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Miyamoto: An Actual Nintendo Theme Park Is Certainly A Possibility

Nintendo_land_real_fakeAnything’s possible, even a Nintendo theme park, according to legendary Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto. ABC recently asked Miyamoto whether he would consider an actual Mario theme park, as opposed to a digital amusement park like the one found in Wii U launch title Nintendo Land. The company is currently focusing on digital products; however, Miyamoto reassures that a Nintendo theme park isn’t out of the question. Who wouldn’t want to visit a real ‘Nintendo Land’ or ‘Nintendo World’?

ABC: “Nintendo Land” very much teased us, and everyone wants to actually go to Nintendo Land in person. Have you ever been approached about a Mario theme-park, or is that ever something you would consider in real life?

Miyamoto: Certainly, with Nintendo being in the entertainment industry, there may come some point in the future where that might become a possibility. But right now we’ve got our hands full creating our digital products. Certainly, it’s not an impossibility.

200 thoughts on “Miyamoto: An Actual Nintendo Theme Park Is Certainly A Possibility”

    1. there is a 50% possibility a theme park will be built but there is only 10% possibilty of releasing mother 3 to west. Nintendo Logic, they wont release games high demand,,

        1. I dunno, never say never. It’s possible. I mean, it’s a small possibility sadly, but still. Hopefully we’ll get a collection of all three on 3DS, and get it localized. Aside from Xenoblade, Skies of Arcadia, and Pokemon and Fire Emblem, they’re some of my favorite RPGs.

    2. taku bink bonk weeaboo

      are u folks for real? grown ass men wanting to ride super mario merry-go-rounds n shit. come on.

      1. Yes we are all f’real. You don’t like amusement parks? You sound like one sad guy. Hope you have friends, man.

      2. ^ here is an example of a 10 year old trying to sound mature. we all know we’d go there. who wouldn’t?!

      3. Im 23, Id still go, it doesn’t have to only cater too children, their can also be grown up rides too *such as rollercoasters and fast log rides) and I honestly think that the Legend of Zelda dark rides would be kinda scary for really small children if they show Ganondorf in his Ganon form from Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time, not only that but the park can also be a perfect place to people to take amazing pictures of all the fancy gardens, rides and shows if they want. you dont have too be a kid too enjoy theme parks, I still love Disneyland despite not being an adult

    3. I would love a nintendo theme park with roller coasters that replicate levels from previous video games! I am sure that would be a trip I would plan to take every year. Wow, now that I think of it I’m surprised they dont already have one! Put it in Florida!

  1. @____@
    Shut up and take my money.

    But in all seriousness, who wouldn’t want to go there?
    I want a replica of Zebes there xD

        1. Mario 64 Castle replica entrance, Mario Kart cart bumpers, Luigis Mansion scary house, Animal Crossing Garden, Wario Ware arcade place, Ocarina Of Time town replica, DK Jungle coaster, Kid Icarus eye wheel, Epona horse ride, Pokemon Center canteen (food eatery), Starfox flying (where you are seated on chair and then you are spin around ), Legend of Zelda opera house and symphony, FZero super coaster, Metroid laser gun fight or puzzle obstacle place, Fire Emblem museum, Nintendo museum, Shigeru Miyamoto Statue at the front together witn Mario, what am I forgetting ?

          1. A Gyromite shop (where they sell remote control R.O.B. toys), Takamaru’s Gallery (a virtual shiruken simulator), Ice Climber Ice Cream Shoppe, Kirby Gourmet Restaurant, and Game & Watch workouts.

            1. I love the Ice Climbers Ice cream shop and the Kirby restaurant ideas xD how bout a Legend of Starfy aquarium too? that would be cute, and a large theater for live shows that can be inside Princess Peach’s castle (I can imagine a Super smash bros. poof for comedy x’D) for more cafe and food ideas, Princess peach’s cake cafe, Mario’s pasta, Mona Pizza, Lumpy Pumpkin and Milk Bar from Zelda, Animal Crossing Cafe with a stage showing animotronic dolls of the characters, Yoshi’s cookie factory(yay for cookies) and a fruit smoothie cart for Donkey Kong

          2. And then they make a water park next to it, here are the ideas, those dolphinst off super Mario world you sit on and you get wet while on, barell loop where you do a massive loop really fast… You no what forget this what if instead of a pokemon canteen, a replica of Cora domain and all the people dress up as zoras and walk around and all the food is sea food, oh yeah and band from majoras mask plays there, and the there’s heated spas to cool off, oh oh or maybe a ride based off the roller coaster in super Mario sunshine when u fight bowser Jr, oh man my brains imploding with ideas…

            1. I would rather Miyamoto’s IP having an underwater setting and then making the water park based off of that. There could be a playground based off of Donkey Kong for the little kids

      1. You know that those things are pretty expensive, right ? You could expect entrance tickets of 60€+ or this park won’t work long because of the high demand and lots of maintenance jobs.

