Amazon Canada Lists Deadpool For Wii U


Deadpool, an action-adventure game based on characters from the Deadpool comic book franchise, was previously thought to be coming to the Wii U, though rumors were quickly dismissed, and the game was only confirmed for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. But based on a recent listing made by Amazon Canada, the game is coming to Nintendo’s console. However, this can only be classified as a rumor until publisher Activision confirms whether the Wii U will be getting the game. Deadpool will be released on June 25th.

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      1. Why does gamespot only report that kind of news…thats why I dont go there any more, they are slow as fuck, leave out a lot of news and only report the bad nintendo news.

  1. I thought it was already confirmed for WiiU?
    Either way, i hope this game turns out to be good.

    1. Why cant developers just straight out confirm if its on wii u or not? why wait to find out?

        1. Maybe someone is making deals so it dosnt come to the system. Or they are screwing themselfs either way i dont like the game based on what i saw so far.

      1. Cause they have contracts with their publishers, and if the publisher wants them to keep their mouths closed, there’s not much they can do without getting into trouble.


  2. If these same kinds of rumors were dismissed earlier and the other consoles for the game were announced before, then I doubt it’s going to change, especially considering this is Activision we’re talking about here.
    Which is a shame, since Dead-pool is pretty much the uncrowned king of 4th-wall-breaking hijinks.

  3. No new gameplay released, priced at $49.99 instead of industry standard $59.99, 40 of staff laid off after finishing Deadpool project. Activision based on past Marvel games being subpar. I would be cautious. I mean I like Deadpool character but will be waiting for reviews first if this comes to Wii U.

  4. These kind of leaks have had a fairly good track record in the past haven’t they?

  5. I’ll probably get it just to support WiiU but yes, most activision marvel games are poor.

  6. When will other gaming journalists mention those news? I guess we can already count in days…if ever. The funny thing is, whenever a game is listed for the Ps4, everybody jumps on that. back to topic: The game doesnt interest me, but if its true, its great to see that activision unlike other certain companies actually tries to reach a new audience and built up a fanbase on the WiiU.

  7. just wait till his mom walks in because hes a loser and still lives at home. mom i swear this is not what it seems…… it is im looking at porn.

  8. So i took it some thought, and let the days pass since Nintendo’s recent decision on Youtube videos, and i decided to email them.
    Please read the email i sent, and do the same, (dont copy and paste), as i feel this is a much larger concern than Nintendo realise, take a look:

    I’m writing this email in regards to your recent decision to claim as revenue on other people’s Youtube channel, such as Let Play’s, Walkthrough’s ect.
    While i understand your decision to do this, and i agree from a legal stand point that it is within your right to do so, and any channel or videos affected were posted and were collecting as revenue were under the assumption that at any given time the video could be claimed or taken down, and to do so would be under their own risk, i feel this decision has and will continue to create a much larger negative effect not only on your image as a company, but as a produce of content.
    I myself am not a Youtuber, and have never posted a video of any form. I also don’t watch many let’s players, but when i do, i do so as form of entertainment, or information, such channels such as chuggaconroy play your games, and expresses his love for them, and it entertaining to watch as a form of commentary, over the gameplay. I also regularly watch videos on the channel GameXplain, where videos from gameplay analysis, reviews, walkthroughs, are posted. In particular as a fan of your content, i’m always eager to get my hands on it once it comes out, but as you may guess, waiting is a little harder than we’d all like, so i watch these videos as a way to “quench my appetite” as i wait for the release date, as well as get general information and speculations about the games, and i’m not alone in this opinion.

    It’s for this reason that i hope you reconsider your decision, or find a way that is beneficial to both yourself as a company and business, as well as the people that promote your business and up coming games out of the sole intention that they’re avid fans of your work. The public reaction to this has been extremely negative, and i suspect if not corrected, would directly affect your game sales. It’s reached a point where just reading comments, i’ve seen people say that they would refuse to purchase your content anymore, or go as far as boycotting, even though they have no legal upper ground to do so, and as an affect, i believe the image you were attempting to keep has only caused a mass amount of negativity, which is very bad considering how close we are to E3, the launch of 2 new systems for Sony and Microsoft, and with the currently poor sales of the WiiU.

