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Next Level Games Say Miyamoto Scrapped The Original Bosses In Luigi’s Mansion 2


Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon director Bryce Holliday has revealed that Shigeru Miyamoto made some critical changes in the game including getting rid of all the original bosses. Holliday says that the team had some bosses in place, but Miyamoto wasn’t entirely happy with them. He then made the developers start over from scratch. Here’s what Holiday had to say about the process.

“For Miyamoto-san’s direct involvement with Next Level Games, he was kind of like a mentor. I believe he uses the word “shepherd.” He would often come in and steer the ship in a new direction when we were getting off course. We were able to play within the framework that he had set up, and the two gentlemen, Ikebata-san and Nakada-san, were kind of like the gatekeepers or the keepers of the rules. We would constantly be pushing the boundaries and seeing where we could get to, and then they would bring us back.

“At one point he threw out all the bosses of the game and made us start over. From our angle that was kind of a tea-table-flip. But maybe it just had bad legs and was wobbling or something. He often challenged us to not go with our first idea, or to experiment further on different things and then cherry-pick our best ideas.”

Gameplay engineer Brian Davis added: “That was toward the beginning of the project. We had only completed one boss. We had designed the other ones, but we hadn’t implemented them yet. What he wanted for that was, he wanted bosses that could only be in Luigi’s Mansion. If you saw a boss, you’d say, “That’s a Luigi’s Mansion boss!” I think that was the right choice. It allowed us to be very creative.”

71 thoughts on “Next Level Games Say Miyamoto Scrapped The Original Bosses In Luigi’s Mansion 2”

  1. Well, it’s good to see that Miyamoto is still pretty involved with the current games. I imagine that the developers were a bit disapointed so see all of their bosses scrapped, but in the end the current bosses turned out well. Too bad they couldn’t keep the originals as secret bosses or something. Well, the year of Luigi’s started off on a good note so far!

  2. Wasnt this said int he Miyamota ask on the nintendo website before luigis mansion 2 was release?

    Come on guys we want news… if no news then don’t post back these old stuff. Thanks.

    1. Well there’s some people that doesn’t know this. Not everyone is a freakin dude that searches for every little detail posted on the web about games you know?

        1. I read the Iwata asks, and never did it say that the bosses were changed.
          He has mentioned the Sheppard part earlier.

      1. Ok but it’s still very old news… you posted the miyamota ask about luigi mansion 2 that’s where i read it.

        Just saying.

        1. I hate when fans try to push something like this. Let Aonuma do whatever he wants, he knows what he’s doing, and he doesn’t need to get told by thousands of people who never entered a gaming studio.
          BTW, if the internet was as popular as it is now, in the early 2000s, people would have hated Majora’s Mask, for how different it was.

          1. beemothelittleboy

            Im not supporting majoras mask in any way, if fact i acturally never liked it, the setting was out of place and didnt feel like a zelda game, there were too many side quest and not enough dungeons, and why have the title legend of zelda, when zelda isnt even entwined in this tale, ill never get why people hate on skyward sword, i really liked it, yeah linearity was something it didn’t need but everything was really good especially the characters and the music was stellar, and it was even weirder tio think koji kondo didnt even have that much to do with it, great though hated

    1. But not always, sometimes you just need to challenge the man to actually come with a truly good game of your owns.

      1. I like Sticker Star! It’s not as good as the two first games in the Paper Mario Series, but it got good gameplay and good puzzles. I really miss the RPG elements from “the thousand years door”, but the game is not bad! :D

        1. I feel the same way as you about Sticker Star but when you think about it it could have been waaaay better same goes for Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon it was a great game, really good if anything but it could have been way better with bosses like the first in my opinion. Lets just hope I won’t have to say the same about Mario and Luigi Dream Team when that comes out.

          1. It’s on a handheld though, I must remind you. It is drastically easier to make the ‘perfect’ game with a 50″ TV screen and the power of a small country, then with a 14″ or so screen with the power of a small county.

            1. Well acording to specs the 3DS is easily better than the gamecube. And screen size doesn’t make a difference just look at LittleBigPlanet for the vita compared to the ps3 version the only downside is multiplayer lag and that has nothing to do with screen size or the system itself. Oh and correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure they make the game itself on the computer so its not like they can’t see what they’re making.

        2. The whole point to sequels is to up its predecessors. Or at least on the same bar. Sticker Star is nowhere near Super Paper Mario.

      2. I mean, I think the guy still has plenty of credibility after EVERYTHING he’s done, even if you didn’t like Sticker Star, the guy still has a pretty impressive resume.