        1. Disneyland and world, Universal studios, six flags and sea world are pretty expensive too and their still open up to this day, in order for the park to keep running, they need people visiting, since Nintendo is pretty popular Im sure they will have lots of people going

    1. I know who…guess…..Patcher. Actually nvm. He would go there and critisize eveything badly but secretly love it.

    1. lol, good luck with that. Trust me, I’m from Canada as well, but it just isn’t gonna happen there. Need a higher population base and tourist area with better weather. It wouldn’t cut it if it had to be shut down for half the year lol

    2. Sorry to disappoint you but don’t get your hopes to high. I think Nintendo land will be in Japan, (of course) California/Florida, and somewhere in the UK probably.

    1. sorry i was typing fast. I meant to write That this is not a good idea. You guys no how weird those guys at Disney world are dressed as Disney characters? I don’t want this to happen to Nintendo.

      1. Whats wrong with the people that their jobs are to dress like Mickey and the gang? They are very good at it, never break character and add to the enjoyment of everyone in the parks. Nintendo could take some cues from Disney for a theme park, if they were to create one, theirs are the best in the world.

      2. The thing is with Disney characters, a lot or animals there for they would need a costume to look like them, with most of nintendo’s characters: mario, luigi, link, peach, Zelda, kid Icarus, captain falcon etc are humans. Of course they will have a few like bowser, toad, donkey kong and such.

        1. Well Mario and Luigi already have mascot uniforms, and I think I’ve seen a Peach one around too, so they could use those if they wanted to. But just like Disney, the other human characters would just have extremely well done costumes where they do not break character. Hah! Imagine getting a picture with Captain Falcon after he tells you to “Show your moves”! hah!

  2. This just proves nintendo IS the disney of the gaming industry, I mean there the only company that produces magical game’s these day’s!

    1. They follow many of the same guide lines for their business models, and are both extremely well respected. I could seem them partnering for it to be honest. lol. And man would I ever love it.

    2. The only company? You must not play many games then. But Nintendo characters are perfect for all ages so it would be appropriate for something like disneyland, kid oriented but awesome for adults too.

    3. Yeah and later on Disney turned to shit now they make lame and repetive reality shows and stupid 3d movies that pixar should be making, not them, Disney not magical no more they were in the golden area but now they’re a joke, I mean they have to buy franchises off company for god sakes, Muppets is stupid now thanks to them they got rid of so much adault humour I can’t bear to watch it, and I can’t even imagine what they’ll do to star wars, but I have to agree some of their reality were good, like the first batch, Liszt mquiree, cinderellas story, really nice one Disney’s a dud now never compare current Disney to Nintendo its a stupid comparison

    4. Thenintendowatcher

      except Nintendo hasn’t slipped in quality in resent years. Nintendo doesn’t rely on marvel and Pixar and now lucasfilm to keep them afloat

      1. But which of them are required? We don’t need such a big lung, we can live with the half of that. We also need no liver because it’s unnecessary. We don’t need a second kidney because it’s easy to live with diapers 24/7. People only use 10% of the brain that means we can sell our unused intelligence. Only one arm is enough for day to day usage aka jacking off. We only need one eye to see stuff.

            1. Why not? I’m over the legal drinking age in the United States and I still play on Nintendo’s side.
              Don’t include everyone if you’re not old enough to drink.

              1. Same here. I can drink here in the U.S. and I actually really only play Nintendo games. Not for the nostalgia, but because they are genuinely fun, entertaining, and simple.

              2. I am old enough but still don’t drink. Nintendo fans have a lesser interest in poisoning ourselves because unlike rival fans we have something to live for. XD

            2. Im 22, a Nintendo gamer, have been since I was 5, I am straightedge so I dont smoke, do drugs or DRINK ALCOHOL. Exposed.

        1. Thenintendowatcher

          u use more than 10% of the brain. if you think you can survive with only 10% of it then maybe u r using only 10%!

