Nintendo Opens E3 2013 Miiverse Community


Nintendo has opened a Miiverse community for this year’s E3. Via the online community, Nintendo is asking fans to discuss anything and everything related to Nintendo announcements and occurrences at E3 2013. The community can be accessed on Wii U’s Miiverse application and via browsers by clicking here. Wherever Miiverse is accessible, users can type comments; however, if you want to draw posts and share them with others, you must use Wii U’s Miiverse app.


      1. I have a big family. WiiUs aren’t exactly something you can’t get any day in a family of 9. Food, power, water, internet, ect. We’d have to devote the rest of our extra money to getting a WiiU, and we have priorities. So It’s gonna take a while.

  1. I like how Nintendo is trying to be closer to the community this generation with Miiverse, Nintendo Directs and whatnot. :)

  2. Miiverse is such a great feature. Now all I need are some god damn games to play and I’ll be in business.

    1. ] thats to bad…… where is nintedward when you need him, i just cant think of those games coming out!!!!! dang well your out of luck hahahahaha

      1. Not completely out of luck, I do have a 3DS. Donkey Kong is holding me over for now. Then i’ll play the Zelda Oracle games.

  3. I think it’s awesome that they’re doing this! It would have been better if the E3 Nintendo Direct was streamed live on Miiverse! But I can’t afford a Wii U so…

  4. We need to tell nintendo to post games games and games. No Nintendo land nonsense this year. No Discussing wii U features. Please Please please no Nintendo of America tree house presenters. They get on my nerves. I want Iwata, Reggie, Aonuma, Miyamoto.

      1. Yes Sakurai as well. You are agree with me that that nintendo of america tree house mess should be left for conferences like GDC. Where people are not speaking of house bizzare and peter panny it sounds? Games games games.

  5. do you know what i want!!!!!! some fucking games this time!!!! no more stupid reggie and noa, no more droughts of no games!!!!!! localize all the fucking games you have that are good!!!!! that means all those games NOA that you didnt localize last gen, should fucking get released this time, instead of having YOUR FANS have nothing to play!!!!!!

    1. Don’t really care about those japanese games myself, but yeah they should localize them for the people who do. I’m pretty sure Monolith’s game is coming, considering they showed it in the American direct and all.

      1. noa learned their lesson on monolith soft. yeah i mean nintendos library could have so many more great exclusives if they just brought them over. fatal frame, is just one of the many that has been retardedly not brought over. if it was on a sony console, i guarantee it would have been released in the west. thats the thing that pisses me off about nintendo, they act like a mario and zelda, is good enough for the whole generation, when there home consoles get huge droughts of no games because of this.

  6. To anyone who reads this, hear me out:
    It’s time to let Nintendo know what we expect of them going forward.

    It’s time to use this particular community on Miiverse to let Nintendo know that we do NOT want the kinds of things that X-Box One is doing, on any future Nintendo consoles.

    No DRM, no constant online, no restrictions on used games, no complete abandonment of backwards compatibility.

    Nintendo is, so far, the only company that is 100% confirmed to not force any of these things on consumers.

    Even if it means losing the support of big-name third parties that support such changes for the sake of their own bottom line, we CANNOT let Nintendo get it into their heads that they need third parties enough to follow these faulty philosophies.

    The Wii U won’t be their last console. Let’s make sure that their next one also does things right.

    I encourage you to spread this message using your own words on Miiverse and where-ever else you can.

    1. Eric you are correct. Now I can’t afford a Wii U right now so I can’t do this. But I encourage all you Wii U owners to take this chance to tell Nintendo that we don’t want DRM on any of their future systems. Thanks to Microsoft, DRM is really getting supported by 3rd parties and this might force Nintendo to use DRM. We can’t let that happen! We must do whatever we can to prevent DRM!

      1. hopefully stupid shitbox sheep dont eat it up and also sonydrones dont respond positive either, like not support it and have all sony games not use drm. then microsoft will crumble and die.

              1. hhmmmm yeah i would say that their pretty stupid, like all they play is the most dull shitty games like cod, minecraft. still waiting for banjo threeie, conkers other bad day, donkey kong racing and more!!!! FUCK YOU MICROSOFT YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!

                  1. they sorta did in a way, they remade it, and happened to make it worse, with censoring everything, taking some gameplay parts out, and scraping the multiplayer. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT, HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO FUCK UP A REMAKE!!!!!!!! aahhhhhhhhhhh. i want to give my self a facepalm but its not even worth it. if i do ill have a bruce.

                    1. Oh I had no idea they remade it! I’m surprised they censored everything knowing how Microsoft is a more “mature” company.

  7. i still dont see the appeal of miiverse. too many ittle kids there. or people with really nothing of value to say. its all abit too cluttered for me, whats the incentive to dig through all the comments?

    1. Depends on which comments you follow, but there’s quite a bit of decent art and most of the people there are really good about dispensing help whenever you ask a question about a game.
      I won’t deny that it needs work, though…

    2. That’s just a generalization. There is lots of interesting , clever , funny and artistic people on Miiverse. There is barely any kids on miiverse right now actually. It’s mostly more older , early adopters.

  8. Can you reach out to Nintendo via Miiverse like this community? Everyone should doodle and request their favorite characters they want to see in Smash Bros.


    1. Well, someone on Twitter hates when people do stuff like that. I won’t mention any names, though…

  9. I wonder if the few Sonyan Leaders that have a Wii U and are on Miiverse will observe our people’s joy and celebration next week…

    And they will potentially realise that everything that matters is fun and games, not multimedia useless features that most of us already have apart…

  10. Eurogamer has spoken out against microsoft’s nonsense. Mynintendonews, tell us tomorrow when Nintendo stock rises again.

  11. I am away from my Wii U right now. In case Nintendo is reading, I want a plat former adventure game like a 3D Mario/Banjo-Kazooie. I want to collect items and explorer all the platforms and exit when I want. I want that back. But this time with the new experience with the GamePad. Take your time making it. After all N64 released in 1996 while Banjo arrived in 1998.

    1. Well, if they are ready to release a playable demo of it, it will probably be released late 2013-early 2014.

    2. Look up the Hat In Time kick starter, it is a game that looks like Windwaker, plays like Mario, and is a collectathon like Banjo. It is coming to steam and they are trying to get it on wiiu.

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