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Is Mew Hidden In Pokemon X And Y?


New reports are suggesting that the infamous psychic Pokemon Mew is hidden somewhere in Pokemon X & Y. It seems as though Twitter user Smea has uploaded a picture of Mew as a level four Pokemon in the new game, however, Mew’s existence in the game has remained unconfirmed everywhere else. Evidence suggests that the image may be real, however, as the same individual is responsible for hacking into Pokemon X & Y and finding files that reveal other Pokemon, namely Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa. Has anyone else out there located Mew? Do you believe this image is real, or a hoax? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I think he just hacked it in. Just like the Hoopa and others thing. The Levels don’t mean a thing

    1. Hoopa is actually a pokemon in the game. It is in the files, but it wasn’t put to a specific location. Same for the others. You can’t get these without hacking. Several hackers have confirmed these three pokemon.

      1. Thank GOD, someone on here that has sence! Please, don’t go down to the bottom because there are some *cough* Speceal *cough* people down there that don’t even know Mewtwo from mew… It’s sad, really.

      2. The comma before the “and” isn’t actually necessary, retard.

      3. I need to find mew so if anyone knows how to get him pls tell me

        (Btw friend code is :4656-7834-6533)

        Thanks to the people who tell me ( if there is any)

      4. I think your best bet is to change your ingame profile caption to “Trade me a Mew!?” and hope a random passerby has one (that they would give you) or find a nice Japanese player willing to give away an event Mew. Random passerby worked for me…. though it did take a while.

      5. If you have a Mew, I would like to have it because I killed Mewtwo on accident.My friend code is EK2E930125

      6. Actually if you faint it, it will come back after defeating the eleite four. Same with zygarde

      7. Say WHAT I THOUGHT YOU COULD GET ANY sorry… i thought All legendaries were able to come back after defeating elite four sorry if im wrong it worked in pokemon black although might have changed

      8. Yes it does mewtwo is created from mews genes it says in the pokedex

      9. Actually it doesn’t mewtwo was created from the genes of mew but they are two separate pokemon . Mew is so rare you can only have gotten it from a special download in japan so even if you capture mewtwo it will not change the fact that there are only a few ways to get mew to be brutally honest get an action replay and an older game go on the computer either get a code for mew or create one with exact stats as the download one and in theory it should be able to make it through the bank I have a few pokemon like that they just have to be legit. Legit moves legit nature and abilities and level and it will be accepted

      10. You say you can only get it with a japanese event.
        But, it can also be obtained in Pokemon Emerald version with an Old Sea Chart, which can be gotten through an American Event.

      11. Dont worry if you killed mewtwo you can revive it by beting the champion then you can batyle him again and capture it and its beter yo use false swipe to lower its HP up to 1

      12. Save the game also before battling it so if you do kill it you can restart the game where you saved it at.

      13. I know how you feel. I received a Sylveon from my friend and raised it to level 100 early on. R.I.P. Mewtwo. :P

      14. if anyone could give me a mew i would be the happiest guy ever – Friend code: 2938-8648-4734

      15. If you kill mewtwo, just close the game without saving. That’s what I did. I now have a great lvl 100 mewtwo and im proud of it. (Though that mewtwo isnt the one i causght, i traded that for something which i forgot. The one i have now i gave a nidoking for.)

      16. please trade me one if you can. My friend code is 4613-8292-9699

      17. Can you help me with mew. I’m a beginner and really want one. . My code is 2809-9608-4603

      18. My friend code is 0791-2070-9781 pleeeeeaaaase add me

      19. Cool this will be awesome my poke character name is Arwen will trade you a awesome Pokemon but wait I have to breed my yvetal for it to work;)

      20. U need to have pokemkn bank registers and black version 1 or 2 also white can work just check YouTube

      21. Hey man if u have diamond and transfer 1000 pkmn to Pokemon. Ranch the Wii ware game the girl will trade u a new and u can transfer it to x and y. I know this sounds dumb but its real check bulbapedia

      1. its not in any part of the game, if your friend has a mew, he probaly used pokemon bank the day it came out before they took it down. like my friends have zekrom, ho oh, and victini. so ya, ….just that… or he hacked it. or an action replay. if not, if he really did find it in the forest, please tell us, the world, HOW and WHERE SPECIFICALY he found it, thank you. gosh i type a lot.

      2. Actually rayquaza can be sent to the pokebank. I created one and sent it to my Black 2. And then I poketransfere it to x. But the others you mentioned, you were correct. Would you like one I can transfer it to you.

      3. I want a mew!!! Can anybody plz help me im on y can u give me one plz my fc is 3668-7915-8437

      4. It is easy to get raquazza in hg ss just get kyogar and groudon then get some orb and at some cave raquazza should be there

      5. can i please have a jirachi or shaymin? my friend code is 5043-1498-3882 thank you so much!!!

