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Older Pokémon Games Are Still Selling Pretty Well

Released Title March 2012 March 2013 Increase
2007 Pokémon Diamond/Pearl 17.61 million 17.63 million +20,000
2010 Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver 12.40 million 12.67 million +270,000
2011 Pokémon Black/White 14.71 million 15.42 million +710,000

Last year, Nintendo released the latest Game Freak-developed Pokémon role-playing games for the Nintendo DS, Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 – both of which have sold over seven million units. As you can see in the above table, which was compiled from Nintendo’s various financial reports over the last year, older Pokémon games for the Nintendo DS are still selling well, especially considering all of them were released over two years ago. The next installments in the main Pokémon series, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, are scheduled to release later this year, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

77 thoughts on “Older Pokémon Games Are Still Selling Pretty Well”

    1. Agreed. There was a fake Pokemon Yellow app that hit the number one spot in the iTunes store before being taken down, so the demand is there. Nintendo needs to wake up.

      1. Imagine , just imagine…. If they did special , releases of the pokemon games where you could see who of your friend list was online and trade with them and battle them. And you could also battle strangers online.

        How awesome would that be!

    2. I know, but nintendo is either too stupid, or too lazy to do that. I hop I am proven wrong….soon!

  1. Aww. I expected HG and SS to have sold more than black and white at least. They were my favorite on the DS because i loved the originals too. And that pokewalker :D

  2. When are they going to release the gameboy/gameboy color pokemon games on the Nintendo 3DS eshop, they could make so much money. I just don’t understand Nintendo sometimes. They can do stuff, but they are just too lazy. I hope someone new takes over really soon. Someone who actually cares about the games that the fans want.

    1. yes, they should release all those games on the eshop and include the ability to transfer the caught pokemon, maybe through an app that can store pokemon and the next pokemon should have the ability built in to import those stored pokemon from the app.

      1. i think they know why they dont put them on the eshop and one of the reason is that the older versions besides they are old they consume many hours of playtime and nintendo think that the people should buy new games insteed of the old ones for example if red , blue or yellow would came to the eshop the minimum of play time for each game is 45 50 playtime, i think so .

    2. Someone who cares about the games fans want? You mean like Zelda? Oh wait an HD version of Wind Waker (the best of them in my opinion) is in the works. Whats that? Zelda U is being made and oh wow The Oracles twins are being released on the e-shop May 30th? Wow, you are right. Nintendo really needs somebody new in charge. I mean who knows maybe we could get new dlc for Call of Duty and Assassins Creed. Wouldn’t that just be the best. Those are the games people want after all. Let us face it Iwata may not be the president Nintendo deserves but, he is the president Nintendo needs.

      1. Haha, sorry. I’m just a little impatient that older pokemon titles haven’t made it to the eshop yet. In fact, the only reason I own nintendo consoles is for pokemon. So maybe you might understand why I’m a little fed up, there is a perfectly good VC service, on a perfectly capable handheld, that could perfectly play the games that made nintendo handhelds the success that they are. Then they could make more money! Its win win! I kinda overreacted in my above comment, but come on! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have those games in the eshop.

        1. I think people aren’t buying the virtual console games on the 3DS, or there would be much more offerings than like 2 a month. So support the service.

  3. the pkm series is a great rpg franchise. of course they’re still selling. I like playing them over and over and training different types each time.

  4. im still waiting till nintendo announces a Pokémon Snap for the 3DS and Wii U…. i feel they should do a remake or a sequel…. it was too short… and i passed it completely -.-

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    1. I’m glad you said “shitty parents” after that.
      I didn’t want another “oh its violent video games fault” argument.

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  6. If that’s any indication of what the sales will be like for X and Y, RIP Vita. This is truly a system seller (and hopefully Nintendo does bundles for the games).

    1. The only thing that sells better is COD, but then you remember that that game is a multiplat! Lol pokemon ftw!

      1. Yeah, but COD is mainly bought by “casuals”, meaning people who when asked “what games do you play?”, they answer “COD and FIFA/Madden/NBA”

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        1. Nintendo Commander

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          2. Please define xbots for me? Is it peope that own an xbox and enjoy gaming on it, because I hate coming here and being insulted for gaming on multiple platforms.

            1. Pokemon. If 17 Million copies are sold I’m gunna say about 5 Million of that is Kids/casuals and the rest is Hardcore players who intend to finish , fight their friends and genualy take it seriously.

              I remember when Black and white 2 came out last year , i shit you not. There was a line of 20 year old + males queuing up for the game. Not even nerds either. Self confessed , Pokemon fans. Some of which the sporty CoD , Fifa type. Some the Nintendo fan/game collector type.