    1. You would sell your skin? (Skin is actually an organ lol) have fun skinning yourself alive! Tell me how that works out for you!

    1. If Metroid Blast Light Gun War is similar to the men in black ride in Universal then I would definitely love it.

  3. It better be like the Nintendo Land game, but with more attractions and stands. Also, I’d like to see a living Monita.

    1. She could work like PUSH from The Magic Kingdom in Disneyland ( the Florida one) and if you don’t know what PUSH is, its a trash can on wheels with a speaker that some Disney employees control and use to chat with people using a mic and remote in a bag.

  4. It can definitely work imagine a starfox simulator ride or a luigi coaster mansion. I would love to go to Nintendo land and they could even have third party titles like sonic, pacman, and megamen there too.

  5. Must have attractions:

    F zero roller coaster
    Zora’s domain water theme land
    Massive slides in the shape of pipes
    Animal crossing Main Street/gift shop area
    Some kind of metroid laser tag.
    Mario karts
    White water rapids like the one in twilight princess
    Bowser/peach/hyrule jumping castle

    Also if anyone has been to Sea World in Australia, the Bermuda Triangle ride is a good template for death mountain.

      1. Along with rental fludd style water guns. And people in Pianta costumes. And that amusement park place being a sub-park. The possibilities!

    1. Noooo the Castles MUST be Bed and Breakfast Hotels!

      Also it would need some kind of Arwing ride which combined a roller-coaster with lazer tag :D

  6. MARIOS Great Nabbit Chase (like a crazy mouse)


    Starfox Space Adventure (an attraction creator that made Turtle Trek at Seaworld has this on their website:

    Animal Crossing Village (a small town with houses where you can visit shops, buy stuff, and take pictures with animal crossing characters) – includes a train ride through the town and a river ride where an anamatronic version of captain sings you a song while you float down the river!

    Pokepark (an area of the park with Pokemon themed rides and stores)

    Luigi’s Ghost Mansion 3D (considering the newest game is in 3d, and the original was going to be. a 3d-darkride would be awesome!) or one of those interactive rides where you shoot at things to gain more points.

    Legend of Zelda – some kind of rollercoaster, or maybe a water ride that has you in the The King of Red Lions that takes you through the history of loz and then at the end drops you off.

    FZERO SPEED LANE – a steel, launch rollercoaster with multiple cars and each car is designed to look like a different ship from FZERO

    Pikmin Teacup themed ride
    Small Yoshi Cart rollercoaster

    Having a hard time thinking of a Metroid attraction! :\

    1. For Metroid, you could totally do a ride where you are in her space ship and you fly in a building that is dark. Little glow in the dark Metroids come flying out and around you. They have little targets on them and you need to hit them with a laser gun provided for you in the space craft! That would be cool! Or even a laser tag game where you get to dress up like samus :3 Or at least put on her arm canon lol!

      1. That and halo lazertag. My serious DREAM! I would move there and visit everyday! Too bad nintendo doesn’t own halo. But I wouldn’t trust them with it.

        1. Thenintendowatcher

          we to be fair they did publish goldeneye and Metroid prime, im sure Nintendo could take on a big first person shooter. Miyamoto stated awhile back he even wanted to make one.

  7. So few people care about Nintendo these days it would be a failure. But then Nintendo should be used to expensive failures these days…

    1. Nintendo are pretty much the most recognised gaming company and characters in the business. Their merchandise sell just as good as their games and hardware, that’s why their Nintendo only retailers are going strong. Disneyland is the same way, who the hell goes to Disneyland to see their characters from at least 2000 onwards? Mickey Mouse alone rakes in more money than anything else, why? Because he is Disney’s (and herhaps still) the face of the industry.

      COD is probably the most relevant and successful franchise in the past few years, yet mario is still more of a worldwide recognised character and he alone will keep the customers coming.

      1. Why are Wii U sales so disastrous worldwide then? Why are 3DS sales struggling to stay ahead of regular DS sales everywhere but Japan at this point?

        Face it, the Nintendo brand is starting to rot right now.

        1. Man you are retarded

          1. It wont in 2 years. But im pretty confident it will catch up. pokemon x and y are going to skyrocket sales and 2 years later smash bros will be coming out, which will boost 3ds sales to the moon a second time.

