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Here’s A Preliminary Chart Comparing Wii U, PlayStation 4 And Xbox One


Mashable has compiled a preliminary chart that compares the Wii U, PlayStation 4 and the newly revealed Xbox One from Microsoft. As you can see above, the Wii U – which has been on the market since last November – has less RAM than the next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. However, unlike the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the Wii U features backward compatibility. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are scheduled to launch later this year.

221 thoughts on “Here’s A Preliminary Chart Comparing Wii U, PlayStation 4 And Xbox One”

  1. Well, Not in terms of “power” wii u is behind.
    But when it comes to the games, the u is NOT The FAIL.

    1. xbox one got 8GB of RAM, 8 core processor, 500GB HDD and USB 3.0 this thing it could be really expensive…..and they haven’t talked about the GPU yet.

        1. yeah, triple A games wont probably reach 8 GB requirements, that would kill the publisher. We have reached the peak of graphics and THQ proved that.

          1. I don’t think you know much about programming. But if you explain what you mean, that would help to understand your belief.

            Anyways, a publisher won’t be required to use all 8 gig of ram. They could use some of it to help load times though.

        2. 4GB of Ram will be used for Kinect 2.0 1 GB on games like Wii U the other 3 GB on the system and XBL itself.

      1. Wii u should of at least had usb 3.0 and 4GB of RAM, or I hope they make an upgraded model released in 2014 and an attachment for the older Wii u like what the n64 had

        1. meh, dont really need this. games run beautifully already if your expectations are not of a pc gamer. my opinion of course

          1. I don’t know where you got that information from, but I know quite a few people who use the USB ports on the current gen. Me included.

        2. Wii U doesn’t need USB 3.0, it’s a unnecessary cost. Games don’t run off of faster USB drives.

          The Wii U doesn’t need 4 GB of RAM, it doesn’t have all the multitasking abilities that the Xbox One and PS4 have. Don’t let these numbers get to your head thinking the Wii U needs to change.

          Think about it, if you upgrade the systems harware, you alienate all the people who brought the system before hand. The N64 had that attachment thought of beforehand the Wii U didn’t.

          You have to remember, Super Mario Galaxy was built on 88 MB of Ram and a single layer DVD disc, and look how awesome that games graphics are.

          What do you think Nintendo is going to do with 1 GB and 25 GB of space to work with?

      2. CPU = 64-Bit 8 Core
        GPU = AMD Radeon (Same as PS4’s but with slightly less power)
        RAM = 8GB DDR3
        HDD = 500 GB (You can get them cheap from anyway now a days)
        USB = 3.0 (Comes standard with most modern motherboards)

        Overall, it will be a cheap system but I’d say it would still cost more than the Wii U but less than the PS4.

        I’m getting a Xbox One and PS4 but they aren’t replacing my Wii U anytime soon.

        1. Getting a Xbox One and a PS4 just seems like a massive waste of money. Why not just get a PS4? Is the Xbox One’s full price fees for used games, no backward compat, Xbox Live fees, and ugly system actually appealing to you?

          1. The PS4 also doesn’t have backward compatibility. Look at the chart. People need to stop using this in their arguments…

          2. And the system look is different per person. I for one enjoy the design. The Kinect and the controller are also rather appealing.

                    1. The Wii U doesn’t use a graphics card, it uses a GPU and a custom one at that. For example, your not gonna find DirectX logic on the Wii U’s GPU because it doesn’t use DirectX.

                    2. Actually, since the GPU is on par with PS3 or slightly more its more along the lines of 1.0 Teraflops

        1. “I really don’t give a damn about power, I just want to play good games =/”

          ^This. All I care about when it comes to a gaming system is game exclusives.

      1. Exactly and why on earth they call it crap when people right now are enjoying 360/PS3 relatively without bitching about how the pretty graphics look? Wii U is the exact same thing and yes it’s built to handle that so I don’t care how powerful the new consoles are, Wii U is more than enough to make games look good while offering something unique and different for players. That’s how Nintendo still survives and how the Wii embarrassed the hell out of two of the most powerful console tech of the last gen without the need of fancy updated specs. Once again, I think the Wii U’s future is getting brighter everyday and once those future anticipated Nintendo games like Zelda and Smash Bros. 4 lands, then the others can’t help but bitch in pure jealousy that Xbox/PS wish to copy Nintendo’s legendary work and charm.

    1. for sure it matters! Nintendo have made a serious mistake bring in this processor! in the end of the generation we will be only in his hands just like Wii…….

