EA Now Says It Is Developing Games For Wii U


Today, at the Stifel Nicolaus 2013 Internet, Media and Communications Conference, EA’s chief financial officer, Blake Jorgensen, revealed that EA is developing video games for the Wii U – but it apparently has more plans for unreleased consoles the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Jorgensen’s statement refutes the comment made last week by EA spokesperson Jeff Brown, who claimed that the company has “no games in development for the Wii U currently.”

“You know I will ultimately let consumers vote on PS vs. Xbox. You know I think Nintendo’s business was more of an extension of their last console. We are building titles for the Nintendo consoles, but not anywhere near as many as we are for PS or Xbox. You know, what I think the consumer will find is a lot more powerful gameplay with the new boxes that are coming out, and a lot of excitement, but it will remain to be seen as to the services associated with those how the consumers decide which direction they want to go.”

-EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen

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        1. Well, Disney forced them to make one. Theyre probably working on a starwars game which Disney owns and Disney has the right to let them make it for Wii U. Anyways

          1. Well if Disney pimpslaps EA in2 making the star wars games, they better not be shitty ports, otherwise they are truly dead.

            1. We have to thanks Microsoft for helping ea cuando there mind with that self destruct conference. Lol

      1. translation of what the ea guy above said:
        ea: “oh damn it, Nintendo u went to Disney!”
        Nintendo: “heh, heh heh” u r our bitch”
        Disney: ” ea shut the fuk up, and MAKE STAR WARS GAMES FOR WII-U NOW”
        Gamers: LMAO EAT SHIT EA

    1. Lol. EA is terrible, I know it and so do you, quit trying so hard. It’s not working.

    2. You’re an idiot. You’re telling me EA won’t develop those Star Wars titles for Wii U knowing Disney is breathing down their backs? The relationship Nintendo and Disney is great. As for sports titles, they port the same game over and over again! The gaming industry is also over saturated with shooters. PS4 may or may not base their console around gaming as supposed to entertainment, but the Wii U is capable of running the same graphics engines that EA LIED and said it can’t! If you say “EA will own Nintendo” you are truly misinformed!

    3. It’s the other way around pal. Nintendo has been around long before EA, it’ll still be around after EA is gone.

      1. Don’t buy EA games for Wii U because they are not going to put there all and all on the Gamepad. I rather Sega make sports titles exclusively to the Wii U.

    1. EA will give the WiiU the phone games….and xboxone and ps3 the premium games

  1. Top two comments were posted by dumbasses.

    In other news, fuck EA. They can shove those games up what’s left of their unsuccessful asses.

  2. Maybe I just am being stupid today but I don’t see how that quote indicates EA is developing games for the WiiU. Please help me understand internet friends.

    1. You know what? I was reading the article and was thinking that very same thing.

    2. he’s saying “nintendo consoleS”

      since it’s pretty obvious that they’re not gonna develop for DS and wii, 2 consoles that are now slowly fading, it will have to mean they’re developing for 3ds and wii U

  3. Ha hahahahahaha!! whatever EA, whatever, nobody cares, go on and make games for that VHS ;)

  4. I guess Xbox One scared the shit out of them, and saw that Wii U is their back up when the Xbox One. Fails. I fucking knew they were going to make games on the Wii U! Who else thought the same?

    1. Rumors always get out of control.

      They made games for the Wii U already. Made games for the Wii. Made games for the DS. Made games for the 3DS.

      EA isn’t just going to drop Nintendo support so suddenly.

      1. But what I don’t get is the butthurt episodes they’ve been spurring out of control for months. Its not all for publicity stunt since being/acting stupid for attention doesn’t work well (except for Youtube). EA had a reason to act beyond prematurely and that reason is probably Nintendo showing them the way out since their terms (the devilish Origin service mostly) aren’t favorable and well received by anyone so if that’s the case, them Nintendo was very smart to reject that shitty origin (which BTW I hear its a spyware program that peaks into your info and EA can see it) and EA going into full on bitch mode to have all of the world’s fanboy idiots turn against Nintendo making the console look terrible for no reason when its already been proven (Crysis 3 Engine works, COD Ghosts “new engine” runs and Unreal Engine 4) the Wii U can handle more than these narrow minded dumbasses thought.

