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Pikmin 3 Japanese Website Video Compilation

The official Japanese Pikmin 3 website is now live and it includes a number of adorable clips showing the Pikmin in action. Thankfully, Neogaf user Hero of Legend has put together a compilation of all the new video footage that is shown on the website. Pikmin 3 will launch in North America on August 4th, and a few days earlier on July 26th in Europe.

Thanks, Aksel

43 thoughts on “Pikmin 3 Japanese Website Video Compilation”

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    1. On neogaf someone finally posted some truth. Saying some silly western third parties are shunning the Nintendo Wii U, because Nintendo refuses for electrons and other minions to put DRM on games coming to the Wii U. Yet other morons on the gaf cannot see this. What is your take commander?

      1. Nintendo Commander

        I believe that these Neogafs ar ebeing manipulated/threatened by the Xbots and some Sonyans to our our empire in a bad spot…

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          1. We Macgyvered a Victory for the Wii U, even without hearing our opening theme song. There is a great Caring Humble force watching over us and Nintendo and it’s families of gamers that even we cannot see. This weekend cannot pass fast enough.

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      1. X-files. Your words are on point, no truer words shall be stated by anyone on this site today. Season 1 and 2 are the best.

    1. I dont know…I have only ever seen people say I have been a long time Xbox fan but looks like PS4 for me, or This is shit, PS4 for me. I havent seen ANYONE even mention Nintendo or wanting a Wii U…Just lots of rage at the Xbox One and getting a PS4 instead. I had to make an account just to comment and say guess im in the minority, im sticking with my Wii U…

  3. ROCK pikmin FOR THE WIN. I shall have them and purple ones enmasse in my group. Also the freaky flying ones.

  4. Now people on IGN are saying Nintendo will come in second at E3 even without a conference. On the contraire IGN monfrer. Nintendo showcases their Directs a day after both microsoft and Sony’s conference. All Nintendo needs to win are two games, just two games. 3D Mario and Mario Kart U. The Retro game and Miyamoto’s new IP would only be extra cake.

    1. Nintendo Commander

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        1. Nintendo Commander

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    1. Nintendo Commander

      Hmmm that’s the disturbing side-effects of the Xbot declination…

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      1. The are also saying they are going Nintendo because the like how the new Zelda looks. They are calling it NinendSonyan Revolution hahahahahahahahahahaha. Only if sony does not go DRM they say.

        1. The only thing I wish Pikmin 3 had was online. The multiplayer only sucks because my friends do not play Pikmin as much. Therefore I win every time. Playing someone as good as I am would challenge me. Hell who knows Nintendo may have changed it to have online. If so, it could explain the delay.

          1. Its like when my friends get introduced to Pikmin, I first have to let them play the adventure mode for a while. Then we would play the challenge mode, but I would either lose on purpose so that my opponent does not quit or win again. This game needs online because it is different. I almost wish it was rated Mature. Just because it is colorful does not mean a 5 year old can handle Pikmin.

  8. Finally a game i can get satisfaction from not loosing or loosing all my controlled friends. Sorry Pikmen some body gotta die tonight.

  9. When I originally commented I seem to have
    clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox
    and from now on each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.
    There has to be a means you are able to remove me from that service?

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