  2. I feel sorry for graphics whores. They can’t enjoy a good thing just the specs aren’t as powerful as something else.

    1. Yea. The graphics aren’t a priority. But it’s still a nice bonus to have. It also gives losers on the inernet something to argue about.

    1. It’s a Blu-Ray drive, but licensing the movie playback codecs costs extra, so they left that part out.

          1. I’d rather have an all in one device. And not have a fuck ton of clutter. Once I get the PS4, I’m getting rid of my blu-ray player.

            1. I can totally get where you’re coming from, but everyone is different. I don’t really mind having a separate Blu-Ray player since I don’t keep everything in the same room. Wii U in my room, Blu-Ray in the living room for the whole family. Plus I don’t watch movies that much anyway, mostly TV.

            2. Just remember, that even if you watch a dvd in your xbox 360, you would not see the same quality as with a standard dvd player that enhanced everything.
              I hope the same doesn’t apply to this latest consoles. It safe to assume the bluray drive will be the same as an external player?

      1. Well that kind of pisses me off. For the price I paid when the Wii U just released, I hope the PS4 and Xbox One costs at least the double.

        All the features they skipped to make it “cheaper” better be worth something. Shouldn’t have bought the Wii U right away, now though the price is more in balance of what you actually get.

  3. The person who made this is a fucking retard, a GPU can’t run at “1.84 GFLOPS”, because GFLOPS are only to measure perfomance, and not Hertz.

        1. It uses blue laser tech. The only proprietary features are likely the way the disc is formatted (for security purposes).

          1. Wii U use Nintendo Optical Disc format created by Panasonic for GC 1.5GB, Wii 4GB & 8GB and 25GB. Panasonic created this format.

    1. The way I understand it, it is Blu Ray. Like someone said above, it just doesn’t have the codecs to read and play Blu Ray MOVIES, because of licensing. The hardware is Blu Ray, but the software used is not. It’s exactly the same as the Wii was. The Wii couldn’t play DVD’s without homebrew software, but it had a DVD drive. The same is true for the Wii U.

    1. What will be embarassing is when the “underpowered” Wii U smacks the “powerful” competition! lol! Wii U will come out on top just like the Wii did with sales. Nintendo just makes the most money through the videogame market. 💋

  4. This is actually a really terrible chart. It makes assumptions about GPU’s we don’t have details for and specifically calls out PS4’s GPU as “next gen” but doesn’t do the same for Xbox One–even though both are using the same CPU and will likely have the same or very nearly the same GPU architecture as well.

  5. If you compares this ‘new generation’ consoles, wii u is a toy. It is a device that was made for fun and not to performance.

    1. …are you forgetting the purpose of playing games is to have fun? And I’ve had more fun with reduced specs on the Wii than anything on 360/PS3.

  6. ”Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360 are scheduled to launch later this year”.

    Xbox 360 mistake. It’s Xbox One.

  7. The Xbox One and PS4 are a waste of time. Why buy them over a gaming PC which is almost 100% backwards compatible. Get a Wii U and 3DS for the ultra high quality Nintendo games and a gaming PC for other games. Sorted.

    1. yes! i can play Grand Turismo 6, The Last Of Us, Beyond Two Souls, Second Son, and DrivClub on the PC! oh how blind ive been all these years, all i really needed was a PC to play all these PS Exclusives. you sir, have completely changed the way i looked at games, and have finally set and end to all these Console wars. of the past.


      1. Neutron… you need to give up on stalking it isn’t fun anymore. Leave N-Dub Nation alone and grow up.

  8. 8GB of RAM for PS4 and Xbox One. 2GB of RAM for Wii U. Looks like Nintendo will miss out on 95% of the multiplats AGAIN.

    1. Wii U, 1080P, 60 frames per second. It has independent Sound card, it’s got 1GiG revealed for games. With another section cloaked. It Runs the engines below :

      1) Unreal 4
      2) Unity 4 next generation engine
      3) Disruptor
      4) CryEngine3 with ease { note CryEngine 3 is a better beast than Unreal 4 }
      5) AnvilNext
      6) Probably the Luminous Engine
      7) Most definitely frost bite 2 and 3 { EA are origin butt hurt so that engine is not on the Wii U }
      8) Rumored Retro Engine

      So lie to us a little more please.

      1. It doesn’t matter what engines it can run. Whether the developers choose to develop for it is the issue. Since the Wii, third parties haven’t been interested in Nintendo that much, unless Nintendo can do something drastic, I unfortunately have to agree with the fact they will miss out on most multiplats again.

