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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Sold 310,000 Copies On Wii U


SEGA revealed during its yearly financial results that the immensely fun Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed has sold a reasonably impressive 310,000 copies on the Wii U. The Nintendo 3DS version of the game didn’t fare too badly either, selling around 190,000 copies. SEGA announced that it has shifted a total of 1.36 million sales of the game in the United States and Europe. The company mentioned earlier today that it has seven releases in the works for Nintendo’s latest home console, and you can bet one of those games will be a Sonic related title. We shall have to wait till E3 to find out.

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76 thoughts on “Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Sold 310,000 Copies On Wii U”

    1. Yeah, it’s glitchy. But, turdy?? No!! The game is tons upon tons of fun!!! I love the game sooo much! Kisses! 💋

    1. It’s very impressive. the Wiiu version has sold basically the same amount as the PS3 and 360 versions did. Even though it’s western Installed base ( game not yet , if at all released in Japan) is at about 2.5 million or so…

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  2. I think it was lower than this. They quoted 310(k) for 2 SKU’s with the other being the Cave I think.

      1. and where is that mascot now? Wait!! it’s dead hahahaha while R&C are alive with greates games and a new movie on development :D

          1. R&C,SlyCooper,Kratos they’re considered the real sony’s mascots, you know they have been since ps2 era, that’s why. And Toro Inoue he is better known in Japan than in America/Europe.

        1. thekidnintendowiiman

          Oh God, there’s a movie now? What video game-based film was actually good besides Wreak-It Ralph?

          1. DarklordNintendoFan

            Actually, the Ratchet and Clank film is going to be animated. By the animators of the games. So immediately claiming that the movie’s going to be shit is null and void by this point.

    1. Ratchet* BTW Sonic sold more on Nintendo sistems than others sistems because there are a lot morons playing Marioshittygames hahahaha

    2. Ratchet and Clank pre-All 4 One > Current Ratchet and Clank.

      Not even trolling, it’s sad to see one of my favourite franchises turn to shit.

  3. Cool. What’s the WiiU sales at now? 4 million? If so thats a pretty good attach rate, though i expect Monster Hunter is better.
    That’s probably going to be the biggest success of WiiU. The fact that yes the system might only sell 40 million in it’s lifetime, but over half those people are going to buy Mario Kart, or Smash Bros. You don’t get numbers that good, Nintendo has a spot where they can release content without trying to go for 80 million consumers, but a very specific amount, which means they can also release unique content, because you’re not trying to “maximise profit” with everything.

    1. Just goes to show that Nintendo’s fanbase does want third party games , just the right ones. Not horrible versions of Fifa or Madden…

      And yeah 310 considering this games didn’t even release in Japan (as far as I know) is basically all in the west.

      1. Yeah, that’s true.
        Honestly, 3rd party on a Nintendo system doesn’t matter to me, i always have and will buy Playstation (unless they go bust), Nintendo consoles are there for the exclusives, and i’ve always found value in buying the systems, even if my Wii collected dust, for the price, and the games, its money well spent in my opinion.

        But yeah, assuming WiiU gets 3rd party multiplats for the first few years (i feel 2-3 years down the line its weakness will show in comparison), id choose them based on the community and extra features.

        1. But that’s just you. I buy third party games on Nintendo consoles since the GCN days, when we had great ports of good stuff like Prince of Persia.

          1. Ok? But is WiiU as powerful as the PS4? No.
            Like i said, the multiplats that do come to the WiiU, i will buy depending on what it is.

            1. can u play your ps4 on a plane bus anywhere u can charge your phone i guess it isn’t next gen i bet the u will get some multiplats to expose both competitors 50 dollar graphic difference at best no matter what price it is

            2. Does that matter?
              Not very much.
              If the game is up to PS3’s quality of HD, then that’s good enough, and most of the Wii U’s games are capable of a bit more than that.

        2. The last time Nintendo had true multiplat support was the SNES. Every other console since has survived through exceptional first , second and third party exclusives.
          If Nintendo can manage to get more games like Assassins creed , Watchdogs , injustice , Batman , Project cars on their side then it can only be a good thing.

          But the only real reasons to be excited for Wiiu are for games such as Zelda , mario , Bayonetta 2 , Monster Hunter , etc etc etc.

          1. Yeah, i mean fighting games or online games id probably buy on WiiU, because of the people who id play the games with.

            1. That’s where I stand atm. I prefer the Wiiu community to others at the moment. It’s relaxed , funny and open minded and that’s all helped by how heavily moderated miiverse is.

              We will be forced to use another platform to play most of the third party games but I’m excited to play a game like Watchdogs on a Nintendo console. The last time I had this urge was True crime streets of LA on Gamecube lol.

      1. Maybe.
        Depends if people drop the bullshit and wake up and realise it’s not supposed to be competing directly with the other systems, and let go of that ridiculous mentality of “kids games” and playing M rated games makes you mature.

        If that happens, 60 million probably, but excuse me for my lack of faith in the human race -.-

      1. Just double checked it and yes sega was the publisher for vanquish. Still love to see a sequel to it on the Wii U!

  4. I’m sad that we are going to wind up with awful characters like Miku Hatsune and Ristar (who’s already a damn flagman) than beloved characters like Billy Hatcher and Akira Yuki as DLC for this game.

    1. Sparkster: “Do you know what it’s like to have your image ruined by shitty games?”
      Sonic: “Well, there was one game where I turned itno a werewolf or some shit.”

      He honestly should have said Sonic 06 in that episode of Sonic for Hire.

  5. S&ASRT was awesome!!! The best game that came out for Wii U at launch by far!!! I still play it. 💋

  6. its kind of sad that the racing games are the only good games that sonic has now. just make the other ips like skies of arcadia shemnue and the many others you got rid off to make yourself only make shitty sonic games.

  7. It’s a great game, granted I play it on the PS3 but if it had exclusive content like Kirby which was rumored to be in the game, then I’d get the Wii U version. I also heard that either Mario or Fox where considered to be playable on the Wii U version, Ninty could of had more sales if they gave Sega/Sumo the green light for it.

  8. The real question with any Wii U game sales data, is whether or not these numbers include digital sales. I downloaded almost half my Wii U retail games personally… These numbers are good for sure, but if that’s just physical copies sold, it could be higher than that by a bit. Nintendo did say something to the effect that they are seeing lots of digital sales…

  9. And the fanboy war continues. “Meh me meh, this character is better than that character” Sheesh! You guys really get off from this don’t ya? It’s like we’re all back in the 90’s again. Kids spitting on each other on the playground for owning different consoles.

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  11. SONIC AND ALL STARS RACING TRANSFORMED IS BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT IT ON MY 3DS XL AND ITS BETTER THEN MARIO KART!!!! in my,opinion sonic is better then mario

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