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These Five Great Games Are Coming Soon To The Nintendo 3DS eShop


There are at least five great games that are coming this month to the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. First, on May 9th, puzzle game Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move arrives in the Nintendo eShop, and it’ll cost only $10! A week after that, on May 16th, NES classic Mega Man 5 hits the online marketplace. And starting May 24th, Donkey Kong Country Returns will be available at retail and the Nintendo eShop, and it will be a huge download to those who decide to purchase it digitally.

Those looking to get their Zelda fix this month will be able to download The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, when both of them are released in the Nintendo eShop on May 30th. Also launching in the Nintendo eShop on May 30th is quirky role-playing game The Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Waves, which is coming from Pokémon Colosseum developer Genius Sonority. Which Nintendo eShop titles are you planning to download in the coming weeks?

93 thoughts on “These Five Great Games Are Coming Soon To The Nintendo 3DS eShop”

  1. Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages!
    Tried to find both of these for my Gameboy Color, but couldn’t. So glad I can play so that I’ll be able to say “I’ve completed every Zelda game!”

    1. I’ve completed every Zelda game except those crappy CDI fake ones… I have every Zelda game in one way or another.

      LOZ collectors edition Gamecube – LOZ , LOZ 2 , Ocarina , Majora’s mask
      Oracle of seasons , Oracle of ages on GBC . Links awakening on 3DS , Ocarina 3D with Master quest for 3DS , Minish cap GBA , A link to the past 4 swords 2 in 1 for GBA , Windwaker Limited edition with Ocarina and Master quest on a seperate disc , Phantom hourglass and Spirit tracks for DS and Twilight princess and Skyward sword for the Wii.

      I won’t be downloading the oracle Zeldas as I already have them but I’m happy for the Million+ people who will download it for 3DS world wide. They’re both masterpieces.

      1. Gunna be worth so much one day. My boxed copies of The oracle Zelda’s , Windwaker Limited edition , LOZ collectors edition are worth a lot today and will go up a lot more in the future!

  2. not trying to sound like a dick but is it a slow news day today? because this and the story before were kind of reaching for something to put on the site. but im getting oracle of seasons and ages because I had ages on original Gameboy but my cartridge wont work anymore so ive never beaten it.

      1. Soul Sacrifice
        Persona 4
        PSO 2
        Uncharted: Golden Abyss
        Gravity Rush
        WipEout 2048
        Dead of Alive 5 Plus
        LittleBigPlanet PS Vita
        Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
        Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
        Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
        Rayman Origins
        Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation
        Sound Shapes
        Super Stardust Delta
        PS All-Stars Battle Royale
        Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

        Try again, loser.

                  1. I was so hype for pso2 until i saw gameplay vídeos and it looks like a expansion of the psp version :(

            1. Bitch please!!

              Ace Attorney 5
              Bravely Default
              Code of Princess
              Dead or Alive Dimensions
              Resident Evil Revelations
              Fire Emblem Awakening
              Kid Icarus Uprising
              Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon
              Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater
              Monster Hunter 4
              Professor Layton
              Project X Zone
              Rayman Origins
              Resident Evil Mercenaries
              Shin Megami Tensei series
              Tekken 3D prime edition
              Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
              Animal Crossing
              Etrian Odyssey IV
              Castlevania Lords of Shadow
              Kingdom Hearts 3D
              Harvest Moon 3D
              heroes of Ruin
              Sonic and all star racing

              Plus eShop indie games, tons of em

                1. JRPGs huh, and what do you know about Japanese Role Playing Games? what makes you decide which game is a weak JRPG. In fact i wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t even know what JRPG was

                2. DarklordNintendoFan

                  Wow… just… wow… I feel so sorry for your mental deficiency. Mostly JRPGs? First off… you’re saying that as if JRPGs are bad. Secondly… really? Most of them are JRPGs? Are you a retard? I didn’t realize Ace Attorney 5, Dead or Alive, Resident Evil: Revelations, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Luigi’s Mansion, Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D, Metal Gear Solid, Monster Hunter, Professor Layton, Project x Zone, Rayman Legends, Tekken, Animal Crossing, Castlevania, Harvest Moon, and Sonic were JRPGs!

