the update will brick your system, only if you’re using flash cards that is.

  20. i will wait till there is an update for my 3ds flashcard that will support this update. i use it for music cuz the 3ds speakers sucks and yes i do have some roms on it but i do own a physical copy and i use it for some action replay codes (no i will not use cheats for online)

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  22. i have a Q: it is the first game i buy , i bought a mario 3D land and it didn’t work :(
    (in the past i did alot of update)
    i saw that the game is only for Europe and Australia system.
    what should i do to make it work? is the problem from the game? or my 3ds?
    plzzzz help me :””(

    1. another summary for the people who didn’t understand what i mean > the icon doesn’t appear even will i’m putting the game ؛A؛ (onigai taskete) ~> help me TT^TT

  23. So apparently, if you were the unlucky ones (like me) to getting this message after an seeing error message from updating: (DO NOT PANIC!)

    “An error has occurred. Please save your data in any software currently in use, then restart the system.”

    Power off the system and turn it back on and do the following while turning on the system: HOLD: L, R, Up and A together to force the update menu to appear; Afterwards, follow up on the update screen and you’re system should be back to it’s normal self. I’m glad I didn’t fuck up my system from this damn update, stupid Nintendo lol

    Hope this helps anyone who had the same problem from this firmware update.

  24. after i did that when i tried a game it said an error has occured press and hold the power button to turn the system off.

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  27. hey i need help.last time i updated my 3ds was monday.i tried going on the pokegts on my pokemon black and its not letting me was just fine before but when i try uploading a pokemon on my ds.error code 52210 comes up when i try going on the gts….

    is there a solution to this problem?

  28. I have updated my 3ds and after updating my game card stop working with the message “an error has occured press and hold the power button to turn the system off.
    i tried also L R up and A but the error still same

    Anyone have other solution?

  29. when was this update because my system hasn’t updated since i got it (1 year ago) unless it updates automatically.

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