    My suggest would be, aside from completely ceasing to claim revenues on videos, to either share the profits, or create a partnership with channels in order to still control your content, that’ll allow people to upload their videos, as well as have them appear on your channel, but also allow them to receive some, or all the as revenue on their own channels, so that they can continue to do what they, as some people have reached a point where they do this for a living, and cutting off their money means unfortunately, they’re loosing their jobs.
    I find that solution would be highly effective and beneficial to you and those people, and anyone else who you choose to partner with, which i feel is very important not only to the image of your company, but also the success of it, and in an ever changing world of media and connectivity, being on board with this puts you in a very powerful position, and a very likeable one.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this, and i hope for the sake of your company, the people who upload videos, and for myself and other fans who want you to succeed and continue to bring us amazing content, that you truly consider the options i suggested, and i suspect other people have as well, thank you, and i look forward to your E3 Nintendo Directs in the coming weeks

    ,an avid Nintendo fan.

    Again, please do your part and email them about this poor decison, and make sure to tell other to do the same, before things get worse.

      1. Except they will, because they’ve already admitted the sales are low, they also admitted and apologised that the WiiU is lacking alot of games. The difference is where them admitting it, it them just acknowledging it, and being aware thats its an issue, rather than saying “WiiU is a fail, and is bombing hard”.

    1. When you said it calm your hunger it gives them more reasons to do it also people have blow this out of proportions and they are also hipocrits because they only do lets play out of famous games not the little unknow ones. When i search for a game lets play i search by game title not youtuber also Nintendo had said that if they fallow the guide lines they give they can make money.

      1. I understand that, but this has more to do with Nintendo’s image, and effected their sales.

        Nintendo has always had an upstanding image as being “the good guys”. While it’s their right to do this, the fact is, alot of lets players and other channel are good for Nintendo.

        Thats why i suggested a comprimise, because is it really worth risking their image, and sales for some youtube ad revenue? No. Sharing other peoples videos, and sharing the profit, would not only give them better rep, but also better exposure to the market. Think how good Machinma is at making channels view counts grow, now imagine if Nintendo did the same, and maintained an upstanding image, and allowing people to make profit, and continue to relesse videos more often, and of a higher quailty, these channels would essentially be hired by Nintendo without Nintendo having to spend or loose any money, its a WAY better idea.

        1. But the think is that Nintendo is doing this to force people to the videos in certain way not just to screw the regardless. If they say you can do it but you can just do it in a 15 minuts video i should be happy and try to do a quality video with those rules not just make a 1 hour video in auto pilot just showing the bugs and cut scenes.

          1. Well then they need make it clear what exactly the guidelines are. Not being specific is just as bad, its like “you can do, but we’re not telling”. They didnt lay it out black and white, and say “videos can be this long, any longer and we take all profit”, yes they take all ad revenue.

            1. Many youtubers that made videos already know what those guide lines are and if you are especting to earn money from someones work the decend thing to do is contact YouTube and ask like everyones do with the others gaming companys. Did you know that sony games cant be more than 3 minuts long?

              1. I’m aware, but, alot of these Lets Play, and Nintendo based fan channels, make people buy the games, and make them interested in Nintendo’s content.
                That’s why im saying they should partner with Nintendo, and Nintendo should work out a deal that allows both sides to benefit from. Channels like Gamexplain, are practically a Nintendo exclusive IGN, and they’re affected. Why? And Lets Plays have grown into something bigger, and people do watch them, and it does advertise the company. People who do lets plays of every damn retail release in a year, they can go fuck themselves, and their generally the ones complaining.

                1. Lets play have become bigger while game sales go down. But chaging the topic a bit why this dudes dont make a partner with Nintendo? Do not doing have do to that most of them do it using roms?

    1. I’m going to be honest: I really am liking the fact Wii U appears to be getting more 3Rd party support is there any other third party devs that create platform games besides fps all the time? Its like 85% of these 3Rd party games is killing and blood. Damn what about something 3Rd party like Ray man Legends or creative like Pikmin or Banjo-Kazooie with pretty graphics? With Nintendo at least they think of every genre of games. If I want a FPS from Nintendo then Metroid. If I want a plat former then 3D Mario. If I want a legend game with difficult stages and puzzles then Zelda. If I want a strategy game then Pikmin 3. If I want a family game Wii Sports or Mario Party. If I want a racing games that allows me to cheat then Mario Kart. Sports, Mario Soccer, Basketball, Tennis. Nintendo has all my needs.

      1. Deus EX, GTA” WatchDogs’ COD’ all involving humans with guns and killing. I want something else more from third party. Create a animal for a plat former type game. Come up with something strange and different and fun like Pikmin was. Shit something different other than just coming with the same fps game and just adding more graphics every time a console gets redesigned.

        1. Before SSB came out on N64 all fighting games were 2 players and the player had to kill his rival before time ran out. Caliber, MK, Man, Street fighter, X Man. All these 3Rd party games are.are.the same shit different name. True Crime, Watch Dogs, GTA. All racing games same shit different name yet Mario Kart is different.

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