    1. Spoiler alert. I was disappointed with the final boss though especially compared to the first game’s final boss.

  3. Still haven’t picked up Dark Moon :( might pick it up this weekend. All I’ve heard from this game is positive reviews

    1. Miyamoto is training the younger talent. Once he is gone those people will have been around Miyamoto so much that they will be able to be like hmm would Miyamoto have allowed this? Would he have done this? They will think like he does. Who knows maybe his son could come in lol. All though you dont care either way Neutron.

    2. Um…Sakurai, the creator of Smash Bros., Creators of Mario, Zelda, Retro, Monolith, Miyamoto’s trainees, etc.

    1. At least they don’t rush their games so much that they’re filled to the brim with bugs and glitches. Whatever glitch does make it in odds are you’ll never see it during a normal play through.

    2. This is also why Nintendo produces quality games that sell millions of copies that make millions of dollars to stack on top of their billions in the bank.

      #also true

    3. Meh, i dont mind them spending 3 years on a game because they always have multiple ones being made at all the time. Bioshok Infinite had a long development time and delays and im glad that it did, because the end product has become one of my favourite games ever, easily.

      They just need to actually show us these games their working on, on a regular basis, not “weeeelll, E3, i guess”.

  4. Haha sounds like the developers were annoyed at one point, but hey Miyamoto is encouraging the team to be more creative. More $ales for them

    1. Speaking as an artist myself that has worked on the professional level, it can be VERY irritating when you worked countless days and hours on a project just for the lead to say after you are all done, “that’s not quite right. We need to change it.” However revision it not necessarily a bad thing if you are revising for the right reason. Since Miyamoto has forgotten more about game design than the people working under him will ever know, I feel that decisions on creative direction probably hit more than miss.

      From what I’ve heard about people whom have played Dark Moon, this time it was definitely a hit.

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  6. Tbh, I liked the bosses in the first game more. Granted I only cleared two mansions so far cause I’m so obsessed with getting the best ranks, but I miss bosses like Chauncey and Bogmire.

  7. Well thats a shame because the only good one was the spider (havent seen the finally boss yet). The ice boss is just asinine and boring

    1. Yep I agree. Even though I HATE spiders, this one was really fun and creative. So far, the ice one was really repetitive and I was disapointed :/ The 3rd one was fun, and the second one was too short (for a good reason).

      1. Like, the fact Miyamoto saw the other bosses and said “these are fine”, is just like..wh-what, why?! Were the ones he got rid of even worse?

        After Skyward Sword, i’ve had doubts that Miyamoto was loosing his touch, Luigis Mansion 2’s bosses kinda reconfirm that…

        1. It’s a shame because Luigis Mansion 2 is a fantastic game. I don’t know why Miyamoto is holding back on his games. First Skyward Sword, then Paper Mario: Sticker Star, and now Luigis Mansion 2’s bosses. Like you said Miyamoto may be lossing his touch, but I hope that his New IP will make up for it.

          1. Ok at least I’m not the only one who thought this I just really hope he doesn’t screw up Mario and Luigi Dream Team if he has a part in that.

  8. I haven’t had time to finish the third mansion, but the first boss was cool and the second one was boring.

  9. The new bosses were OK besides the 3 hits repeated thing but I am wondering, since this is sadly another Miyamoto restriction, what did the original bosses looked like? If they were more human like, I would say I am really upset and when his place gets taken, I hope it would be more different. Like less restrictions.
    Since I loved how there was human like ghosts and some off topic can make the game better too in my view.

    Although the new ones were creative, but the original ones probably would too, not sure. Either way, it would still sell a lot pretty much.

    As for Dream Team, yeah I hope he doesn’t restrict a lot of things like he did to Sticker Star. :( Let the creators have there freedom for once again..

  10. So he changed the ALL bosses because he didn’t like them, yet New Super Mario Bros. is left with the most redundant bosses ever?
    Like I said earier, Miyamoto’s nuts!

    1. tezuka is responsible for the nsmb series….he restricts only handheld games nowadays to be honest. they are going very deep with their portability game strategy. 3d land had short levels, sticker star was shortend cause of this. luigi’s mansion i think also. not saying that i like this.

      1. I’m pretty sure Miyamoto can get some hand on what to do with the next Mario, after all, it is Miyamoto that always pops up to advertise a Mario game.
        You play New Super Mario Bros. 2, you’re either fighting Rhinos on Ferris (Bueller) wheels, or fighting Turtlefreaks.

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  12. beemothelittleboy

    Well from studying the earlier trailer and demo I can see that, that agro guy was originally, well if you look at his head there’s something, presumably a dark moon price, and any else acturally get kinda sad that,polterpup even tho a pain at first, you feel sorry for him cause he died as a pup, and this mansion is e gadds, so he could of just killed the dog, for experiments, damn this series has some dark origins inside it.

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