          2. huh ? the 3DS sales figures is better than the DS according to STATISTICS, it had better launch sales figures and still continues to maintain its 60K a month in Japan, and probably 40K in west, look it up at vgchartz. Wat do you mean by 3DS struggling to go up to DS, are you talking about Psp and psvita ? because Psp is still selling well there buddy. 3DS sold better in its 1 and a half year since its launch than the DS, dude lets wait for Mario Kart U, 3D Mario U. Pikmin,

            1. Vgchartz numbers aren’t really correct but I’m pretty sure 3ds is selling below DS but its not by much anyway.

          3. Nintendo Commander

            It’s actually the best ever since it passed PS2 last year sometime if memory serves me right…

        2. Software sells a system, a console is only as good as its software. The 3ds maybe trending behind des but its not far behind, it also didn’t sell well until mario kart and mario 3d launched. What compelling software does wii u have? A handful of crappy 3rd party software that either had a crap port or released anywhere from a month to a year after its 360/ps3 counter parts. A Hd mario game that was released on a few months ago on the 3ds? The crap Mass Effect release (I have 1-3 on pc) that deprived wii u owners of having the trilogy at the same price? The failed aliens game?

          I can go on but the fact remains, what use is a console when you don’t have any “compelling” software on it, and by that I mean a game that wasn’t rushed, released a long time after its other ports or a upscale version of a handheld counterpart?

          1. So would you rather have the 360 launch with Gamecube ports, King Kong,a shitty xmen game, 2k and EA yearly franchises, games that were already on Xbox and ps2.

        3. For a grown man you sure are dumb. Where are your sources? You need citations before you start spewing crap.

  8. I would love a Nintendo theme park!!! I can see it now!

    Rayquaza’s Roller Coaster
    Mega Mushroom Ride( Tea Cups)
    Mario Kart Racer(Like the “Old Fashion Cars” ride)
    Metroid Panic(Ride in Samus’ ship and shoot Metroids with a laser gun)
    Peach’s Castle(sort of like Cinderella’s castle in Disney World)
    …I have sooo many more…. XD

      1. Of course, what’s a Nintendo theme park without something Legend of Zelda in it. It would make me feel unhappy. :(

  9. I’ve always thought that Nintendo should have a theme park. They got SO many games that would make great attractions/rides. Would be cool if Miyamoto made a Nintendo theme park when he retires. Or, saw to it that it was created somehow. The only problem is, it would probably only be in Japan (like the Pokémon theme park).

    1. I think I would finally travel to Japan for a week or 2 no expenses spared if they did this :) I plan on going there one day when a bit older and more financially secure…

  10. You know, I always dreamed about a Nintendo Theme Park, that if one day, if I somehow won the lottery, that I would make a Nintendo Theme Park. Heck now that Miyamoto thinks it’s possible, if I win the lottery, I’d give him an offer he couldn’t refuse aka money, since I’m pretty sure it’s more of a money issue than anything else. My Nintendo Land would be awesome, it’ll have the attractions from the games and more. It would be sweet.

    1. and other shows too would be cool lol I can see them having a super smash brothers spoof or something, or make up comedy shows with different stories, they can make a show about gamers from the real world getting sucked into the game their playing and they have to find a way out of the TV by beating the game (it can be super smash bros since it can include alot of characters) I bet that would be fun to watch

  11. If Nintendo would to ever make a Nintendo Land theme park it would be a lot like Disney Land where the castle would be Peaches Castle and Nintendo Land main theme would playing around the theme park

    1. they should team up with Disney to help create the rides and attractions since Disney has alot of experience with that kinda thing, just have the creators,directors nintendo staff of the games included to help think of the concepts and stuff, Im sure disney would have no problem helping since they have the movie “wreck it ralph” and all

    2. They should use two castles across the park from one another. One would be Peach’s castle and the other would be Hyrule Castle

      1. I agree! boith castles would be great

        Princess Peach’s castle for Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule Castle for the Hyrule section

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    1. Well, they’ve got literally BILLIONS in the bank, so I would assume they could do so.
      They’d need some real reasons to take the risk, though. Gaming is what they do best, not theme parks. They’d need to be convinced that they could really make a profit off of such a move before they’d do it.

      1. They should do something spectacular and combine the rides with simple game concepts.

        Imagine having an Arwing ride which you could move up, down, left, and right while it jetted forward along a ride in order to shoot targets which flew just a little bit ahead of you and could shoot backwards in order to cut your ride short.

        Then at the end it could show you your score and your photo.

