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Reggie Fils-Aime Says Nintendo Digital Sales Are Soaring


Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has revealed that the company’s digital sales are currently soaring. Fils-Aime reiterated that the company has fifteen Nintendo published games available on the 3DS eShop and of those 15 available in this format, 11 percent of sales have come through full digital downloads of those games. Reggie says that Fire Emblem: Awakening sales have been particularly strong as the game has sold 240,000 units life-to-date in the US – with one-third of those in digital form. Fils-Aime also revealed that 3DS game sales are up 55 percent versus last year, counting both physical and digital.

26 thoughts on “Reggie Fils-Aime Says Nintendo Digital Sales Are Soaring”

  1. I would buy more Nintendogames digital, too. But the retail prices are better. Compared to all those different Steam offers where I collected a big digital library, I still see much potential.

  2. For handhelds, I find it better to go digital. I hate having to shuffle through my games and put them in, or run the risk of the cartridge popping out while my 3DS bounces around in my pocket or backpack

    1. I always have my 3DS in my pocket, and I have never experienced the cartridge popping out. As for shuffling through games, I’d rather do that than shuffling through SD-cards

      1. Well consider yourself lucky. I’ve had the cartridge pop out many times, and it’s usually when I’m unable to save and have to just close the 3DS and put it into sleep mode.

        As for the SD cards, I’ll be fine for now. I got a 32GB class 10 SD card and most 3DS games don’t take up too much space. Of course, I’ll need more as the years go on.

        1. Yeah searching through 2, 3, or 4 SD cards sounds way worse than lets say for example me shuffling through my 50 DS games. Some people.

  3. If the digital are cheap or only on eShop then I will but if I can find a cheaper price which I can usually because I get 10% at Morrisons so it is cheap for me anyway.

  4. 1/3rd for Fire Emblem is not a surprise given the heavy advertising and lack of physical copies for the 1st two weeks of release.

    1. Absolutely right. It’s very disingenuous for Nintendo to reduce the physical copies at launch, then tout it as a digital success story.

  5. I prefer physical over digital anyday. And I personally don’t mind carrying a couple of tiny cartidges around with me.
    I see no benefit for digital except you don’t have to change the cartidge/disc.

    1. Or if the game pops out of the 3DS while it’s in your pocket/ bag

      I’ve had it happen many times. It sucks

      1. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen to anyone else, but you. Get a carrying case or something. It’s not a great idea to be putting it in your pocket anyway.

        1. It doesn’t happen to anyone else but him? How stupid are you. My DSi XL has only had a game pop out like once, however many times has the cartridge been bumped causing the DS to turn off anyways. Mine is surely oversensitive and I’m sure it’s the only one in existence like that though, right?
          Also, don’t put your handheld game device in your pocket eh? So what exactly should one do with the fucking Game Boy Pocket? Don’t ever say anything else on the internet again, please.

          I can’t even use the term “some people” anymore. The world may as well start saying “most people”.

    2. Well that exact reason you mentioned by not having to carry the cartridges is why people are buying the digital forms. It might not matter to you, but convenience is what sells to the majority so many people will be switching to digital. 💋

      1. Until your 3DS brakes and you realize that you can’t just pop the SD card into a new 3DS. And all the sudden you learn that in order to get your digital content back you must send in your broken 3DS and pay a big repair fee. Hopefully you didn’t already a replacement first. And on top of that Nintendo limits you to only 5 lifetime 3DS transfers. After that, you lost everything. Not so convenient anymore.
        I rather buy a replacement 3DS and pop in my game cartridges right away. As long as digital copies are tied to the system they were bought on and not to the buyer, and as long as digital games cost the same as their physical counter parts I don’t feel comfortable buying digital copies. Also I like to re-sell a lot of my games when I’m done with them.

  6. I don’t really understand how their digital sales are doing so well.

    Games are at least £10 extra on the eShop, if not more. That’s insane.

    How much money do people have that they can waste an extra £10 per game just to avoid carrying a tiny cartridge and giving up the ability to ever resell the game.

    The convenience is nice. I’d like to have stuff like MK7 and Animal Crossing on my 3DS at all times, but I’m not going to pay £20 to do it.

    1. Because in North America digital copies don’t cost more. They are the same price as retail. Thats why they are doing so well over here. 💋

  7. Yeah ! Because you Nintendo are being a douche about making limited run gard copies such as fire emblem and luigis mantion… no shit of course digital copies are going to sale!

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