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Zen Studios Is Still Working On Star Wars Pinball Wii U


Zen Studios, the development team behind Zen Pinball 2 on the Wii U, has announced via Twitter that they are working hard on bringing the Star Wars Pinball downloadable content to the console. The development studio has also revealed that they are currently working on some existing issues relating to Zen Pinball 2 on Wii U.

We are still working on SWP for Wii U as well as fixing some existing issues :)

36 thoughts on “Zen Studios Is Still Working On Star Wars Pinball Wii U”

    1. Disney closed lucas arts in order not make games themselves and moved to licensing Star Wars out for other studios to make Star Wars related video games.
      We will still see Star Wars games just made by different studios, hopefully games people actually asked for, like Battlefront 3.

  1. The only pinball game I play is pokemon pinball because I find filling up the pokedex more rewarding than an n-digit score. Does this game have anything like that to offer?

    1. Beside score related features then not really. It does have multiplayers but you can just pass the controller or gameboy for pokemon pinball even know its said one player. This pinball game does have online if you like playing online. As for score features it does have high score for table, overall score (all tables), and team score (combined your and your friend’s score), and pro rank (how well you rank up to other). If you have an PS3 and Vita then you better off getting Zen Pinball 2 on those consoles just for cross-buy and more tables to buy (or try).

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      1. Its not that, why not a decent star wars game? Why does it have to be a stupid pinball? And im not saying it like “duh, omg graphics are everything, true hardcore gaming” but omfg seriously, pinball?

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