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SEGA Has Seven Releases Planned For Wii U


SEGA has announced via their yearly financial results that the company currently has seven releases planned for Wii U this coming year.  The respected developer and publisher also has the same number of games due for release on the PlayStation 3, though it has slightly less for the popular Xbox 360. SEGA currently has six games in development for the Nintendo 3DS, though no releases are planned for the Nintendo DS. SEGA is estimating results of just under one million software sales on each Nintendo platform. We should hopefully start seeing some of these exciting games at E3 in June.

73 thoughts on “SEGA Has Seven Releases Planned For Wii U”

        1. No they dont always do two a year, its just there have been times when there has been two in the same year, like sonic heroes and sonic battle for example
          most years theres one or less

        2. You know. 2 a year is NOT too much! Infact 6 a year is not too much either! It is never enough Sonic or Mario or CoD or whatever it is people say is “too much.” As long as they are good games it can never be too much. If they are bad cheap-ass games… well that’s a different story… 💋

    1. No you silly boy, 2 of the games are actually Shenmue games.

      Talked about it, the kickstarter was put off, Nintendo instead agreed to cover some of the costs and labor for such an effort and started the chain of event. Nintendo took the initiative and what was probably going to be a dream for another 6 to 8 years, will be released on the Wii U.

      Shenmue 1 & 2 HD Collection as one retail game, but they will be sold separately on the Wii U eShop at a lower individual price, and one that’s obviously anticipated in a few Q1 2015, but you can spell it out.

      Sonic & Mario will also come together in a way you’d never expect. You can use your imagination on what else is on the horizon. Only a few people actually contact us to make demands about games they want, most of the comments are always on other websites, and we do not get a chance to see them. It doesn’t help us as much. So contact us.

      1. At least this would make up for Billy losing the Sonic & All Stars Racing Trasnformed DLC Character Polls. That made me tear up, even moreso when a certain star faced character that is already a damn flagman won along with the other top 5. -_-

    1. Getting dirty’s part of the job. If he was squeaky clean he wouldn’t be a good hero would he!? 💋

  1. Jurnalist : hey sega how many games are you developing?
    Sega : we will let sonic answer it.
    Sonic: this many * shows whit fingers.

    1. you forgot streets of rage, man i loved that franchise, i would kill for a shenmue 3,a new sega rally, a new fighters mega mix 2, they have so many great franchises, why dont they at least give some of them to nintendo or platinum games, or retro to remake and bring new versions of those games,all modernized, but without the dumb down, i would gladly buy them, i miss the old sega, the current sega is just garbage when compared to the old sega!

  2. announce 7 games, cancel 6 games after a few months. release 1 crappy port version game.
    Only in Wii U

    1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

      Yeah kinda reminds me of sony promising Last Guardian for so many years and nothing, promising Pixar-like grfx with their ps2, MS promising the same to no avail… Go somewhere you troll.

    2. In know you are angry, because you love other game consoles so much, but the games are going to be great. If you don’t like Nintendo, who’s forcing you to play on their consoles?

      Some of these games will not be released on other consoles for a reason.

  3. Nintendo Commander


    Wouldn’t it be great if the Segans are making all these games just after they saw the new Xbot console and decided that it would be totally evil if all those rumors about it turned out to be true?…

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  6. One of those should be a new Jet Set Radio. You could make your own graffiti on the Gamepad. And a new Skies of Arcadia. And a new NiGHTS, Gunstar Heroes, Shenmue-…Aw, who am I kidding. It’s all gonna be Sonic.

        1. Sonic games only are once or twice a year (twice is rare) Sonic games are viewed as the platform games more then the Sonic racing fyi) Also stop insulting people I reported you for it

  7. I want Billy Hatcher, Sonic the Hedgehog, a new IP, Shinobi (make it a console exclusive, Sega. -_-), Jet Set Radio 3, and an internationally released Puyo Puyo sequel.

  8. Sega, Capcom, Ubisoft and of course Nintendo themselves. These will all supply me with more games than I could ever want for the wii U. It’s sad others don’t feel this way. This is the best gaming system I’ve ever owned to be honest. I’ve never consistently had so much fun with a console. I’ve been hopping from wii U to wii to indie and now VC consoles games, playing on and off screen. It’s just one hell of a console. I hope capcom bring a new sonic. But in the meantime I’ve never played colours :)

  9. Well, at least SEGA isn’t acting like EA. I have SO much more respect for SEGA now than I did back in the Genesis Vs Super NES console war.

    1. Sega had respect for Nintendo back then, business is just business. EA on the other hand tried to force exclusivity on the Wii U which Nintendo would’ve had to give them a percentage of profit for every downloadable game because Origin would’ve been in place of eShop.

      EA is still hanging around, because they will come back when sales numbers are even higher, they just don’t want to take the risks to gain the rewards, but a lot of people don’t consider their games as console sellers. So Sega will take the ambitious approach for you the fans.

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  11. I’m hoping Nintendo and Sega would partner up for a Mario/Sonic platformer crossover, that is one dream game I always wanted as a kid. I mean they are already in the Olympics, why not a main game? Also hoping they team up with Nintendo for another F-Zero, but please have the metal soundtrack from X!

  12. Phantasy star online 2 with 2 player co-op play on gamepad and tv, and we will never leave home again.

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