Reggie’s E3 Welcome Video

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has posted a E3 welcome video on the the company’s official Youtube channel. Reggie details when the Nintendo Direct will take place and promises to have plenty of footage of the latest Nintendo games and developer interviews posted on Youtube. The E3 Nintendo Direct takes place on June 11th at 7am PT and 3pm BST.

Here’s the schedule:

June 11th

  • 7:00AM PT: Nintendo Direct
  • 12:00PM PT: Dev Interview Vids
  • 1:00PM PT: Wii U software Showcase Recap Video
  • 7:00PM PT: Day One Wrap Video

Thanks, KloudKoopa and N-Dub Nation


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  1. Easter egg on the shelf at 0:35. Oh Nintendo you never cease to keep a smile on my face :)

    1. No, this just happens to be a coincidence. You don’t actually both have the same mario statue and 3DS. You just both each own one of these products.

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  2. What time is the microsoft conference on the 10th? We need a good laugh, I feel Taylor swift might appear.

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    1. No tripping, Ridley and Krystal as playable characters and Samus’ speed is enhanced to make her quicker. <All I ask. 💋

  3. yawn, im just sick of reggie, and noa…… such a bad job. all the great games left behind, droughts of no games. will they repeat their mistakes…… if they dont i wont hate them.

  4. June 11th is going to be such a great day and luckily it’s only five days away. Well next week is going to be great for me because Tuesday it’s Nintendo’s big E3 direct and all the good stuff afterwards, Wednesday I’m going to Best Buy to play the demos and then go see some of my fave bands JoyFormidable and SilverSunPickups, Thursday I’m going to the midnight premiere of the Man of Steel, and Saturday I’m going with a group of friends to Best Buy to play the demos and then hopefully go on a date to go see Now You See Me. Oh and there might also be a lot of shopping for comic books along the week too. Chya!

  5. oh boy! this is so psyche! Uncle Reggie is teasing us! where’s Nintendo Commander?! he should be on here during the E3 Nintendo Direct!

  6. Darn, too early for me. I’ll have to see what happened and what was announced after it’s over.

    I WANT THAT ASH & PIKACHU FIGURE in the background. Every time I see that, I want it!

  7. If they can’t bring it this year, then I’m gone. The same empty hype for the last two years without a good payoff has been more grating than it should have been. I honestly don’t even have a problem with what they show during their E3-related events; it’s the hype behind them that’s what ticks me off, because that hype never pays off into something that really was incredibly, mindblowingly awesome. Maybe it’s my fault for believing too damn much that they really will bring out the next Metroid game or the next 3D Mario game or whatever for the last two E3s, but it’s not like they never gave me a reason not to believe that. Now, I know they’ve got Mario Kart, the two Zeldas, the next Mario game, maybe a couple of third party games, Smash Bros, and very possibly a Metroid game. That is all fine and good and I pray that they’ll deliver with those games and not stupify them into condescending, dumbed-down games. That is all fine and good. But the one thing that I absolutely need to completely cement rock-solid my loyalty to Nintendo is a new Metroid (a good one — I can’t even believe I have to clarify this). Whether by hint or by even gameplay footage (I can only pray for such a thing), anything that screams Metroid will never have me turn my back again. If they can deliver on the other games I mentioned, that is all well and good. But Metroid? The best icing on the cake, at least for now. Bring it!

  8. So…for those of us who are actually going to be at E3 where can we watch the video….or…find Nintendo? I don’t understand how this is going to work.

    “We’re going to be at E3 but we will be releasing videos of our news.”

    Can’t….comprehend….this….. lol

    P.S. 7:00AM!? come on, mannnnnnnnn

  9. reggie doesnt even care about you or good games, its funny how he tries to act excited!!!! look at his track record and how bad he is at video games, if your going to work at a video game company you might as well fucking like to play them.
    he looks like he never even played mario kart in his life.

      1. no he sucks, he might be good as a speaker and thats it. everything else he has done or does is horrible. he guy from europe is the good one.

  10. That was totally rehearsed… No chance for Reggie to say something awesome when he does that….

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