  5. EA only cares about game sales, and has from day one. They will always develop for whatever system is selling at the time. They published tons of games on the original Wii, despite its inferior graphics and online capabilities. When, not if, WiiU sales pick up, you can bet that EA will suddenly have more games in the pipeline for it.

    1. After the collection of pathetic BS they’ve pull in every Nintendo/EA fans face since last year, when the Wii U starts making money this holiday and next year after, EA is not going to see those sales anymore like before thanks to them driving those customers away and then they’ll finally have a good reason to bitch and moan about Wii U not selling as much for them but this time it’ll be all their fault for acting incredibly STUPID.

  6. Meh, I’ll be getting most your games on PS4 anyway EA. Wii U will just be for 1st party games.

              1. Your an idiot. Only getting the wiiu for first party games. I meat how does somebody who thinks that way even function in life. So pathetic. Enjoy your generic third party ports you limped dik pathetic fool.

                  1. Yep serious. Deliberately not buying 3rd party wiiu games just because you can see a few additional wrinkles on somebody’s face when the wiiu will have a version with better game play. Dumb as hell

                    1. If you read what I write, my main console will be the PS4. The third party games I will buy will be for THAT console. I only want the Wii U for it’s 1st party games. LEARN TO READ.

                    2. Besides, most the multiplats probably won’t even end up on the Wii U.

                    1. Not really. I’d rather just buy third party games PS4 than Wii U. I don’t see how that is stupid you blind fanboy.

                1. Same thing as you graphic whores buy and brag the PS4/Xbox One over Nintendo just for that sole purpose. If that’s the case, go to freaking art museum hypocrite.

    1. Yea i agree. The Wii U could still have superior multiplats than the other two though. Maybe not graphically but in terms of gameplay i could see it being better.

      1. Even though the PS4 will be my main console this gen, I’d love to see the gamepads full potential used.

                1. Yeah I wouldn’t bother. The guy is just some loser who probably never leaves the basement. It’s sad though, he wastes his stalking the absolute crap out of my posts and yet he calls me pathetic :P

                  1. I think you and Nintendofan are the same people. You both have Sony characters as your gravitar and your profile info Is the same except he likes pie. JS

                    1. Or it could be a coincidence. I like Nintendo and Sony too.

                    2. I should make a list of the people I’ve been accused of being.


                      I don’t remember making so many accounts! /s

                    3. Jellybean you are definitely Adarazz and Nintendofan. All three of you talk like best buddies. so STFU

                    4. I cannot believe this load of bullshit that i am seeing. First off, that Adarazz guy seems like a total dick and secondly you are a retarded fuck who needs to get off the internet. This is my only profile!!!

                    5. Hey Nintendofan and Jellybean your not alone. people think I have multiple profiles on websites too. BTW what game is your picture from?

                    6. Jellybean is every one in this site, he is that hardcore. ha ha ha that would just be weird or… (o.o)

                    7. Indeed I am KeimaCorp.

                      Little do you know, I’m you as well.

                  2. Not to worry my friend. Virgins will be virgins (I meant that troll you’re talking about)

      1. It wouldn’t let me use just jellybean so I just added some random numbers. No significance really.


  8. So basically, “We’re forced to develop for the Wii U so we’re probably not going to try as hard as we would for PS4 or Xbox One.”
    But then when their crap games are released and no one buys them (because they’re crap) they’ll go “We were right about the Wii U! No one buys our games! We won’t develop for this stupid console!!!!”

    Really? .__.