        1. jellybean946… McFly?
          “unless Nintendo can do something drastic, I unfortunately have to agree with the fact they will miss out on most multiplats again.” ???

        2. If it supports all of those and the Retro engine is a thing and it’s easy for any dev to use, then there’s going to be no excuse left to them other than being shills for Micro or Sony, or hating Nintendo in the first place like EA does.

          One look at Monolith’s upcoming game proves conclusively that the Wii U can make beautiful-looking games that people really do want to buy.
          If Monolith can make a game that looks like that much fun, then the other companies don’t have an excuse; we all know that many of them have the talent required to make a great game on the system, if they actually TRY.

          Ubisoft knows this, which is why they’re still in firm support of the Wii U and why the Rayman team[not Ubisoft directly, since the creator kinda quit at some point] put so much love into Legends.

    2. I think you’re forgetting that the Xbox One has 3 different operating systems. That should take up A LOT of the RAM, and third parties will have to compensate for that.

      1. doubt itll be that much, a netbook can run a simple windows 8 OS on ONE GB of RAM, and i doubt that MS will put a full blown version of Windows 8 on the XO, and the 360 runs on a single GB of RAM aswell.

  9. Hey alba! I don’t have acccess to my main computer right now and instead I’m using Notebook computer that uses Windws CE (the worst Windows ever!) and everytime I want to comment on the website I click the comment box and it won’t let me type anything in! I’m only able to comment thorugh my Gmail! So is there a how the posting comm ent thing works?

    1. That’s strange. You should be able to post a comment without connecting to your email. Try to see if posting a comment from a different browser works.

  10. I say this all the time. It’s the GAMES that matters the most, not the graphics. Although at the moment, the Wii U is suffering in that category. So they have nothing to fall back on. Hopefully that changes soon. Besides, whether the Wii U is less powerful or not, the graphics still look nice. They’ll never look like yesterday’s games anymore. So why do people make a big deal about that? As long as I get my first-party exclusives, I’m perfectly happy.

  11. Discussion that will probably take place between me and a friend sometime in the next few days:
    Me: “Did you hear about the Xbox One?”
    Friend: “Yeah!”
    Me: “Are you going to buy it?”
    Friend: “Of course! I’ll buy it the day it comes out!”
    Me: “How much does it cost?”
    Friend: “I don’t know.”
    Me: “What’s the difference between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One?”
    Friend: “Uhh… it’s got better graphics?”
    Me: “So you can’t play any of your Xbox 360 games and you’ll spend at least $300 on a console just because it has better graphics?”
    (friend walks away)

  12. The backwards capability is the thing killing the new consoles. hope they bring back ps-ps3 game on the play stating market that you can buy and download.

  13. Ps4 ram is 8 GB GDDR5
    XB1 ram is 8 GB DDR3

    Big difference.

    Also ps4 will get BC through patching via cloud based gaming services.

    1. Streaming old games compared to downloading them.
      That’s the one big mistake Sony made that’s keeping me from being an early adopter of the PS4.
      At this rate, I’ll be waiting until the middle of its second year of life to pick one up, because that’s how long it’ll take to have enough games to convince me to get it.
      I’d have gotten it sooner if I could have at least downloaded games I already own for PS3 onto it.[Native BC would have been best, even if it pushes the price higher]
      Streaming can kiss my ass.

  14. For me, it’s all about the games. It doesn’t matter how powerful a system is if it doesn’t have great games. We have seen seen it so many times that power is not the answer (DS vs PSP, for example).

    I am looking forward to having a PS4 and Wii U.

      1. Jelly Bean. I told you yesterday Nintendo and Sony stock shall rise today. It’s going to be Wii U and PS4 with games this generation. Cause comparably speaking Microsoft just dug a whole and hurried themselves. Still xbox lovers will pay for online services that are free else where. Why? Beats me.

        1. The only thing I liked about the Xbox (So far anyway) is the entertainment side of things. But where was the games? Like wow.

          1. Exactly 359 steps backwards and they were left with…1.

            Suddenly the Wii U doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

  15. The Wii U isnt blu ray. It uses Nintendo Optical Disc (NOD) devoloped by Nintendo and Panasonic. And it is a 25gb single layer disc…

  16. people I meet in real life who game honestly don’t care about specs. (and they are mostly Xbox gamers) I told them about the wii u, and they thought it was nice, one guy even said that he will get it once he sees smash and Zelda.
    The only people I see ( for me) that are concerned about next gen or not stuff are on the Internet.
    I really don’t care if the wii u isn’t next gen. I got it for the 1st parties, 3rd party exclusives n stuff. 3rd parties and multiplatform that aren’t on wii u? that’s what my PC is for. PS3 exclusives? That’s what I play at other peoples houses. They are excellent but I won’t get a PS3 this late into its cycle, even if it has many awsome games. XBOX exclusives? Boring (my opinion)

    1. One person I know is an XBOX gamer, and he told me that he’s not getting a Wii U because it’s more for family games instead of action. He also bashed the PS3 for no apparent reason.

