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Bill Trinen From NoA Says Nintendo 3DS Will ‘Really Take Off’ In 2013


Director of product marketing Bill Trinen is extremely confident that the Nintendo 3DS will take off this year due to the influx of new and enticing software that will be available to consumers. Trinen says that Nintendo portables in the United States have historically taken a few years to see sales pick up, but as soon a healthy amount of software is released sales really pick up.

“We have noticed that in the US in particular, people tend to, at least when it comes to handheld gaming, they tend to shift generations a lot more slowly than they do particularly in Japan. In Japan, once a new handheld system comes out it’s like everybody just goes right to it.”

“GameBoy Advance was the same way; DS was the same way; 3DS now. It does take a couple of years. But then once it does, it really builds steam and so with the lineup that we’re seeing this year, to me it really feels like this is the year that 3DS is really going to take off.”

34 thoughts on “Bill Trinen From NoA Says Nintendo 3DS Will ‘Really Take Off’ In 2013”

  1. If Nintendo keeps on doing these 3DS-focused Nintendo Directs then I have no doubt the 3DS sales will spike this year.

    The WiiU is looking like a different story for now though….

    1. That’s what people said about the Wii when it started out, keep in mind.
      And about most of Nintendo’s other systems, too.
      Nintendo has a way of pulling themselves to the forefront and turning enough good games out to keep their profits, and by extension their survival, guaranteed for ages, even when going against the hardcore crowd and having to deal with the heckling railings of twits such as Micheal Pachter.

      1. No they didn’t, the Nintendo Wii was a huge success the very first day it was released. It had the best first couple years of any console ever.

  2. Traditionally hand-held systems were bough most numerously for children. Nowadays children are satisfied with smart phones. Don’t get me wrong, the 3ds is good (albiet overloaded with games I already own on legacy systems), and I love being able to play and have the Tv on at the same time (I really wish I could play Virtual Console on Wii U on the controller instead of having to use the tv) but the Gameboy market (because Nintendo own it) is going to try up.

    1. No, I disagree.
      They’ve had a firm handle on how to do things in the hand-held space the right way for a very long time, and it was never bought most numerously for children. It was bought by and for gamers of all different ages, and continues to be so to this day. The age range of the majority of users is not an indication of the age group that they focused the sales of the system towards, and the same goes for most of the other systems on the market today.

      It won’t dry up simply because Nintendo owns it, either.
      If it were doomed based merely upon that, then sales of the 3DS would have most likely declined rather than risen last year or sooner, now that phones have started gathering steam as multimedia devices with tons of small, cheap games to entertain people with.

      So long as those people who buy games, stay gamers and keep their 3DS systems, and continue to grow AS gamers, the 3DS will continue to thrive as well, because it has a solid and reliable reputation in the industry that will continue to draw in gamers of every age as new blood to swell the ranks of the gaming community as a whole, since many of those gamers will likely end up becoming multiplatform gamers and not just hard-core Nintendo enthusiasts.

      1. You misunderstnad. I meant that I refer to it as the ‘Gamboy’ space instead of the hand-held space becuase Nintendo ‘own’ it. I.e No-one else compares to them. And it will dry up (not completely but it will never be the same again) because of smart phones. Also the original DS was ludicrously successful because it was so popular with children.

        1. Well, again, I don’t believe that was the case with the DS, but I’ll agree to disagree on that point.
          And again, if Smart Phones were going to kill the 3DS, it would have happened by now. Smart Phones have been out and popular for long enough that they’ve had plenty of opportunity to become the new choice of all people, gamer or not, who want entertainment via small portable games.

    2. No it’s not, the 3DS is approaching 40 million units sold. Wow! It’s right on the heals of catching up with seven year old consoles life time sales in 3-4 years. Bet PS3 and xbox360 knew this while their RROD 3-5 console buying replacement machines, and ps3 drones will not believe it still.

    1. beemothelittleboy

      Wii u will, everything for Wii u will be at e3 I expect no 3ds, just all 3ds, this mini direct was supposed to give everyone all the announcments so then they won’t have to 3dsbut have it completely Wii u focus

      1. If they release an aqua pearl black, emerald green, milk white and mahogany amber 3DS XL then anything is possible.

  3. Nintendo Commander

    How wonderful to hear those spoken words from Assistant Supreme Commander Trinen…

    The 3DS will probably end up at top 3 in the end of its lifetime when it comes to the total percentage of sold units…

    1. You liking how our armada the great great great grand son of the gameboy is handling the field Nintendo commander?

      1. Nintendo Commander

        Of course, the pathetic attempt to pound down the 3DS during its first year was as misguided as the Electron Armies stupidity…

        Now it is undeniable and anyone who says it’s unsuccessful should start digging their own graves…

        I’m enjoying every second of my own…

        I also own every ancestor to it…

  4. The 3DS has been flying, Bill trinen was stuck in board and planning meetings while we were witnessing the launch.

  5. I don’t feel like the 3DS sales are slow at the moment, however they will hugely increase in the next 6-8 months, what with Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong, Pokemon X and Y, Mario and Luigi Dream Team, Mario Party, Yoshi’s Island and of course let’s not forget the new Zelda, all coming before the end of 2013. (So basically everything that was in the direct yesterday, although I dunno if Yoshi will be out before end of 2013). I defo plan to buy a 2nd 3DS around October, ready for X and Y.

  6. What good are sales numbers when nintendo was taking loses? Install base, that’s the only profit. Of coarse Vita sells less, it’s newer and more expensive. Any self respecting gamer will recognise that the vita is a fine handheld; just like they will that luigis mansion is an excllent game.

    1. Vita is barley newer; and more expensive shouldn’t matter, it doesn’t for 500 dollar iPad sales.The 3DS was taking losses but this “boom” has started since they have been making profit.

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