      2. they should probably have Disney or companies that are good at creating rides and concepts to help out :P im sure if they work together, if can pay off in both ways, just as long as the Nintendo creators are their to give their input on what the rides are about

    2. Absolutely they could. I believe Islands of Adventures cost 1.2 billion to make (don’t quote me on that.) and Island of Adventures is a pretty large theme park. If Nintendo made one, I’m sure they could keep it in the millions.

  13. I want Nintendo to buy a huge island and build an Isle Delfino resort area as close to scale as possible. Imagine Pinna Park for real, walking the town square, or even just enjoying the sunset with some smoothies on Gelatto Beach? The possibilities are endless.


      They can make each level in Super Mario Sunshine a different ‘land’ in the theme park, Hotel Delfino can be a resort hotel, and Gelato Beach can be a water park.

  14. The Nintendo Reviewer

    DO IT! For the love of God do it Nintendo! And build it in California! You’d make a lot of money with an actual Nintendo themed park. Imagine what you could do with that!

  15. They should make the following:
    • Mario Kart Racing (similar to Autopia from Disneyland)
    • Metroid/Star Fox Adventure Simulator (similar to Star Tours)
    • The Legend of Zelda Dungeon Ride (Not exactly a roller-coaster, I can’t really picture dungeons being roller coasters, I picture them more of being a simple dark ride.)
    • Fire Emblem (Fast paced dark ride)

  16. No! Forget that idea! Make a straight 0p gaming world where every character resides! Now my dream of shakinghands with mario and master chief can come true! :D. If only…..

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  18. I see you used the image I made for a post in my blog about Nintendoland. I don’t mind if you use it, but if you could actually credit us ( for the image and link back to my original post in your post, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Your blog is pretty awesome, by the way! :)


  19. I don’t care how old you are…. this would be the single greatest thing to happen ever. I want to break my neck hitting brick blocks in hopes of collecting coins and psychedelic mushrooms

  20. Combined everyone’s ideas into one:

    Mario Castle Enterence to Park
    Yoshi Bumper Cars
    Mario Kart Racing
    Luigi Haunted Mansion
    DK Jungle Coaster
    DK Playground
    Zelda Castle
    Death Mountain Roller Coaster
    Triforce Quest
    Zelda Symphony Show
    Epona Horse Ride
    Animal Crossing Gift Shop
    Animal Crossing Garden
    Pokémon Center Food Eatery
    Real Life Pokémon Quest (use a fake 3DS to scan for pokémon hidden throughout park and capure them)
    Wario Ware Arcade
    Metroid Laser Tag
    Starfox Shooter Ride
    Kid Icarus Three Great Sacred Treasures Flight Simulator
    Takamuru’s Gallery
    Ice Climber Ice Cream Shop
    Mario Pizza Shop
    Kirby Gourmet Resteraunt
    Game and Watch Workouts
    Fire Emblem Coaster
    Nintendo Museaum
    Various music from different series playing
    Gigantic Nintendo Store with merchandise everything Nintendo and demo stations
    Digital card that when you do things at attractions you earn “coins”, collect a lot to use at Nintendo Store
    Mario Sunshine Water Park
    Something Golden Sun
    Something Xenoblade
    Park Grows as they get New IPS
    Pikmin Ferris Wheel/Tea Cup/Merry go round
    Pokepark (like the Japan one)
    Small 3rd Party Section (Sonic, Pac-Man, etc)
    and more!

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  23. Let’s think about it,look at your favorite amusement park,how uncolorful and original the rides are.

    Imagine this:

    A high speed F-Zero roller coast going at high speeds, in F-Zero styled area.

    A Metroid like laser tag,Imagine that with the Nintendo Land styled costumes and arena.

    Youshi bumper cars of course.

    Mario Kart go cart racing.

    Possibly some 3DS use,have 3rd party companies pay for having their franchise stuff there! (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

    However it will go outa business in a few years.