    2. Get a PS2 at least, for the sake of Ar Tonelico 1 and 2, and the Atelier Iris and Mana Khemia game series’.
      They’re worth the purchase. I speak from experience.

  17. The specs for the Wii U is a bit saf compared to the others…aw well. As long as the games are good, then it doesn’t really matter that much

    1. YA!!!!!!
      Extracreditz are some of the smartest people I have ever seen on the internet. They speak for most gamers, barely biased, and aren’t fanboys of any console or pc.
      this video pretty much speaks my opinion.

    1. Microsoft said something about it being upgradable specs wise somehow. If that’s true, than that means there would be no need for an Xbox 4.
      Xbox One? More like Xbox DOne. (as in Microsoft being done In Making new consoles)

  18. There really is no excuse for the XBOX One not to have specs that blow the PS4 out of the water. Microsoft has more than enough money to absorb a MASSIVE financial loss. While it is only slightly less-powerful, it should be more powerful. And why does this thing need 3 OS?

  19. One fundamental mistake in the chart, or rather omission of important difference: The PS4 will have 8GB of blazing fast DDR5 RAM as opposed to the xbox1’s standard DDR3 RAM

  20. Is it me, or does the 1.84 TFLOPS thing for the ps4 sound a bit BS, as sony said before (when the ps3 was going to launch) that the ps3 was 1.8 TFLOPS.

  21. AHAH! Oh how quaint! The X-Box One looks like an oversized NES!XD
    And the name…….why? Just, WHY?XD
    Well, at least it’s powerful. That’s saying something, I guess……

  22. Looks like the Wii U is quite a bit behind, but I shall wait and see what developers can do with it before passing my final judgement. That being said, Nintendo really makes some enjoyable games, can’t forget that part.

  23. I don’t know about the PS4, but i feel most of the Xbox One’s RAM is going to the 3 OS’s (WHY DO YOU HAVE 3?!). Regardless, it’s as i expected, the other console will be more powerful, not by alot (long as devs dont get lazy), but it will be weaker, but it’s cheaper and has, or will, have a shit tons of exclusives.
    So just like it said, about i duno, 4 million times, it’s not a direct competitor, its a console for exclusives

  24. Don’t really care about graphics and power. Nice to have but game quality is a must. The one thing Wii u needs to work on is more great quality games. That will change this fall:)

  25. So basically buying a PS4 or an XBOX One depends completely on the brand of the machine, since apparently, they’re exactly the same thing, and with most of their support coming from non-exclusive third parties, they’ve effectively, and once again, split the hardcore market in half, really smart, except not.
    In the end, what pushed Wii towards success wasn’t the stuff you can compare to the other consoles like all Sonysoft fantards like to think, but what you can’t.
    By making two consoles that are pretty much the same (PS3 and 360), Sony and Microsoft split their market in two, vying for the attention of the same public, while that same public and many others also had an interest in Wii.
    You see, the problem here is that, what Sony’s consoles do, Microsoft’s do too and viceversa, so in the end it becomes a game of how many fans each company has, while Nintendo’s consoles are not even competing with them, Nintendo is in a completely different ground, and yes, pricing, accessibility and exclusive content are the splitting ground.
    What I mean by all this is that there’s a much higher chance that you’ll see a Wii U sharing a living room with either of these new consoles than to see it with both or see both without it, because Wii U is offering something different, even if the machine isn’t as fast or powerful, it is much more unique, it is offering an experience that belongs only to it, while buying PS4 and XBOX One is probably the biggest case of getting one for the price of two.

  26. ps4 or xbox having better spechs means nothing this time around. Its not a ps360-WII diference, so WIIU games will deliver outstanding grfx…Im good.

    1. It’s not just that, it’s simply that Sony and Microsoft are failing to understand that by being too similar they’re being forced to share the same market, while Nintendo distinguishes itself with it’s exclusive content.
      There’s not even a competition here, Nintendo is in a completely different ground and the only reason for Wii U’s slow start is that it focused on entering the SonySoft market by going “hardcore” instead of in creating a name of its own with it’s exclusivity.
      In the end the market is gonna continue like it did in the PS3/360/Wii time because Nintendo’s console is, again, cost effective and offering a completely unique experience, while PS4 and One are pretty much a case of buying one for the price of two.