              1. When i was in high school we i made walks to play whit the kids at elementary. Those kids knew how to play the game hardcore stile but kids this days are spoiled. I took matters in my hand and im teaching my nephew to play hardgames when i saw him playing whit my mhu game. He is 6 and already killed his first great jaggi and qurupeco, im so proud.

        2. I think because its a game that looks cool to kids and adults, and is super easy to be good at, so it apeals to all ages. Kind of like pokemon(except pokemon is way better) there isn’t too much skill involved(unless you do all of that IV shit) so kids like it. I’m not saying it takes no skill, you could useskill if you wanted, but half the time you can use the same attack over and over and knock out a pokemon. And believeme, I am not trying to insult pokemon, its just about as dear to me as Halo.

  7. Pokémon Diamond was my first traditional Pokemon game, and I LOVED it. Because of my love for Diamond, I bought Pokémon LeafGreen on the Game Boy Advance, then Pokémon HeartGold, Pokémon White and Pokémon White Version 2. However…….I only played a little bit of LeafGreen, HeartGold and White before I stopped playing, because they felt SO much like Diamond (haven’t even touched White 2 yet). I mean, I felt as if I was playing the same game with different graphics and characters.

    Does anybody else feel like this with Pokémon games? I mean, I only played through one game, then they all felt the same afterwards. How could the Pokémon series have lasted so long and been so successful if every game is basically the same thing, just with different Pokémon to catch? I really WANT to love Pokémon and I really WANT to be a fan of the game series. But, I’m just not feeling it. I also WANT to get excited over Pokémon X and Y, but I just can’t. Because I know it’s probably once again going to feel like the same thing with enhanced graphics again.

    1. This is a very common thing for Pokemon. That’s why gamers love Pokemon, that same RPG formula never gets old to some people. Your not alone. Although I still play Pokemon a bunch. 8)

    2. if you play the reamkes, there is no use, of course they would feel the same, the ramakes are made to be at the par with the new ones, but if you play, BLUE AND RED; then GOLD AND SILVER, and then SAPPHIRE AND RUBY, and then bla bla bla, you will note the difference, the evolution of the series, of course the premise is the same, TAKE OVER THE POKEMON WORLD (:

    3. Diamond was my fist too I LOVED IT O MUCH!!!!!, leafgreen was also my second. I loved it too, ikn fact I loved pokemon up until black and black 2. The games are getting kind of boring. I hope if the are going to stick to the same formula, then they need to make the region bigger, complex, with more to explore. Because I really wat pokemon to feel awesome again. Nothing can compare to that first adventure in your first region. All of your original struggles and victories!

  8. pokemon > cod in sales. pokemon franchise total 220 million +
    cod franchise total 135 million round about. also pokemon best selling game was its first one that holds a guinness world record of best selling rpg and it sold 31.38 million. no cod game has reached that. the only thing that surpasses pokemon in both best selling game and best selling franchise is mario which has a franchise total at 470 + million with their best selling game super mario bros. at 40+ million. source wikipedia list of best selling video game franchises and vgchartz.

  9. I still think Nintendo should have forced Gamefreak to do a standard Pokemon game or a remake of a standard Pokemon game for Wii U to push consoles.

  10. Well when a hot rod mamma like Jynx is a Pokemon you can catch in the older games, of COURSE people will be buying thrm still like mad cray cray!!! Kisses, Love! 💋

  11. I dunno why this is so surprising for alot of people?
    Pokemon always sell! And not sure why many people assume no one plays pokemon.. you just gotta know where to find these closet fans.

    There are many many pokemon closet fans out there. You can find them easily by googling pokemon leagues in your hometown/ city or searching for a pokemon group on facebook near your area.

    Anime/comic conventions, sometimes they are the people working at game/video stores

    Point being stop assuming pokemon isn’t big or fans arent there… they are! Wanna test me? Put up pokemon ruby or saphire up for sale at the flea market, or local gamestore that sells old games, I dare you!
    The truth is pokemon has many closet fans, I used to be one along with many people I know.. so next time a hot girl or friends tell you wtf you like or still like pokemon?
    You tell them.. fuck yea! Love fucking pokemon! Oldschool bitch! And the new games are sick.

    And if they say who the fuck still plays pokemon?
    You show em this sales chart, a lot of fucking people… were you living under a rock?

    1. Dude, calm down. I doubt many people are going to deny that Pokemon is a big franchise. Relax.


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