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  25. Id go :D Id ride the shit out of those rides! I think is will be a great idea, not only will nintendo fans enjoy it, but even those who dont play games would like it too and not only would it appeal to children, but also their parents and older siblings since Im sure they played nintendo when they were kids, this would be memory lane for them

    I would seriously love too see them bring those Loftwing birds from LOZ Skyward sword too life(life sized and realistic robots like the ones in Disneyland) Zelda darkrides that tell a story for games like Twilight Princess, Windwaker and Ocarina of Time with anomotronic dolls of the characters and of course a Hyrule castle modeled after the one in Twilight Princess(since thats the most elegant looking one) there can be an entire section for Hyrule with games (bomchu bowling) gift shops and cafes (Lumpy Pumpkin from Skyward sword) oh!~ also dont forget a cute little train ride based off Spirit Tracks

    for the Mushroom Kingdom, their can be all sorts of rides, an indoor Mario Galaxy or Rainbow Road Roller Coaster with lots of glowy and trippy colors and lots of stars. for the center piece, can be Princess Peach’s castle and inside can be a theater for live shows.
    a Paper Mario 3D puppet show theater, Mario Cart go carts, Bowser’s castle Rollercoaster, a Yoshi merry go round with diffrerent colored yoshi’s . this can also have lots of Toyshops, and fun houses

    a Starfox simulator ride like star tours, it would be about the starfox team (Peppy, Slippy, Falco, Krystal, Fox and ROB escorting us from Corneria to another planet, in the middle of our space flight viewing the lylat system, then Starwolf shows up (Cant Let you do that starfox!) now were stuck in the middle of en epic battle (inserts Starwolf theme) that would be cool

    a Wario touch fun house where people can interact with the screen as if there playing the mini games *inserts Mike’s theme* and next too it can be a Mona Pizza food cart for slices of pizza

    F-zero Big Blue Roller coaster built over a large body of water with tons of loops *insert Big Blue song* the cars can also have hoods over them as so people can feel as if their in the real cars

    Metroid laser shooting, people enter these dark neon rooms and have to shoot aliens and the last one can be Ridely

    xD for a foresty critter town, it can be all about Animal crossing, Donkey Kong,Pokemon and Pikmin

    an animal Crossing Lazy River boat/darkride, this can be a cute, and relaxing voyage seeing all the cutesy characters, and next too it can be an animal crossing cafe and gift shop and houses to take pictures in

    Donkey Kong Minecart rollercoaster and a log ride that will get you wet :D(like shipwreck rapids at sea world) that would be cool! and the scenery can have lots of trees and look like an actual jungle with lots of shade

    a Pokemon Safari :D

    a resting garden thats all Pikmin xD we can feel as if were in the world of pikmin and even see Olimar and his little friends in the garden as well with soft music from the OST playing in the backround *inserts ai no uta song*

    a Retro land, this one will be nice for the old skool folks who played nintendo from the 80s! and younger folks can be introduced too Mother/Earthbound, Duckhunt, Donkey Kong, Ice Climbers and a museum of Nintendo’s History and an Ice Climbers Climbing Mountain, a Duckhunt room

    like Disneyland having a downtown plaza, Nintendoland can have a Downtown Plaza based off the cities from Mother/Eartbound and even have a Mr Saturn statue and flying saucers next too the buildings

      1. xD I hope he reads this! this would be a great idea for Nintendo, the Pokepark was pretty successful while it was in Japan(its a traveling park so Pokepark is now in China)

  26. for sure a Luigi’s mansion! just like the haunted mansion! that would be alot of fun, and for Halloween season they can make Hyrule look like Clock Town from Majora’s Mask since its kinda of a scary game, it would be perfect

  27. I don’t think they should open a Disney style park. Nintendo has the money but not the global recognition as Disney may have. But I do think this park needs to be in America or Europe, not Asia. This is the center of entertainment and would be non-sense if it wasn’t here. I also think that they should took the “Ferrari” route an looking to build an Indoor Amusement park in an area where they are the center of attention. Locations live San Francisco (Tech Center) and Seattle (where their american headquarters are and Tech center) would make perfect sense. Easily see an Indoor park that may not be huge like disney world, but certainly large!

  28. there could be an entire part of the park motivated to the pokemon games and all the regular pokemon and legendary pokemon and regions from the pokemon games and there could be things brought to life from the nintendo land game for the wii u

  29. its good news to hear the Wii U is doing well now because of Pikmin 3! well in that case more ideas! yay (Im really bored right now)

    inside Hyrule Castle, in case they dont wanna turn it into a dark ride and have it set somewhere else, it can be walk through rooms of neat art displays and dioramas telling a story of the entire LOZ timeline, and one of the rooms where you look through a window and door can see “sleeping Zelda” from The Adventure Of Link, this castle can also have secret rooms and passage ways and a castle courtyard for outside

    Loftwing Swings? this would be sorta like the dumbo ride at Disneyland except faster and it can take you higher so the person actually feels like their flying, the seats can be shaped like Loftwing birds that people can sit inside of.