  27. That’s a terrible chart. Why not put down the near usless information. Oh wait, that is exactly what is there. Also the information is skewed and misleading. Where was this dug up? Complete lack of information.

    1. It may be unimportant, but it is true and undeniable.
      But like I said, it doesn’t really matter, because Wii and PS2 were, markedly, the weakest consoles of their generations technically-wise and even so they ruled the market for years.
      And the true reason for their success wasn’t on how they stood up to their competitors, but on how they were different.
      With this, Microsoft is making the same mistake Sony did in the seventh generation, they’re replicating one another, splitting their market, while Nintendo is simply sitting in different ground.
      For instance, they may talk all they want about graphics, the next CoD that won’t be on Wii U because it is too demanding of the system is probably gonna be in both PS4 and One, like always, and no matter how pretty they look and how fast they run, they’re gonna be the same in each console, meaning you won’t have to buy more than one of them if you want to play it, meanwhile, if you want to play Zelda U or the next 3D Mario, you’re gonna require a Wii U and that’s the end of it, it doesn’t really help that Sony and Microsoft have failed to amass a wide base of IPs to ensure their individuality, they’re still perceiving most of the public’s interest through second and third parties.
      I bet you Sony and Microsoft are nearer to going SEGA than Nintendo despite Wii U’s poor launch, because this was a temporary occurrence that streamed from Nintendo competing with equal consoles in their ground, the second Wii U finds its footing in the very same place Wii and even GameCube stood, it’ll be unique enough to guarantee it’s perpetual existence.

      1. It’s only partially true actually. Comparing processor speed is irrelevant now days as clocks aren’t comparable on different processors anymore. Also the eDRAM being left out of the Wii U is essential information as the tiny bit is what kept the 360 comparable to the ps3 and likely will have a similar result with the Wii U. Also with the video card they are attempting to compare apples to oranges. The numbers they gave are from two different attributes from similar chips and thus missleading. That would be like saying one vehicle engine has 800 hp, but the other has 100 lbs of torque. Completely different and once again not comparable. Also stating that the Xbox One has 500gb of storage capacity on a standard mechanical hard drive as opposed to the admittedly vastly lesser amount given by the Wii U on the superior SSD (solid state drive) is also essential information they are leaving out. The read and write speeds on a SSD as opposed to a conventional mechanical HD are superior by a very large margin.

  28. It looks like the Xbox One and the PS4 are almost copies of each other and the Nintendo is a generation behind just like last time. This was stupid for Nintendo. No third party publisher is going to make multi platform game for them, no one is going to buy it except me who love Nintendo games.

    1. Read this:

      So basically buying a PS4 or an XBOX One depends completely on the brand of the machine, since apparently, they’re exactly the same thing, and with most of their support coming from non-exclusive third parties, they’ve effectively, and once again, split the hardcore market in half, really smart, except not.
      In the end, what pushed Wii towards success wasn’t the stuff you can compare to the other consoles like all Sonysoft fantards like to think, but what you can’t.
      By making two consoles that are pretty much the same (PS3 and 360), Sony and Microsoft split their market in two, vying for the attention of the same public, while that same public and many others also had an interest in Wii.
      You see, the problem here is that, what Sony’s consoles do, Microsoft’s do too and viceversa, so in the end it becomes a game of how many fans each company has, while Nintendo’s consoles are not even competing with them, Nintendo is in a completely different ground, and yes, pricing, accessibility and exclusive content are the splitting ground.
      What I mean by all this is that there’s a much higher chance that you’ll see a Wii U sharing a living room with either of these new consoles than to see it with both or see both without it, because Wii U is offering something different, even if the machine isn’t as fast or powerful, it is much more unique, it is offering an experience that belongs only to it, while buying PS4 and XBOX One is probably the biggest case of getting one for the price of two.

      And now tell me, exactly how is it that standing in different ground is a stupid idea? Isn’t putting yourself against two major competitors, IN THEIR SIDE OF THE FIELD, a stupid idea?

