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Former Nintendo President Yamauchi Falls To 13th Place In Japan Rich List


Hiroshi Yamauchi, the former president of Nintendo and the company’s biggest shareholder, has slipped from the number one spot on the Japanese rich list. Yamauchi who was previously the wealthiest business man in Japan now sits at number thirteen. Yamauchi ran the Kyoto based company for 55 years before retiring in 2005. His wealth dropped for the second year straight due to Nintendo’s falling share price which is down 17% due to lacklustre sales of Wii U.

62 thoughts on “Former Nintendo President Yamauchi Falls To 13th Place In Japan Rich List”

    1. In those times the console market was in a really bad state, what nintendo do with those bully strategies was to choke to dead the posibility of a new videogame crash do to supersaturation of consoles and bad games in the market.

      Yeah, when the things got steady those practice stop working and Nintendo have been paying for those actions losing a big chunk of the thirth party suport.

      So, do not see Nintendo like an evil pyromaniac, look at him more like the dude that burn the forest to bring the agriculture to the land.

  1. OMG! A rich man get a little less rich cause the industry he makes money from is in bad shape in general -___-

  2. Nintendo Commander

    Our former Almighty Commander doesn’t care, he still has lots of resources to do whatever he wants with…

      1. I actually hope the industry crashes, and Nintendo or another company saves it again. We really need people to realize that they have to boycott bad games or games that are doing things that are damaging the gaming industry; Like EAs micro-transitions and most of today’s game’s day one DLC. If we keep supporting this things, they keep doing it.

        We need a crash to happen to make the bad companies go. (I’m not one to judge who’s to be left unharmed) We need companies like EA to stop this shit and support Nintendo (and other companies, I just can’t name anyone right now) in what they are doing.

        May God crash this industry and let it rise from its ashes!

        1. we don’t need a crash. id the industry continues as bad as it is, people will eventually wake up and realize that the people are the ones that need to demand change with their money. money speaks louder than words in this world after all.

          1. Yea but if the people do stop buying the games…. the INDUSTRY WILL CRASH. That’s what the video was saying. I do agree that we need a crash.

            1. LoL i know history repeats itself but it won’t be exactly the same as Atari. People will still buy games because their are some good ones coming out. The only thing i could see is consoles being gone because we don’t need them anymore mostly PS4 and 720 they do the same as a PC so people are really gonna stop buying them. Wii U is doing something different and that’s the reason is same them from a crash or anything else.

              1. Wii U is doing something different and that’s the reason is gonna save them from a crash or anything else.*

      1. Good one commander lol. Also we don’t worship living mortals or pieces of wood. Our God is invisible and kicked the devils ass royally HADUKEN style :).

        1. Nintendo Commander

          Well our God is called N…which took a human appearance in one of our beloved artifacts, Pokemon…

          The essence of N cannot be destroyed by anyone, not even our Almight Commander…

          And at our own main bases we keep the evilness that is the “X”box in its hole where it belongs…

          Although it holds alot of power in the west…

            1. Nintendo Commander

              The ironic thing is that I’m doing quite the opposite but people just reads the words and not the real deal behind those words…

    1. I know right! Number one spot has to change hands, we can’t always have the same douche alá when Bill gates was richest for eons in first place for any sector.

    2. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

      It’s happening

      Wii U sells like dog shit
      Iwata resigns

      Next console is awesome, on par with PS5

      1. beemothelittleboy

        That’s a snazzy little prediction there mind if I, praise that this is acturaly pretty accurate, I hope they call there next console something cool like, puhoy…

        1. Am pretty sure ps3 cannot run Trine 2 directors cut. Wii U has direct X11 equivalent features. Ps3 direct X9 equivalent.

          1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

            Dude, if they got all of the money they use to make a GamePad and invest it in hardware, it would be a lot more powerful, even probably out taking the PS4. I’m just tired of all these gimmicks.

            1. yeah, let’s encourage Nintendo to stop being creative cause a few whiners hate ‘gimmicks’, and we’ll have three wannabe PC consoles. That will be sooo healthy for the videogame industry. It won’t over-saturate the market at all. Nope.

  3. Something i was wondering..
    I like Iwata for president; but in the case he needs to move forward. Who will be the next President? There are a list of names from the board we could know right now? or is something secret like the Pope?
    ps: i recently notice that cute smile in the bottom of the page. Sikr, put a mushroom instead =p

  4. Nintendo Commander

    I just read an article that LucasArts destroyed itself and fired most of its people…

    Well it was the Disney Empire that decided this obviously…

  5. Im not going to pretend I understand Nintendo’s (My favorite company) Markrting strategies. That’s what mainly is causing these lackluster sales. I think if they would’ve done more agresive marketing it would be way better off. Oh well Im still in the ride for the long haul anyways, I just hate seeing our beloved N going through this when they could easily be way on top.

  6. 13th. I feel so bad for him! Ha ha ha He’s rich who cares. Watching the news today they did a report on a actor that is now broke she had a little over 5 grand in her account. I didn’t even feel bad my parents haven’t seen 5 grand in there account in years. Rich people think having 5 grand is broke. Try having nothing. My parents and I were living out of a car two years ago and were still happy to have each other.

  7. Big deal he can still buy a Lexus, Audi, BMW and Bentley all at the same time. I wish I was the 13Th richest in Japan.

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