Geoff Keighley Twitter Teases Followers Over ‘Big E3 Debut’

e3As E3 gets closer, so does the amount of teasing from game developers, publishers and journalists. In among the fray is Game Trailers presenter and journalist Geoff Keighley, who has recently been spotted over Twitter teasing followers and fans over a ‘big E3 debut’, and it’s something special for sure. Here’s his tweet in full:

Saw something truly incredible last night that will be a big E3 debut. Even with all the DRM drama, next week will deliver some GREAT games. – Geoff Keighley


    1. No really though, who is this guy?? And what u think he is talking about the xbone

    1. I hate biased jurnalist they ruining the industry more than the suposed used games. I was so excited about maybe seeing killer instinct… that has gone now. Any exclusive xbox one game is goin to be a blind shit to the air.

    2. It’s also Geoff Keighley, so it’s probably not that amazing at all, it’ll either be some shooter, some underwhelming game that looks way too similar like other games, or a Doritos game.

  1. Meh.
    He said the same thing about Star Wars 1313 and that just looks like Mass Effect, so i’ll hold my breath

  2. This is hardly relevant to a Nintendo.

    A. Geoff Keighley is known for publicly trolling Nintendo

    B. Since he mentioned DRM it certainly has nothing to do with Nintendo.

  3. play great game u spend 80$ on while using kinect and always on line play littered with micro transactions to get full experience… day one purchase.

    1. Dont forget 40$ for the monthly internet circes on xbox and the xbox live subscribtion.

  4. This fool can promote the Xbone untill it’s Done very shortly there after…

  5. I don’t think games are gonna matter for the console that much, theres just so much fundamentally wrong with it that i don’t think any amount of games good or otherwise are gonna make it appealing. Only way theyre gonna fix the xbox one is to take a hit and redesign it, or take an even bigger hit and release it to barely anyone sales.

  6. Maybe he is talking about Retros…game…then he meant it was good to see something incredible instead of the DRM drama? Doubt it but I dont know.

      1. that explains everything, only a microsoft fan could have such a dull way of communicating, your mom, your mom, your boring and dull just like microsoft!!!!!!

  7. Well, the games won’t be able to change my mind, a DRM console is a no buy for me, I don’t care if you show off Halo 5 and its amazing. I want to play the game, but I rarely have connection to the internet. 1 cord is shared between all devices in my family. So since you had to alienate us, you won’t mind not getting my money, my friends money, their friends money, and all of the rest of the people. Convinced not to get your piece of shit, always online, kinect required, no used game crap system. How can you make two amazing consoles, and somehow manage to fuck up the third?! What is this? A joke?! Don’t expect. m to be merciful, you get in my way of playing Halo, I will fuck you up, expect a LOT of people NOT buying your console.

  8. That could be fucking anything. And this isn’t even a “not Nintendo news” complaint; Geoff Keighley is such a master of empty hype that he might as well be hyping gum wrapper.

    1. Exactly. He gets excited over the lamest stuff. Could be a bag of baby shit and he’ll like he saw gods vagina or something.

  9. Geoff does this every year. And its NEVER surprising or amazing. I’m literally setting my expectations to -2. Especially if its an Xbone exclusive. Fuck MS.

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