                  Thanks for helping me realize that… you’re a complete fucking moron. ^^

              1. Well I don’t know what to say about Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. I guess two games better than one game but one game is a remake. I really want to hear it from unbiased person regarding to Metal Gear Solid series. Other than that I agree with your list. Resident Evil Revelation was so good that they decided to port it for consoles. :P

          1. Even I love vita but this guy right here ^^ are right! By the way PS All-Stars Battle Royale sucks. It got dumbed over time even with those lame DLC. PSO2 is a great game and I recommend it playing on PC if you can IF you don’t mind the language barrier. XD

        1. DarklordNintendoFan

          And… how many of those games are just watered down versions of games that are already on the other consoles? And… how many of the games that you listed that are only available for the Vita are actually good? Two of them? That’s what I thought. It’s quite pathetic how you try to troll Nintendo, yet, you get it turned around on you so easily.

              1. I find it sad that you’d call anyone else a Keyboard Warrior after all the time you spend embarrassing yourself by attacking people on this site day in and day out.
                Try walking out from under your bridge once in a while.:P

  3. Sadly, none. I’m getting the physical copy for DKCR 3D, both Zelda games don’t interest me, really don’t like Minis on the Move and MM5 doesn’t interest me one bit.

    1. I will get dkcr physical too. Also getting everything else except minis on the move for now.

  4. Man, that is a great list of games. Definitely Oracle of Ages and Seasons, and maybe just maybe, Donkey Kong Country returns, just because i haven’t played the Wii version

    1. I played the Wii version.
      It’s challenging. Very much so.
      The new stages and the new mode for players that are new to the series are a big boon for the 3DS version, and not having to waggle a wiimote to pound the ground for secrets is useful.

      1. Yeah, i saw my young cousin play it and he couldnt beat it, then i said “kid let me show ya how its done” hahaha awesome feeling right there

            1. You really should stop looking in mirrors if it makes you laugh that hard.
              Might have a heart attack from all the excitement, not to mention your high-ass cholesterol.
              On second thought, keep laughing. You’ll be doing the world a favor by taking your own fat ass out.XD

  5. I’ll be getting the Zelda ones for sure, DKCR as well (physical copy), and MAYBE Mario and Donkey Kong too even though I doubt it, I’ll have enough games, and Animal Crossing is coming next month so

    1. Much better. As for Gamecube games: how about we get all the VC games from the Wii shop imported to the eShop first before we talk Gamecube games.

  6. I’m so excited to play the Oracle games and then Wind Waker later this year. I’m slowly crossing off each Zelda game from my list of games I haven’t played yet.

  7. Is the Wii U even capable of doing emulation for GC games on the console itself?
    I know it can do stuff further back than that, but I haven’t seen any indication that it can do GC emulation right on the console.
    You know, like how the PS3 could do PS1 games pretty well but not PS2, after they took the support out?

    1. I think that having wii backwards compatibility makes it easier to do than ps2 games on ps3.

  8. Mario & Donkey Kong and Zelda OoX. I still need to get Denpa Men 1 before I even think about the sequel. =P

  9. DarklordNintendoFan

    I’m considering getting Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. I beat Ages, but never Seasons, since I lost the cartridge and was never able to get it back.

  10. If I were to ge any, It’d definitly be Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons. Also, I am loving the Heck! out of Injustice right now! Got it for only $35 dollars at Toys R Us! Kisses! 💋

  11. I will not be buying anymore 3DS games until Nintendo of America does a promotion. So sick of hearing about Europe and Australia and Japan exclusives. No wonder everyone I know hates Nintendo.

    1. I know how you feel but I think they trying to gather more people to buy it in Europe and Australia. As for Japan I am not sure. America already have good base and to make it even worse for Canadian that not all America promotion happened in Canada.

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