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Best Buy Offers Exclusive Animal Crossing: New Leaf SpotPass Content


Nintendo 3DS title Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be released on June 9th. When you get a copy of the game, you can take it along with your Nintendo 3DS to a Best Buy store on certain days to receive exclusive in-game content, including a Racoon Wall-Clock, Cat Tower, Suitcase and Double Neck Guitar. All of the digital items offered can be placed in your house, can be downloaded once per player, and are available for a limited time.

Visit Nintendo Zone locations at participating Best Buy stores with your Nintendo 3DS and Animal Crossing: New Leaf game on the below dates to receive Animal Crossing: New Leaf SpotPass items!

Click here to find a Best Buy Nintendo Zone location near you.

  • June 16th to June 29th – RACCOON WALL-CLOCK
  • June 30th to July 13th – CAT TOWER
  • July 14th to July 27th – SUITCASE
  • July 28th to August 10th – DOUBLE NECK GUITAR


  1. Guess that partnership with Best Buy was more than just the E3 games after all. Great idea on Nintendo’s part considering how many people will go to Best Buy to try out the Wii U demos. Now if only Nintendo can be that consistent with their marketing.


      1. Or maybe the New series is just mediocre?
        Nobody legitimately complains about other franchises, and ones like Mario Party ect nobody cares about.


      2. yeah nintendo makes great games. thats why all the others like sony fags want them to go 3rd party. so they can play their games. thats where the whole point is where nintendo doesnt have enough good games on the system to buy for some people. where if they brought over all the other good games then that wouldnt be a problem. oh look now nintendo has enough good games on there console, simple as that.


    1. Yeah.
      I AM sick of the “New” Super Mario formula.
      3D Mario better change things up significantly, or Mario and I are through.

      Thais animal crossing game could be fun. I’m buying day one. Downloading. I don’t want to mess with a cartridge for s game I’ll be playing a little bit every day.

      I have a 16 gig SD card, and it’s FULL. Time to upgrade to a 32. (which is the 3DS max… Right? Anyone?)


      1. My comment Was a little harsh.
        I’ve played side-scrolling Mario for 25 years pretty much.
        I need something new.


      2. Doesn’t matter how “harsh” your comment was. No one is going to kill you for it. I agree with you though, I may be done with Mario if 3D Mario doesn’t bring anything new. 32gb is the max for the 3DS.


      3. Super Mario 3D Land is amazing and pretty different than the Side Scrolling format. It’s awesome.


    2. I loved NSMBU…..They havent made that many SMB sidescrollers. Compared to assasins creed or COD its not as bad. Miiverse integration, 2nd player mode on the gamepad, off tv play, HD graphics. There were some innovtions there. Funny vid though!


  2. Only at Best Buy? I have Nintendo Zones near me at a local McDonalds, but the closest Best Buy with Nintendo Zone is 20min


    1. You callin me fat?! I’ll have you know, I an 5’6 and I only weigh 140 pounds! I’m as lean as a premium steak! 💋


    2. That was a bit harsh mate, but yes I do agree with you about the Nintendo club rewards for us. I really want those mario kart trophies


  3. Funny how the atrocious xbox 1 has brought Nintendo and sony fans together. making them realize that ms was the parasite in the gaming industry. Imagine how wonderful it would be if only Sony and Nintendo are the two competing gaming companies. Games games and more games, ala N64, PSone era.


    1. You’re right my friend, however a large portion of the Sony Units were infected by the Xbot’s infectious abominations when the Xbox360 was released and thus the PS3 was the dawn of a heavily graphics oriented Sony era…

      I hope the Xbox One revelation was an eye opener for this same group so that they realise that innovative, original, fantasy filled and fun games are that matters, not power or visuals…

      Then we can enter a new war about who the best is instead of this dreadful cold war…


      1. Sony drones still don’t want to admit. They copy everything. Sony all stars, move etc. Off tv glitch filled psvita play ps3/ps4 lol.


  4. The Wii U is getting even more amazing. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate everyone. Buy that game if you have not, it is pure goodness.


  5. Microsoft’s xbox 1 or xbone fossil reveal has put Nintendo’s pre-e3 june 11 games reveal in a very wonderful place. Now Nintendo can like sony does show case games that are two years away and hungry consumers shall chew up all things games lol. WOW! Hallelujah! Who would have thought,

    Like Danzoog says, leave your luck to heaven. Heaven has thrown Nintendo a bone, an xbone third party lol.


  6. I went to a Best Buy Nintendo Zone and they looked at me like I was crazy, then I pulled out my copy I had printed out about it and they back tracked, but still did not now what I was talking about. How can you offer something and not know anything about it. The store had a Nintendo Zone location too. They just couldn’t figure it out when it wouldn’t work and told me it must be broke.


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