    more ideas for Retroland: an old school arcade for people to relive the memories of playing the nintendo games from the 80s the old fashion way

    souvenir shops?

    for Hyrule, for sure they have got to have a Happy Mask Shop with lots of neat masks, and next to the store can have a statue of Skull Kid and the Happy Mask Shop Salesmen

    Item shop: this place will have lots of neat things, like collectables of Potion bottle key chains, bottle Fairy key chains, Lon Lon Milk, Plastic Bow and Arrow sets, Hylian Shields, Wooden swords, master swords, Ocarina Replicas, OST Cds, figurines, lots of neat LOZ toys

    for Kongo Jungle:

    a Diddy Kong treehouse shop?

    a Pokemon Center like the one in Japan, I can tell this place will be a huge hit! lots of cute Pokemon plushies, Toys, shirts, accessories, cards, stationary

    for Eagaland(downtown Plaza) an Actual Drug Store from Earthbound/Mother that looks just like the one in Super Smash Bros. Melee, inside that place can have Mr Saturn Plushies, Plushies of Ness, Lucas, Paula, Poo and Jeff, and lots of other stuff

    lets include 3rd Party shall we?

    each summer, a Samba de Amigo parade? ;D this would be a lot of fun

    rides? “the Tornado” (from Sonic Adventure) this will be another flying ride cept it would be fast paced and maybe scary, the seats can be shaped like the Tornado from Sonic Adventure

    a mini Sonic Rollercoaster? or a ride thats all about speed(cars maybe?) since Sonic is about fast and speed after all

      1. XD totally! should it be the new version or modeled afer the old n64 version? since Rainbow road looks different now? (I actually mentioned rainbow road as a concept in one of my old comments TW xD)

  30. How about a water theme park next to the main park if this happens, it can be Nintendo but with an ocean water theme( Nintendo land water zone), like an indoor and elegant Zora Domain pool, an Isle Delfino water park, a section based on Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze with a fast paced log ride, and either Koholint island or Outset Island from Zelda with either a Links awakening dark ride or a Tower of the gods rollercoaster where you get splashed with lots of water, and let’s not forget an underwater pokemon submarine tour

  31. I think this would be amazing. Someone on roblox is actually making one. it is only out of his imagination I think I would take pictures or draw it, make duplicates, and send it off to every Nintendo place saying (in their language) “Possibility?” and then send it. It would be a dream come true if this was real. MY LIFE WISH MADE REAL!!!!

  32. nintendo theme park would kill disney. endless possible attractions. mario kart go karts….mario sunshine beach waterpark…luigi mansion is awesome idea…fzero coaster would be bad ass too…starfox coaster…would be split into different sections like hyrule, mushroom kingdom, zebes, pokemon park, dk jungle, yoshis safari…it def would be awesome.

  33. I won’t give it away, of course, in case you haven’t read the book or seen the
    movie-two things which I highly recommend. ” Days later, Bank of America retained the well-connected law firm of Hunton & Williams [which] “proposed various schemes to attack” Wiki – Leaks. The game is very addictive and has attracted many fans from all over the world for it that wyaga of each player to choose the good strategy.

  34. Nintendo staff, please take time to read all these commenters suggestions and ideas :)

    Unlockable features for guests who bring their 3DS
    A cooking Mama’s kitchen
    Pikmin garden maze, Ferris wheel and spinning tea cups
    Hyrule’s magical fairy flight ride
    Spirit Tracks family friendly roller coaster
    Dreamland with lots of child friendly rides and whispy woods replica display
    Kid Icarus sky coaster
    Lady Palutena’s Gyros cart
    Ice climbers ice cream stand
    Pokemon mini rides and pokemon snap safari
    Legendary Starfy water rides
    Lylat’s space tour(simulator)
    Metroid Alien encounter
    Ace attorney game show
    Animal Crossing theme hotels
    3D concerts and shows
    Sonic 3D simulator

  35. What are you talking about? Nintendo has a very strong global recognition worldwide with Mario,Pikachu,DK and some more characters being known as some of the best well known fictional characters in the world. An Nintendo theme park would be a huge success! They don’t call Nintendo the “Disney of gaming for nothing” Hell Mario is probably more recognizable than Mickey now a days! There was a survey at one time that was taken by kids to see who was better known Mario or Mickey. More kids knew Mario than Mickey! Nintendo has a lot of potential than you think.

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