      1. It wouldn’t have been hard for Nintendo to have made the Wii U more powerful and closer to its competitors and gain 3rd party support and still differentiate itself. It was stupid not to make the Wii U more powerful than it did. It was the wrong move, just like going to optical drive but using mini-DVD for Gsmecube was a bad move. It was stupid not to make the Wii at least 720 HD back in 2007. I hope Nintendo can compensate with great games, but I am doubtful. During the Wii generation, Nintendo lost respect and fell behind industry standards. Nintendo is not capable of competing with everyone else, they struggle to make HD games. Nintendo can not make an open world game to compare to Red Dead Redemption. Nintendo can not make a game with the cinematic experience of Uncharted. Nintendo fell behind both artistically and technically.

        1. Despite what you seem to think , it is not very far behind what is offered from the other two companies. The main difference at this point that we know for certain is the RAM. The GPU’s are similarly capable as far as we know so far. Also the CPU’s aren’t comparable at this point as clock speeds don’t mean anything anymore.

        2. It would have just worsened sales.
          If companies like EA weren’t going to make original titles to draw people to the Wii U as it is now, despite being a step above the PS360 in some areas, then they wouldn’t have done it if the Wii U were as powerful as the PS4.
          All that extra power would have also meant they’d be taking out backwards compatibility.
          The Wii U’s launch line-up, also, was not stellar.

          Now, add all that up, then consider this; would you have even REMOTELY considered a Wii U, if it had the HUGE PRICE TAG THAT COMES WITH HIGHER POWER, on TOP of a semi-weak console launch?
          Do you think the console would have even gotten the sales it has NOW, in that instance, with butt-hurt companies like EA turning away from it due to the undoubtedly higher production costs that that tech alongside making stuff work with the game pad would have forced them to pay, to produce a new AAA title on the system?

          If you really think that higher power would have helped the Wii U sell better, then you’re not seeing things clearly.
          Yeah, the Wii U isn’t as powerful as SOME people would have liked, but I promise you that it is BY NO MEANS WEAK ENOUGH TO NOT RECOVER.
          Once its better games come out, it will pick up in sales.
          It has plenty of games that it can make better than Uncharted or Red Dead Redemption. It is in no way falling behind artistically, and the technical side is only something that bothers the lazy developers that only want to do lazy-ass ports.

          Don’t believe me?
          Go ahead; ask EA why they only made a port of ME3 when they not only had the opportunity to make the COLLECTION for the Wii U, but ALSO have had the opportunity, for some time, to create an entirely new AAA game for the system, yet have not done so.
          It’s because ports are easier, and it gives them a scape-goat to blame when their lack of effort produces lack-luster results.

          Wii U will be just damned fine.

        3. Well, when you consider that having a game filled with cutscenes and HD graphics is the pinnacle of the industry it’s hard to take a stance other than this: Style will never take over substance, Uncharted may be as cinematic as you want it to be, but A) I am not looking to watch a cinematic product, if I were, I would be buying Netflix, not a videogame, and B) Being cinematic didn’t save the latest installment of Uncharted of being universally panned, C) Cinematic is a very abstract term, anything that includes a cutscene may be considered cinematic, Little Big Planet 2 is very cinematic in comparison to the first one, Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess are incredibly cinematic if you compare them to Ocarina of Time 3D, so being cinematic isn’t really a narrow standing place, specially for a videogame.
          As wonderful as Uncharted may be, most content Playstation usually thrives on is non-exclusive, second and third party stuff, multiconsole games, which adds to my point, you seem to think I’m fanboying and giving typical responses to that, but I am not, I am simply speaking about a logical truth, if you have an exclusive people have to buy your console, if you don’t have an exclusive, there’s a chance they’ll rather go with the competition.
          And please look up the highest rated games of history, not only will you find much older games, from the 6th generation and before outperforming newer games, but you’ll find that the top two are Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2.
          Market speaks, not me.
          And please refrain from speaking art, you want art, let’s talk Michaelangelo, or at least true art direction, not slapping realistic graphics on a poorly constructed videogame.

    2. Wait, it’s “stupid” of Nintendo to differentiate themselves from the competition; which – in your words – are “copies” of each other?

      The last time that happened, I’m pretty sure Nintendo dominated the marketplace… correct me if I’m wrong.

      However, I DO worry about 3rd-party support for the Wii U… but hey, that’s nothing new.

    3. You’re are and idiot. These nearly identical systems offered by Sony and MS are essentially seriously underpowered pc’s that just hook up to your TV. If anything the Wii U is far beyond the other two with what is capable on the system and changing gameplay and potentially improving it. The other two are the same as they used to be with slightly better specifications, but will not improve games or gameplay in any way, shape or form.