    1. It ain’t gonna happen like that because once they state another stupid ass comment like that in the end, people will definitely flame the shit out of EA saying its their fault because of their hateful stupidity driving Nintendo away which they can’t deny nor hide from that truth. If its not just us calling them out, it’ll be other media and companies as well. One way or another, they officially and royally screwed themselves in the long run and Nintendo will be lost to them along with millions of dollars.

    1. Oh have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard..

    1. No, expect a cheap poor made game, because they will not going to spend time on crafting any games for the Wii U. In other words “douchebaggery”.

      1. I think Disney would kick there asses if they didn’t put effort in on a Stars game for the Wii U. Isn’t Disney and Nintendo on good terms?

        1. Who knows man, I already lost any hopes on EA, so much stupidity for a single console. Maybe Disney will make their part, but I repeat again, I don’t expect any well crafted game for the system.

          1. They should just be upfront whether or not they want to support the WIi U. It’s turning into a bloody circus.

  9. so now ea are covering their arses just incase their love-in with ms turns in to the huge clusterf**k that it appears to be as the xbox one becomes the xbox (no)one.

  10. where’s the confirmation in that quote that indicates those clowns are going to make games for the wiiu, cause I didn’t see it.

    1. I assume the quote just hasn’t been taken out of the transcript. It looks like they just took the quotes to create shit storms on the page.

  11. EA thinks the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 will be successful, watch them fail like the prices and sales. Hopefully, EA changes their mind because out of all of the consoles, the Wii U is more innovative than the other consoles. The look like it’s the same damn controller.

          1. I’m more credible than you … because I have the fucking power of a true hardcore player since 1980.

            1. Lawl, for some reason you just reminded me of Yugi Moto saying he has the heart of the cards.

              Also, go back to your basement fanboy.

                1. Oh, I’m so cut, I disappointed a basement dweller. Fuck. How will I go on living.

  12. I don’t believe them because they are bitches and motherfuckers yeah that’s what they are!!!!!

    1. lol IKR! This gives me more hope that after E3 the Wii U will be selling on a rampage!!! 💋

      1. It already began. Amazon sales for the Wii U jumped 873 percent hours after the Xbox One’s announcement.

    2. I thought it was a VHS player with a camera. Oh, by the way I think the “One” in Xbox means its the One last console they’ll have.

        1. Pretty sure I’d rather have my PS1 than the Xbox One. Due to the former having better games.

        1. I just want the Star Wars games… actually, if they are anything but Star Wars Battlefront then screw them I could give a crap. Let EA rot. 💋

  13. Ps4 and Xbox1 are more of an update to there own consoles than wiiu…wtf? We don’t need u EA.

  14. EA… you need to control your dipshit workforce. Maybe you should disable their Twitter and Facebook accounts so they stop spewing their fanboy hate. Makes you look worse than you already are as a company. 💋

  15. Hahahahaha… look who came crawling back with the tail between their legs after the Microsoft fiasco. EA and those other ignorant companies will be sucking up to Nintendo once Xbox One gets crushed when it comes out.

  16. “You know, I think Nintendo’s business was more [an] extension of their last console.”

    As apposed to wonders of talking to inatimate objects…

  17. The only way EA is going to redeem themselves now is if they announce a new AAA shooter exclusively for the Wii U, with the kinds of “realistic graphics” that people keep screaming for.
    Since that’s not going to happen, I’m still calling BS on this article. EA isn’t going to make good games for Nintendo. They’ll do half-assed ports like they did for ME3 and that’ll be it.

    You want good non-first-party games on the Wii U?
    Take a look into Platinum, Ubisoft, and Monolith.

  18. So that means they have officially confirmed they will NEVER make games for Wii U. Oh, wait! An employee on Twitter just said that they’ll make Mass Effect 4 for a Wii U exclusive. But wait, EA just announced they will be making a console called the Vingo. But on Facebook they said this isn’t real.

    EA, we don’t want your games! This ^ should show you not to listen to them. They are crazy!

