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Here’s Five Minutes Of Gameplay Footage From Watch Dogs

There’s  just under six minutes of gameplay footage kicking about on YouTube for the open world action title Watch Dogs. The video, which is posted above, explains the main objective in which the player must hack the main frame of each district in order to gain control of the area – drawing similarities to that of Far Cry 3.

Watch Dogs is set for a North American release on November 19 and Europe on November 22 for the Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. You can also get your hands on extra content when pre-ordering a special edition and collector’s edition of the title.

41 thoughts on “Here’s Five Minutes Of Gameplay Footage From Watch Dogs”

          1. The Ps4 version is not very impressive graphic wise… Looks like a ps3 game… As I said, not impressed with x2 more power than current systems…

          1. It’s an open secret that PC is a lot stronger than any console, that PS4 is well beyond Wii U with more memory and more modern components and features and that Wii U is well beyond PS3 and 360

            1. I wouldn’t exactly base how the versions are off of the performance of the system it plays on. If they find a good use for the GamePad in the Wii U version, it could end up being the best version.

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  2. I really don’t understand the excitement over this game. It just looks like an Assassins Creed set in modern day Chicago minus the platforming.

      1. Because it’s another 3rd person sandbox “stealth/”action game from Ubisoft. Some of the animations look damn near identical to AC3. All the random polygonal lines showing connections look like the animus crap from the last 4 AC games. This game looks built from the ground up as an AC clone minus the platforming with an addition of a bad driving system and cell phones. Hacking peoples phones to listen to them to learn parts of the story vs following a pair and listening to their conversation. Running through a parking garage vs running through a general store. Asp vs axe. It is all the same thing with a different coat of paint. There are certain series that have kept their charm over the decades but, the Ubisoft 3rd person adventure is one that lost it very quickly.

  3. Why does PC get a almighty nod when there are Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo controllers rigged up to use as a control method. yeah the graphics capability is nice as well but you have to pay that top dollar.

    1. The expenses of building a good gaming PC are greatly exaggerated. Besides, in the long run you’ll save a ton of money with Steam sales.

  4. Not surprisingly, the graphics are somewhat worse iwhen actual gameplay is demonstrated. Look at those low-res shadows. Slightly dodgy lighting in certain spots as well.

    Not *bad* visuals, though – just not as good as we’ve been seeing up to this point.

    Gameplay still looks good. Open-world Splinter Cell with a touch of Need For Speed.

  5. I dunno why but this game reminds me a lot about that group Anonymous, ya know? I mean, this sort of things suits them, I think…
    Anyway, this game looks badass and from the hype it caused during E3 it’s no doubt that it’s going to compete as the best game of the year. I just hope we have an even better experience on the Wii U, using the Gamepad and all must be awesome!

  6. i fucking adore sony ms and pc fans there lovebof RESTRICTING GAMEPLAY AND CONTROLS IS LEGENDERY

    idiots trying to restrict gameplay-controls-innovation-FUN in the name of fanboyism

    lol gamers all of them


    1. Ignoring that you never seen Wii U’s graphics to the max. So how you know….. unless you saw the next Zelda already. So tell me what’s the storyline on the next Zelda. Oh that’s right you don’t know because Zelda nor watch dogs are out for Wii U yet.

  7. so many ppl moan about games so heres a thought “if you can do better putting together a great game then go on” not just that i love shoot em ups but hate football games,thats my personal taste and everyone is different.

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