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Helpful Hints For Luigi’s Mansion 2 Straight From Nintendo UK

luigi's_mansion_dark_moon_ghost_chaseHaving trouble pacing the dark halls of Luigi’s Mansion 2? Well have no fear, Nintendo is here to give you some tips and hints on finding collectibles and treasures, and it’s all in a handy support guide provided by Nintendo UK.

The guide, which you can find here, is chock full of helpful hints to lead series beginners into the Nintendo 3DS game. It reads more as a jazzed up version of the instruction manual, but players unfamiliar with the title will find it appreciative nonetheless.

15 thoughts on “Helpful Hints For Luigi’s Mansion 2 Straight From Nintendo UK”

    1. Yeah it was quite easy. The only time i died was on those 3 sisters in haunted towers. (the only real unique ghosts in the game may i add … >_<)

      1. omg they were so hard to beat i rage quit until i decided to try again lol then i finally beat them ;D

      1. [b] when you’re using the vacuum. Luigi does a little dive/hop.

        It resets the capture bar to zero, but it’s still better than getting hit.

  1. I haven’t played this game in ages, after i did the shitty Ice Boss i lost interest. The level layout is annoying too.

  2. I loved this game , on my second playthrough :) I always Imagine how good this game would look in HD on the Wiiu. Not that I would want it but because the game would look so amazing in HD with a little bit of work.

  3. My only complaint is not the game itself but the sliders. My thumb constantly slides off. I’m getting 0 damage & 3 stars in the same run on every board & the sliders are the only challenge. I just have to do king boo final fight which is causing trouble because of the chasing parts. I would have to say in game difficulty for 0 damage & 3 stars in the same run was the overset possessor in old clockworks, mainly due to the 11th challenge with the ten bombs chasing you. Glad I only have king boo left so I can start playing online. (I usually 100% games offline before playing online unless its smash bros. or mario kart…the new smash I should say cause brawl online was attrocious with lag and lack of options). My high rant is complete, feel free to make fun.

  4. the game is really nice. but multiplayer sucks. mostly cant even complete 10 floors in multiplayer because everybody just leaves game, not talking about more floors

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