    1. I do want mass effect 4 because it is before mass effect 1 there for i dont have to worry about transfering saves.

        1. I know, I just wanted to make sure before telling him to take his crappy video’s elsewhere.

  19. What. the. crap.

    Well people, there you have it, the worst company in the world. How stupid can you get? I really don’t care about all your stupid sports games either.

    Wii don’t need U.

      1. lol I was jelly long before you were, my young one.

        Oh and stop talking to yourself.

  20. don’t need to hate EA they bashed nintendo but let them hate, good things always have haters remember jesus but le’ts don’t be like them hating on them as they talked about the wiiu, NIntendo is the leader in the gaming industry, Nintendo has the best gaming icons, just ignore hateful comments and don’t be like them, after the wiiu outsells the competition they will come back asking for forgiveness, they just care about money and most of these investors were informed that the ps4 and nexbox were going to sell better then wiiu, LOL.
    Investors such as Michael Patcher which is a clown LOL
    let them hate the king is the king

  21. LMAO!!!!!!! Speaking to my friend (who owns a gamestore) today. And we were arguing/discussing the state of Wiiu. ANd one of the points I was bringing home was that EA will come crawling back to NIntendo as soon as they realize they’re hurting their Image.

    Ubisoft look almost god like compared to a Washed up EA atm…

  22. Oh believe me EA I think you’ll be changing your xbox plans quite soon I believe.
    Anyway while I despise EA no one should deny them abandoning the console would still hurt it so good to see them devving for it again.

    1. the thing is, soccer moms who buy it for their kids are a big part of who buys nintendo systems. thats why the name is bad, the xbox name is worse though but wont have the same problem like the wii u does.

      1. @Iceazeama.. Wrong! Soccer mom’s aren’t the primary purchaser’s of Nintendo consoles. For example, there are about 4 million Wii U owners. Most of the people who own a Wii U right now are core gamers, myself included. However, the soccer mom argument can be applied to the Xbox one, especially since kinect 2 is mandatory. Plus, the PS4 will be keeping their motion controls as well.

        1. the wii ds and stuff, it was and still is for wii u. thats where the confusion comes from casuals. the xbox one is the most casual piece of shit ive ever seen though so your correct there.

    2. I always wondered why system codenames almost always sound better than the final name.

    3. I’ve seen worse brand names in my life but Xbox One just tops the chart and people actaully made fun of the Wii/Wii U name which actually has a deeper and sensible definition of its origin? Sad.

  23. Bullshit! Get the hell outtta here. Those two consoles are more powerful than the Wii U but its not the huge gap everybody thinks. EA on some bullshit just give me DragonAge,Mass Effect and Dead Space. And we cool. Dueces!!!

    1. After all they’ve done, they don’t deserve shit from Nintendo and its fans anymore. Whoever put the pressure on the assholes from EA, I praise them but as for EA now playing nice, I’m not buying that weak crap. Its too late for redemption and now they’re gonna feel the very same sting they forced on millions of Nintendo/EA customers over nothing.

      1. Indeed, I did see it before it changed so no worries. The original must of been for views.

  24. Its funny how, as soon as Xbox One gets announced, EA decides they want to make games for Nintendo again.

    1. Its probably because of the whole “Wii U is crap” nasty publicity and someone in the inside, other companies or Disney blew the whistle on them and therefore caved and wanna pretend play nice to erase that little memory. But its probably far from too late. They’ve already caused enough damage to Nintendo and their fans just because they reject Origin from Wii U which its the most smartest decision and now due to EA’s major butthurt episode, that’s millions of dollars walking away and lost. If they once complained shit about sales not being great on Nintendo platform, just wait until later when there’s no show from Nintendo fans and they’ll finally feel the sting All thanks to their grave disrespectful mistake and those fans are probably not coming back nor forgive EA anytime soon.

  25. I just realized why I need really good games for the Wii U and PS4 in order to buy them — aside from that, there’s no real use for them (you can argue about the social networks they have but let’s face it, nobody cares about them as much as they do the games).

