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PC Game Don’t Starve Could Come To The Nintendo 3DS?

don't starveFancy trying to tackle the successful indie PC game Don’t Starve on your Nintendo 3DS? Well, recent rumblings on Twitter has suggested that Jamie Cheng, founder of Klei Development who brought the game to PC, would love to take it down the route of handheld consoles – including your 3DS.

A fan of the wilderness survival game asked Jamie Cheng whether he would ever consider bringing it to the 3DS or PlayStation Vita, to which he replied in short and sweet terms:

 We’d love to, but no concrete plans yet!

Although he may have been referring to both handhelds, the idea is an interesting one. Would you like to eat a hearty stew from your crockpot in Don’t Starve on the Nintendo 3DS? Let us know your thoughts below.

18 thoughts on “PC Game Don’t Starve Could Come To The Nintendo 3DS?”

      1. I will, get your self some manners my friend. Un warranted attack to a genuine expression does the world a disservice. Braincells lost lol.

  1. They should make 2 versions, one for 3ds and one for wii u. ive never played the game but ive seen gameplay and i dont think the 3ds has enough power to maintain items in a world that size, theyll probably despawn so that’s why there should be a wii u version :D

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  3. I don’t know much about this game, but I would be happy to add it to my library if the demo or reviews make it look good. Definitely looks worth checking out.

  4. I seriously hope they do bring Don’t Starve to the 3DS. I would be using using my 3DS even more than I already am!

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