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Nintendo America Hires New VP Of Human Resources


Nintendo of America announces the hiring of a new vice president of Human Resources. Robyn Corr began work at Nintendo of America’s headquarters in Redmond, Wash., on April 29, and is in charge of employee welfare, compensation, benefits, recruiting, learning and development, organizational development, payroll and HR systems. She reports to Flip Morse, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of Corporate Resources.

Corr comes to Nintendo from Starbucks Coffee Company, where she has worked since 1998, most recently as vice president of Partner Resources. In that role, she developed strategies that allowed the company to build on leadership capabilities, develop talent and assess and identify future leaders to ensure organizational effectiveness. Prior to Starbucks, Corr held HR positions at Texaco Refining & Marketing Inc.

“Robyn Corr brings a wealth of experience to Nintendo. Effective human relations is vital to growing and maintaining any organization, and we’re lucky to be able to access her years of excellence in this field.”

57 thoughts on “Nintendo America Hires New VP Of Human Resources”

  1. But is she in touch with video games? :/ I don’t like how people who have no interest in video games get to work for Nintendo and I don’t haha

    1. Reggie previously worked with Pizza Hut, if he didn’t previously have experience with video games, he sure does now. You don’t need to be a hardcore gamer to work in the industry.

      1. yeah and you wonder why noa is such a pile of shit, he doesnt know a good title out of his fucking ass. unless people are blind fanboys they like reggie, the only thing he did was not bring any good games to america. he also sucks at video games he got last and kept falling down the cliff in mario kart. he got in last place by a mile.

    2. She works for Human Resources. She will more than likely have no direct effect on gaming related decisions.

    1. A shake up in HR usually means that they are hiring or firing a lot people. Due to the financial numbers that Nintendo just released (with them saying that Wii U sales are not quite where they need to be today) and the cost saving measures at E3, it probably means that they will be downsizing. Many companies do that in order to stay in the black, especially in this “great” economy in the states.

      It doesn’t directly affect the games that Nintendo are developing, but it is probably an indicator that the financial state of Nintendo as a whole, which may not be as bright as they would hope…even though they may have millions or billions in the bank.

      Maybe they are reallocating cash to develop more games? This part, no one can predict unless you work in Nintendo or have the inside scoop.

      ::Cue Sickr::

  2. Nintendo Commander

    Excellent, with her help, our swarm will spread more just like the Starbucks Militia…

    Almighty Commander Iwata will lead our swarm to victory in that Xbot infected land…

  3. This will mean faster development has she will manage a better coffe suply to developers and have reggie coffe cub actualy full.

    1. Human resource means nothing to do with video games!

      Stupid people on here posting about this being good for the fans/gamers clearly are blind idiot fans.

      No wonder Nintendo fans get treated like idiots… comon people, not everyone that gets hired at ninty is a gamer or fan and are there for helping Nintendo get more games out. Google human resource.. like seriously stop giving us true Nintendo fans a bad name and maybe you’ll be able to know how life works and catch all 493 + pokemon and ev train.

      1. Pandora's Last Chronicles

        Hmm never heard of a female executioner .. i think certain military specialization is only for males .. some religious positions .. but overall females can do pretty much everything hats off to the females

    1. Let me guess, you saw your mummy having fun with another man besides your father at the age of 5. And oooohhh~ that makes all women evil. Go complain at your boyfriend’s house instead.

    2. I’d be mad at this if i didn’t know that this is an obvious troll attempt judging by your name.

    1. Nintendo will have a monopoly on coffe delivering to third parties forcing them to make games for wiiu or dont use coffe when developing.

      1. Nintendo Commander

        Exactly, those tribes will drink our Nintendofied Starbucks Coffees making them now “feel” Nintendo’s extended power of joy…

        This will weaken the Xbots who buys from Starbucks and will be all confused and develop mediocre shovelware…

  4. Samus is a bounty hunter…… I’m sure she’ll do a good job. Hey Macarony64! How are you?!

        1. Even if they do a price drop i need to save more than 500 for games too. I want to buy the anounced third party games too.

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  6. DONT GET ME STARTED ON “”””HUMAN RESOURCES “”” thats right your nothing but a resourse thats all you are

    a corperate fiction and a slave resourse ,we live in a system were the living entity the system is for is meaningless and the system its self is GOD ,just how the angle lucifer planned it

    im no fucking human resource im a HUMAN “””BEING”””

      1. He has a point, but you are too fogged up to comprehend. Don’t short circuit like an xbot or Sony drone.

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