    Xbox One, however, appears to be the first console I’ll ever buy not for the games. Assuming everything about it works out, I’ll be set in having a console that actually does more than play games.

    Really, think about it, how many times have we heard people say some console they own is collecting dust? With Xbox One, maybe we’ll actually use it for other things besides playing games. If you think about it even further, no other device out right now can do what Xbox One can. And no, don’t just think about the online networks; I’m talking about interactivity and multipurposeness. The only other kind of device we have right now that can almost do everything is the smartphone. The Xbox One in this case IS like a smartphone — the difference is that it’s made for the TV and not for portability (and yet, through Smartglass, it does portability anyway).

    1. there is another machine that does almost everything is called PERSONAL COMPUTER

  26. hey me again, and im playing the new xbox one, xbox cbs, hmmm….. xbox spike tv, xbox games, what…. what is this no games, [lady screaming and getting murdered in the echoing distance] i already have a VHS!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! why do i have this it keeps coming back …. does anybody got a gun, [BLOWS head off brains fly out] ‘flashes’ this ….cant… be happening!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! where am i…. this thing…….. is driving even the great chosen one of darkness insane!!!!!!!

  27. If EA had just said from the beginning that because EA titles did poorly on the Wii console we are not investing as heavily in the Wii U I would have been fine with that because it is true. All this other nonsense was completely unnecessary.

    1. Excellent comment. It’s the difference between being honest and an adult vs. being whining child.

  28. Simple explanation. This statement is damage control for EA because of the Bob Summerwill twitter fiasco. They may develop few poorly ported games. Star wars most probably and NBALive.

  29. So EA finally gave in when Disney said they HAVE to make Star Wars games for the Wii U

    1. i’m pretty sure that’s the main driving force, that and how poor the reception was of Xbox One. Disney wants to their name everywhere like I said a while back. They are pushing Star Wars big time for their movies, toys, games…etc. So they will want that on all the systems.

  30. I give up.
    I just get the feeling this will be a repeat of the Wii if other 3rd parties follow suit with this.

    Oh, well. Nintendo will give me some amazing titles.

  31. Seriously EA, after all the bullshit they’ve done to Nintendo over nothing due to shitty Origin not being favored by anyone even Nintendo and now they wanna continue the bullshit by “playing nice” but not so loyally nice just be Microsoft and Sony’s bitch for their precious, bulky ass and heavily expensive new consoles which at start its not gonna sell so well like how Wii U did at start, then I only have a few things to state to them especially Bob after that Wii U is crap comment days ago:

    In the name of Nintendo and their loyal fans everywhere you’ve disrespectfully kicked to the curb, FUCK YOU all at EA for life and enjoy your universal negative reputation and your shiny new “Worst Company in America” turd trophy you so rightfully deserved three years in a row. Start counting down EA because your days are coming and the reckoning has just begun. Prejudice greedy bastards…

  32. So, after the New Xbot Weapon Systems revelation yesterday, we have nothing to fear now from them…

    Most of our swarm needs to focus the battle towards the Sony Dominion now…

    Hopefully the Xbots gets destroyed thisd time and fades into oblivion because I’m fed up with their gaming destruction…

    This is us:

    1. i’m not happy with the account binding stuff the xbox is introducing to the console domain either… i certainly hope the xbox won’t be a commercial success so no one else gets the idea to introduce that crap to the console domain (bad enough already that it’s on PCs)

      but i don’t wish for a console manufacturer to just retreat.. that’s a bit much
      make the next xbox more like the old one and i’m a okay with that

      1. Considering most americans no matter what it is about, the minute their leaders in any company utters the words, ” All American and the best ever ” then they buy it or follows it blindly…

        Just like they accept the stupidity of 2 party political system…

        Everyone who buys an Xbox One can easily just become a slave right now because that is what the americans want to do with their easily brainwashed people…

          1. Not the exact words but similar, they always say that about their Xboxes or any other american machinery…

            It is one of the biggest reasons to why basically nobody is interested even remotely in the Xboxes over in Japan…

            And it will never be untill they stop with this patriotic nonsense…

            1. LOL You’re literally making that up. I’ve never heard an American say they buy Xbox simply because it’s an American product. What a silly thing for you to say. Seems more like you have something against Americans, so you create a lie to bash them. Kind of like how EA has something against Nintendo, so they make up all this stuff to bash them.

