E3 2013: SEGA’s Lineup Announced

sonicthehedgehogSEGA has officially announced what games they will be bringing to next week’s E3 event, and of course that means Sonic Lost World will make an appearance. Unfortunately, it is the only exclusive Wii U and 3DS title that will be on show, but hey we love the blue hedgehog and look forward to seeing more action from him. Here’s the games you can expect to see from SEGA:

  • Sonic Lost World
  • Castle of Illusion
  • Company of Heroes 2
  • Total War: Rome II
  • The Cave


  1. I’m interested in Rome Total War 2…

    And Sonic Lost World obviously…

    1. They look amaizing i still need to get project x zone before i start saving to get a wiiu :(

    2. I was quite impressed with the graphics and full 3D levels of the 3DS version. Although controlling it didn’t look quite as good as I’d like. Hopefully the person playing it just kinda sucked. But it looked like the world rotated a bit too easily/soon.

      Was also impressed by footage of the Wii U version. Level design looks very nice. Well done Sega, I am officially willing to believe you’ve made a decent Sonic game.

    3. yeh , HYPED. They seem to of pushed the 3ds to its limits graphically , looked amazing. The wiiu one looks really awesome as well , loving the new features and gameplay. Very Galaxy-esque also ^_^

  2. The Cave?

    As in, that little downloadable game that came out months ago? Why on earth would that be at E3?

      1. Sega doesnt have the money to get back into the console market. Spectrum is 1 of 2 things. A new Game Engine or a new Dev Studio from Sega.

  3. A petition against DRM on xboxone and probably sony has been started at change org lol. Nintendo this is your time. People take to MiiVerse to let Nintendo know. It is all about games and not that silly nintendo tree house nonsense.

    1. Agreed, we have to make sure the holy N never gets corrupted and stays pure and true to gaming…

  4. Everyone go over to IGN and see the storm that microsoft has brought on themselves lol.

  5. Hey guys there’s some gameplay of Sonic Lost World on IGN’s Youtube channel! It’s gameplay of both the 3DS version(whch looks epic by the way) and the Wii U version!(which looks very awesome!)

  6. They better tell us about the other 3 Sega published Wii U projects other than Mario & Sonic, Sonic Lost Worlds, Yakuza 1 & 2 HD, and the rumored Sonic & Sega All Stars game.

  7. The new footage of Sonic Lost World really looks impressive. However the quality of this video is horrible.

  8. You think Castle of Illusion will make it on Wii U eshop??? I hope so!!! It is a great fit! It reminds me of Ducktales! 💋

    1. But that will kill the Total War series. PC gamers wouldn’t be happy if that happened.

  9. I was kind of hoping for Yakuza 1&2 HD to be announced for the west but oh well maybe in time. This is somewhat a disappointing list but I will definitely be getting Sonic Lost World. Probably both versions.

  10. Its a good thing Sega is showing Sonic Lost World at E3 cause that means the Sonic fans will have to buy a Wii U or 3DS for it and that would boost sales (well at least for Wii U)

  11. Thanks for this post! Can’t wait for Sonic Lost World. I LOVE my Wii U!
    Also, if you scroll down really quickly it looks like all the profile pics are dancing… Just thought I’d share that. 0_o

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