Monster Hunter 4 Announced For September 14 In Japan

Capcom has announced Monster Hunter 4 will be available in Japan this fall after it was shown in a Japanese Nintendo Direct this morning. The highly successful fantasy action franchise will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on September 14, priced at 5990 yen. To coincide with the release, a special edition 3DS and 3DS LL will be launched on the same day as well.

Monster Hunter 4 will bring back popular monsters from the series, as well as showcasing a whole host of new monsters. The use of weapons and their actions has been advanced, with two new additions to the roster, including souchuukan and a charge axe. Plus, if Japan weren’t luck enough, Capcom are even hosting a demo event at Aqua City in Odaiba tomorrow and Saturday. It’s still unknown whether Monster Hunter 4 will make it to the West, but in the meantime check out the trailer above.


    1. Agreed. I have been enjoying 3U on WiiU (my first MH game) for almost 300 hours now. Downgrading to the 3DS, without HD, without voice chat, would be lousy. I mean… that’s IF it got a western release.

  1. I’ll punch Capcom in the goddamn mouth if they don’t bring it to the US ;_; It looks like Dragon’s Dogma’s combat meets Monster Hunter’s customization. That’s like, my dream game right there.

  2. Means the price is about $60…
    So if its a success, means more games will follow this business model.
    If it doesn’t … then means no release for us over here :/

  3. I was hoping to see cleaner visuals and crisp textures. Sad to say but MH3U looks better if this trailer is it.

    1. For the thousandth time–it will look better at its native res on the 3DS screen.

      WHY is this so hard for people to grasp??

      1. I looooove the 3DS, but it’s definitely not high-rez enough. It’s not even high rez enough to display DS games full screen without blurring them. I mean, that’s ridiculous.

        1. Is ridiculous because you are stupid. If you dont know how resolution works dont cry about it.

          1. It’s stupid to try to be mean for no reason.

            I know how resolution works. There aren’t enough dots on the screen to display a DS game full screen on the 3DS without fudging it.

            1. Ok. So you don’t know how it works, so let me help you.

              You don’t get something for nothing. What I mean is, a lower res game displayed on a higher res screen will become more and more “pixelly.”

              The reason you DS games look worse on the 3DS, is because the DS game was developed at a lower resolution.

              The 3DS does not upscale the DS games (Adding resolution artificially) it just displays the game the way it was designed.

              The 3DS’ resolution isn’t the problem, the lower res of the DS game just wasn’t meant to be on a higher res screen.

              1. You just don’t get it.

                “it just displays the game the way it was designed.”

                No it doesn’t. Unless you hold down start or select to display the DS game in native resolution, it adds a blur interpolation filter. (But in native resolution it’s much smaller than full screen.) This is because the 3DS screen is not high rez enough to display it full screen without distorting the image.

                The problem is the resolution of the 3DS is not quite double the resolution of the DS screen. If it was, it could display the DS image full screen without distorting. Nintendo chose to apply a blur filter to mask the distorted image.

                Don’t mouth off about stuff you obviously don’t understand.

            2. Lol. There is a saying that goes like this: better to let people think you are stupid than open your mouth and confirm it.

              1. I’ll explain it as simply as I can.

                If the DS is 256 x 192 then the 3DS would have to be 512 x 384 to display the DS image full screen without distorting it. Because the 3DS is actually lower resolution than that, there’s no way to display a DS game full screen without distortion.

                1. Dude stop writhing already. You dont know what the heck you are talking about.hahahaha my sides.

                    1. I recomend some Google search about upscaled video resolution and low resolution playback on a higher resolution devices.

        2. Zorp I think you have the idea of resolution confused with something else, the DS resolution 256×192 and the 3DS is 400×240 (per eye). You can run the DS games in the original 256×192 resolution on the 3DS if you want, and that will maintain a sharper look instead of the upscaling. If you ever try running a PC game in 720p on a 1080p monitor you will get the same kind of ‘blurring’.

          1. No, I’m not confused. If the DS is 256 x 192 then the 3DS would have to be 512 x 384 to display the image without distorting it. Because it is smaller than that, Nintendo has a choice of either letting the original pixels look distorted or running a blur filter over it. They chose applying the blur filter.

            1. I mean it would have to be 512 x 384 to display the image FULL SCREEN without distorting it. Obviously it can play at DS game full resolution if it’s displayed smaller than full screen (by holding down start or select during start up).

                1. You can test it yourself in photoshop. I did. Take a 256 x 192 pixel image and upscale it to 512 x 384 (using the “nearest neighbor” setting, so that it doesn’t blur). There will be zero distortion of any kind. It will look pixel perfect.

                  Try it, you’ll see that I’m exactly right.

    1. dont say that. :D the vita is an awesome handheld i want one myself. though i wanted a 3ds more so i chose the 3ds. :D but if i can i would buy the vita. :D

      1. hmmmmm, maybe but picture bowser, hes huge and it would be funny!!!!! he would seem more likely since his moves could fit in the game.

  4. game play looks awesome, hope the wii u gets its own new mh game, not a port, with the same style game play, have a feeling this one came out first because handhelds are HUGE in japan

  5. I thought Japan was getting MH4 in like June-August…Great West wont get MH4 this year after all.

  6. HOLY FUCK SHIT! ALso can u guys stop bitching about the graphics, who dafuq cares? its mh fuckin 4 ok?

  7. this needs to come to wii u and if nintendo was smart they would have it released in the west first on wii u for a month, that would boost consoles a lot and it also having cross play.

  8. I bought Monster Hunter 3 on both Wii U and 3DS, so I could play with my son. If they do the same sort of thing with the western release of Monster Hunter 4, I’ll be buying two copies of that as well.

  9. It looks like a blast, but the visuals look dreadful… It almost looks like a step down from the PSP games.

  10. Monster Hunter 4 has larger environments than previous games have had in the past with new kinds of game play elements.

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