    4. That’s a false idea. Plenty of companies will develop for the Wii U once Nintendo, all by themselves again, proves that they can make the system sell well.
      Ubisoft still holds faith in the platform, so does Platinum games, and Monolith Soft and Retro are both getting set to release some really fantastic titles that will launch the console into profitability like no one could ever have guessed.

    5. The Wii U is weaker then PS4/One but not in the same capacity as the Wii compared to PS3/360. The Wii couldn’t run any of the graphics engines that were used on most PS3/360 games, like Unreal Engine 3 for example. The difference this time, is that the Wii U can run all the graphics engines that PS4/One can. (EA’s claim about Frostbite 2-3 is crap, because they have those running on PS3/360, and the Wii U is more capable than them) Crytek has stated that Cry Engine 3 (which is on par or even better than Unreal 4 in some aspects) runs “beautifully” on the Wii U. Actual words.

      The Wii U’s GPGPU is actually quite powerful, when used properly. It’s CPU is weak, but the GPGPU is designed to do many of the functions normally placed onto the CPU. When a developer builds a game on the 360, and then ports it over to PS3 and Wii U for example, they are essentially trying to make those consoles run in the same way that is optimal for the 360. That’s why you see framerate issues on PS3 and even Wii U versions of those games in many cases, because the PS3 and especially Wii U, were not designed to run in the same style.

      Once we start to see games that have been built from scratch on the Wii U, as opposed to rushed 360 ports (games like Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed and NFS:MW show that the Wii U versions can be superior, especially NFS:MW, that game was a pretty solid improvement over the PS3/360 versions) The Wii U will show that it’s more than just a small step ahead of PS3/360. One good example is Watch Dogs. They haven’t even started making the PS3/360 versions of the game, yet the Wii U version is being made along with the PS4/One version. If the Wii U was a generation behind, wouldn’t they be making the Wii U version at the same time they are making the PS3/360 version, instead of using the tools for the PS4/One version?

      Go watch the video of Killzone on PS4. It’s pretty impressive. Nice explosion effects and graphics, and the draw distance is huge. Sony put a lot of effort into that clip, hard to say how early it is, or if it’s a game near completion that will be a launch title. That said, it’s a scripted shooter, that keeps you on a set path, and the visuals are all angular buildings and city scape.

      Then go look up the game “X” for Wii U. That game is Monolith Software’s first attempt at a game with HD visuals. It’s in it’s very early stages, and aside from the bad looking placeholder water’s edge, the game also looks impressive. It has huge draw distances like Killzone, but unlike Killzone, which is a scripted shooter with “tunnels” that keep you from exploring the entire world, “X” allows you to go anywhere as an open world game. Notice in the scene when he jumps into the mech and flies off. That’s more impressive overall if you realize that you can go anywhere you want on that map, and there is no pop up or draw in, and the scenery is quite detailed, with waterfalls and vegetation rendering.

      Maybe “X” won’t end up quite as pretty as Killzone. An open world game isn’t ever going to look quite as nice as a scripted shooter, because the amount of resources needed to run open world is more taxing than the shooter, so the shooter has better effects and crisper visuals. But the fact that the difference in graphics between a scripted PS4 game and a open world Wii U game are as small as they are, on top of the fact that Killzone is likely further along in development than “X” is, says a lot. You can’t look at Killzone and “X” and say the gap is the same as Killzone 3 and Xenoblade. Both sets of games were made by the same companies. One set on PS4/Wii U and the other on PS3/Wii. The Wii U is not a generation behind. It’s weaker, no denying that, but it’s not a whole generation behind like the Wii was compared to PS3/360. It’s just not so, and it can be proven.

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  30. man wat a lame name for the new Xbox, ‘XBOX One’ and people were griping about the Wii U XD, if anyones gonna lose this console war and dropout its Mirco$*** there so freakin bad and litterly craping & Pissing all over there own fans xD and the Name is the same as the original Xbox and just that they’re adding the one part to it, xD and it looks like a crappy Cable box, and you gotta pay for the game, pay for Crapbox Life xD, and you gotta pay a Fee to play the game after u insert the Disk xD,

    i Give MircoS*** the Worlds Greatest Golden Crap Award/Poo Award for creating the best Piece of Crap out of they’re own crap, Great job Microsoft you just had the Worlds Greatest Epic Fail and most likely your own buisness in the console buisness xD im never gonna stop laughing at this, and it basicly only plays mostly TV xD


    Nintendo and Sony left for the Console War Cup, XD lol.

  31. I feel like the PS4 specs get higher every time I look at them. I swore it was supposed to have a 1.6 TFLOP GPU, now it’s 1.8. Either way, I’m weary about believing Sony’s numbers just because they’ve inflated them in the past.