            2. Sorry, but you’re way off base. It’s always funny seeing someone else stereotype another country when they really have no clue. I’m American and I hate Xbox and a great deal of American manufacturers and products.

              As individuals we’re like everyone else; we’re all different. Now in regards to Microsoft and Xbox, I agree they advertise it like it’s the 2nd coming of Jesus, but that’s a company, not us regular folk. Company advertising is like that everywhere. They’re all trying to convince the consumer to buy it.

  33. I didn’t care either way. I’ve never been interested in EA’s garbage. Plus, I refuse to be seen buying a game from America’s worst company.

    1. EA is all over the place. They just don’t know what to do. They can’t get out of their own way.

  34. oh my god these ridiculous idiots…

    “You know, what I think the consumer will find is a lot more powerful gameplay with the new boxes that are coming out”

    that remains to be seen good sir… great graphics != great gameplay last i checked and so far nintendo has always managed to blow the other consoles out of the water regarding gameplay

  35. come to think of it.. maybe disney used some of their pretty serious leverage to make EA develop star wars games for ALL new consoles
    it’s not that far fetched tbh

  36. Yup. I saw the press conference. You are working on a new line of sports games for the new XBOX: Madden, FIFA, NBA and UFC. REVOLUTIONARY!

    1. in what way nickle and diming the customers

      only gamepad and wii remote plus can deliver gaming revolutions lol kid

  37. The only games I would want from you EA is Mass Effect HD trilogy, Dead Space trilogy, Dead Space 4, and Dante’s Inferno.

  38. Well, good……
    I hope:
    * Origin on Wii U (With Wii U Exclusive Contents in some EA Games)
    * Optimize Frostbite Engine for Wii U
    * Revive Following Games:
    ** FIFA 14
    ** Madden NFL 25
    ** Battlefield 4
    ** Dragon Age III
    ** Mass Effect 4
    ** New Star Wars
    * Wii U exclusives
    ** Boom Blox
    ** MySims

  39. NINTENDO has something massive! coming in the future. Mark my words.
    I am talking a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig flank maneuver that will catch MICROSOFT and SONY out of nowhere and leave them struggling to play catch up. MICROSOFT and SONY have fallen into NINTENDO’S secret plans/trap and their is nothing they can do about it.
    With MICROSOFT and SONY’S system reveals all ready in lift off mode the option of filling the holes to stop NINTENDO’S SECRET PLAN is a no go.This does not mean SONY or MICROSOFT will not return a profit but it does mean they will be fighting for second place once again.

  40. Data U turn!

    fake edit: beaten.

    Anyways, this is the real shocker of the week. First they say they are not developing for Nintendo systems, then we get those tweets from the EA Sports guy, and now this? That rumor about Disney liking the Wii U might mean they are the ones forcing EA to develop for the Wii U or 3DS since they hold the rights to the Star Wars games (EA has merely licensed the name for the games).

    Something more could be happening behind the scenes. EA made a big deal about not developing for Nintendo and their Fifa engine not being on Nintendo, yet that new engine is also not coming to PC, which is the more capable out of all the systems, and is instead coming to PS4 and XO. The only games I cared for when it came to EA were Dead Space and Brutal Legends, but since they’ve killed those games for me (Dead Space 3 is s**t compared to the first two), then I can spend my money somewhere else now.

    1. What else from EA, half-assed ports that make the Nintendo version inferior to the PS4 & Xbox One versions.

  41. With all of EA’s flip-floppery, you could almost conclude that they have John Kerry running there publicity campaign!! Don’t really care that much about this.

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