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Aonuma Says Development Of Zelda Link To The Past Successor Is Going Well


Legendary Zela series producer Eiji Aonuma has taken to Wii U social network Miiverse to discuss the recently unveiled The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past successor. Aonuma says development on the game is progressing well and that Nintendo hopes to share more news at a later date. Here’s the message that Aonuma posted on Miiverse.

“Hello everyone, Eiji Aonuma here! In the latest Nintendo Direct, we announced an entirely new Zelda game for Nintendo 3DS, which takes place in the world of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past!”

“I’m sure those of you familiar with A Link to the Past could imagine what kind of game a sequel would be – but I think you’ll be surprised at quite how different it is when you actually play it!”

“Still, that’s difficult to convey just through an announcement, so we’re releasing a 3D video in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS as well.”

“Experience Hyrule reborn in a highly realistic three-dimensional world. A new story and fresh dungeon puzzles await you in this brand-new Zelda game! Development is progressing well, so expect to hear more about it soon!”

73 thoughts on “Aonuma Says Development Of Zelda Link To The Past Successor Is Going Well”

        1. so your sayin’ Vita is doing well?! Pathetic!
          if should do your calculations man!
          As of week ending of 6th April
          2,904,504 units in around 19 weeks for Wii U (152.868 per week)
          4,590,919 units in around 68 weeks for PS Vita (67.513 per week)

          so yeah, Vita is doing crap compared to wii u

    1. I’ll tell you what is going well walty… Go to and check out their WIIU games list(Coming soon) lol… Hater are going to shart their pants and thats not including the unanounced titles lol. PSWHO?

  1. He said that this is an entirely new Zelda game… lol they’re reusing the same world and even some of the bosses, how’s that entirely new?

    1. It’s like saying every game based on Earth or with a humanoid species in it isn’t entirely new for the same reasons.

                  1. Software development studios

                    First-party studios
                    1-UP Studio – Mother 3, A Kappa’s Trail, Magical Vacation series
                    HAL Laboratory – Kirby series, EarthBound series, Super Smash Bros. series
                    *Intelligent Systems – Paper Mario series with Nintendo, Fire Emblem series, Advance Wars series, WarioWare series, Pushmo series
                    Monolith Soft – Disaster: Day of Crisis, Xenoblade Chronicles
                    Nd Cube – Wii Party, Mario Party 9
                    Nintendo EAD Comprehensive Group – Super Mario 64 DS
                    Nintendo EAD Group 1 – Mario Kart series, Nintendogs series, Luigi’s Mansion
                    Nintendo EAD Group 2 – Animal Crossing series, Wii-branded games
                    Nintendo EAD Group 3 – The Legend of Zelda series
                    Nintendo EAD Group 4 – Pikmin series, New Super Mario Bros. series, Big Brain Academy
                    Nintendo EAD Group 5 – Wii Fit, Steel Diver
                    Nintendo EAD Tokyo 1 – Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Super Mario Galaxy
                    Nintendo EAD Tokyo 2 – Flipnote Studio, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario 3D Land
                    Nintendo NSD – Personal Trainer: Walking
                    Nintendo NST – Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Crosswords DS, Metroid Prime Hunters
                    Nintendo SDD – Brain Age series
                    Nintendo SPD – WarioWare series, Tomodachi Collection, Rhythm Heaven series, Fossil Fighters series
                    Retro Studios – Metroid Prime series, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Mario Kart 7

                    *Clearly first-party studio. Anything else you want to add?

                  2. there’re so many things i want to say to the micro$oft and $ony lovers but they wouldn’t hear it unless i shouted it at them and called them faggots etc.., and that’s why nintendo kicks ass.

    1. with highly realistic i think he meant the 3d effevt and how it looks like when Link jumps “into” your face. looks really cool, jsut saw the 3d trailer.

    1. he never said anything about the graphics. Use some common sense and you would know he meant obviously the 3d effect.

    1. if link every talks in a zelda game (like full on voice acting) im going to probably stop playing zelda games. i would hate for link to be tarnished with a voice and just fuck up the whole series or that one game. remember metroid other M? we dont want that shit happening again. in fact if ANYONE has full voice acting ill hate it. half the fun of seeing the quirky characters is giving them voices to match (or not match which can be hillairous.

  2. Link to the Past was the game that made me fall in love with the Zelda series, cant wait to return to that world.

    1. not true.
      again, do your calculations…
      As of week ending of 6th April
      2,904,504 units in around 19 weeks for Wii U (approx. 152.868 per week)
      4,590,919 units in around 68 weeks for PS Vita (approx. 67.513 per week)

        1. Your math is not very good, is it?
          250,000 (approx) isn’t exactly the same as 2.904.504
          250.000 units in around 1014 weeks for Atari Jaguar (approx. 247 per week)

          Maybe it was clear already… but your argument is wrong.

                1. I bet you came up with this lame comment due to a lack of inspiration. Come on man, and here I thought you were a real troll… corner me! shout OBJECTION in my face and PRESENT me some evidence to backup you up!

                    1. GTFO, you’re no troll… just a undefined internet insect species… AND I DISCOVERED YOU!

    2. The only thing I didn’t like about the demo dungeon shown, is that it felt a bit cramped. It didn’t feel like it had a lot of space and rooms to explore, just a lot of vertical distance to ascend.
      However, this game is still under development, and I dunno if the point it started at was even the planned main entrance to the dungeon.
      For all we know, the demo was the middle-to-end portion of the dungeon.

      Thankfully, this game is still under development, so everything we’ve seen so far may change in some ways once the final product is slated for release.
      In any case, I’m looking forward to this new game greatly; it’s been “Ages”[nudge nudge] since the last great top-down Zelda, so a new one is more than welcome in my book.^_^

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    4. Hey My Nintendo News, you said “Zela” instead of “Zelda” in: “Legendary Zela series producer”. Just thought I would let you know. :D

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