  32. Wii U uses proprietary discs; not Blu-Ray.

    Also, LOL at the ‘true’ next-gen consoles not having B/C.

  33. If Namco Bandai do not release a lot of Tales of Games for the ps4 I probably would buy a Wii U (must) and Ouya. Anyone has considered it as a multimedia entertainment system? It’s very cheap, does not plays blu-ray, but a bluray reader costs 60$, that’s cheaper than a kinect for the sightly nice part of Xbox One

    1. yeah the disks and drive are based on bluray
      nintendo isn’t gonna develop a whole new format just for a console^^

      even the GDROM used in the sega dreamcast was basically just an enhanced capacity CD

      the wii U isn’t able to play bluray movies however










  37. Xbox One is a total loser. I’ll buy PS4 and later Wii U when it is cheaper and have more games. Japanese consoles have great exclusive games.

  38. Microsoft engineer: “I figured a way to prevent RROD, lets make the leds form a square, instead of circle!”

  39. that table is pure fanboy they put next gen next to the ps4 and xbox gpu not the wiiu

    clearly its next gen idiots and only ps4 and xbox have off the shelf amd gpus

    wiius is completely custom IDIOTS





  40. NINTENDO has something massive! coming in the future. Mark my words.
    I am talking a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig flank maneuver that will catch MICROSOFT and SONY out of nowhere and leave them struggling to play catch up. MICROSOFT and SONY have fallen into NINTENDO’S secret plans/trap and their is nothing they can do about it.
    With MICROSOFT and SONY’S system reveals all ready in lift off mode the option of filling the holes to stop NINTENDO’S SECRET PLAN is a no go.This does not mean SONY or MICROSOFT will not return a profit but it does mean they will be fighting for second place once again.



  41. Don’t know how Wii U will do against PS4 but all i know is that it will do better than the shitty Xbox One Microsoft will be history at gaming.

  42. I couldn’t care less about RAM, GPU or stuff like that…however that does mean the Wii U will receive less third party supports meaning I’ll eventually have to get a PS4.
    However, one thing that I haven’t seen a lot of people mention is that the Wii U is the only system with backward compatibility…I mean c’mon that should be a big deal.

  43. What if your Xbox One breaks and you have a full library of games, does this mean you have to pay to play again? Lol. So now I know why the shit box has 500gigs because it forces the user to download a game. The Xbox One needs 500gigs more than Wii U needs 32gigs.

  44. Another question. It is obvious the Xbox One is going to cost a lot of money, does the kinect come as an option like Wii U’s sensor bar or standard? I don’t see a lot of hardcore gamers needing the Kinect. That’s just more technology for nothing. Oh yeah graphics don’t appear any better than Wii U’s.

  45. Wii U can manage external hard drives, so ps4 and xbox1 uses 500gb…no matter with any $90 2tb hardrive.

  46. So Micosoft took away the consumers freedom in playing games. Also because this system is so powerful I would not be surprised if consumers had to pay $80 a game. Why do I need a camera in my living room on my console?

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  48. I heard that the xbox one and the ps4 are going to be almost $900 each and cuz of the heating issues I had with the previous consoles and I’m going to stick with my wii u for a couple of years

  49. Everyone’s got their own preference.
    Some people only want a game station for downloading all the old games they used to have or remember playing when they were young.
    Some prefer getting a game station because it’s powerful (although, I find it does tend to hike up your power bills in the long run, even with the energy saver modes).
    Some like to have a game station that has everything (game station, internet, DVD/Blu-Ray player, etc.) in one “svelt” little package (it is cheaper to get the game station in this case, but even the fanciest systems have drawbacks to them).
    Some purely like having it for one purpose: playing games and kicking other opponent’s butts in multiplayer.
    I don’t really care about power or any of that other fancy-schmancy crap. I like to get game stations for the purpose intented: playing video games. If it only backtracks to one game station, it’s fine. I’ve got a previous version of it (heck, I still have my PS2, Gamecube and Wii and they still play games.)
    As for downloadable material, if I don’t want it, I don’t buy it.
    I honestly don’t like the XBOX 1. Having the friggin’ camera on you while your watching the tv or something like that just gives me friggin’ paranoia. There could be a friggin’ stranger looking at what I do on a daily basis or a stalker that manages to tap into the camera to be a peepin’ tom (trust me if someone was smart enough to hack the PS3 System, they could pry hack the XBOX system). I shudder at the thought of that.

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