      6. That’s not all true, I got my Jirachi and my Shiny Rayquaza through the PokeBank.

      7. actually i have celebi, rayquaza and jirachi though pokebank, but then again, there all legit catches, so why wouldnt they, but i also have a mew traded from my pokemon firered with the legit event catch, but it wont trde, other 3 did though.

      8. I’ve gotten my jirachi, celebi, and rayquaza through pokebank. It does let you.

      9. mew you can get from my pokemon ranch, onto diamond and pearl, to b&W to pokebank, celebi was given by pokebank, rayquaza and jirachi you can transfer to d&p, to B&W to pokebank ^-^

      10. You can get Rayquazza I have a level 100 That transfers to bank and online

      11. you can get rayquiza though i had a shiny 1 in emerald and it went though to my pokemon y and my jirachi did also and celebi can go though

      12. I agree with Matthew when a new Pokemon type is released in a new Pokemon game you can’t trade with the games that don’t have that type I tried with white and y I couldn’t trade pikachew Pokemon x for dewott white

      13. Mmhmm… Yea, sure it is. Now, keep telling your-self that on the way back to your Padded Sell…. Shh… Go back to your padded sell, now…

      14. Sarcasm, alert, cell, yourself. And why is “Padded Sell” [SIC] capitalized? Your grasp of spelling is really poor. Go back to school.

      15. If you have a Mew, I would like to have it because I killed Mewtwo on accident.My friend code is LNA-CTR-EK2E-USA

      16. Lol I caught mewtwo in the green with a ultra ball no status effects and you killed it. To respawn it beat the league again

      17. Hack face, you can’t get mew in pokemon x and y unless you hack, wonder trade or get through passerby or pokebank

      18. It is a lie about it being in the forest…..They are Event or Poke bank…..Spent Hours looking in forest…nothing there but pikachu.

      19. It’s BS they hacked it if they did. You can get it from trading…mainly shiny, for one. I accumulated 20 then traded most off for better things than what I traded for. That and I traded my master ball for 3 shiny ones.

      20. Is it really in santalune forest or are you making that up to make us believe you

      21. I have a lvl 100 Shiny mew, lvl 100 normal Mew and want to trade my Darkrai, lvl 99 mew2, and 2 others I have for another normal mew…But I found out you can transfer from other games….The problem with that is I have not played a pokemon game since yellow….Some people are willing to trade you but you must have Genesect , Archeus<–?, and some willing to trade for a shiny ditto or eve…….Good luck

      22. I don’t have too much of anything left to trade. Only a few normals I have and a few mew2. The 11 mews I have left are for my team when I get all the tms and can give the the right moves. I’m sure someone has something worth trading for. I have shiny eevee.

      23. Dang dude calm down. I dont have mew yet but hey if its in Santalune forest then I’ll do my best to find it.

      24. It is true…..Someone traded me a Blue Shiny MEW for a lvl 15 SNORLAX!!!! Has red star below name. Don’t know why they traded me but I am not complaining. I will try to get a Youtube up of it soon. There is hope because I don’t know how they got it but they are around. My name is Aaron, from US and play X. If you want to see it I will show in trade or battle.

      25. So did your friend hack into his game if not please tell me how to get mew I want one bad :3

    2. hoopa and the others are going to be in an update also more vilvion patterns, arceaceus fairy plate, and i think mew is in the upadate im not sure about the mew

    3. no he is right my friend had a japanese mew for trade she wannted shaymin i didnt belive her but i do now

    4. there is a mew! I just fighted against someone with a mew! look up my battle video, look for the player wyatt!

      1. Uh, Mew existed when the first Gen came out! Of course they would have found Mew, because it already was in the games before. As for it being in Santalune Forest, I don’t know.

    5. you don’t know everything hooper and Volcanion is it are true but they might be like what you had to do for shaymin darkrai and Arceus and the only one that will or may be first would be Diancie and i was givin a mew as well.

    6. My best friend found mew when i went to her sleep over in May so mew is real even mewtwo he will be in the unknown dungoen in pokemon village after you beat the champion! Mew is amazing my friend is a good trainer it’s almost at 100 good luck finding mew ( check santalune forest) <- spelling GOOD LUCK!!!!;) :)

  2. There all in there hidden lol. I wish we couldnt transfer them from thr old games with pokemon bank in december. I know those hacked pokemon will transfer over

      1. Pokemaster how r u gonna send plz tell me I can’t bear to loose mah arceus I need heeeeeelp plz

      1. That doesn’t mean Mew could officially be available at that level.

        Besides, you can’t get Pokemon from red/blue/green into X and Y even when Pokemon Bank’s released.

      2. Yes you can get pokemon from red/green/blue to X and Y. It is an annoying hassle because you have to transport to gen 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, and finally six! I have so many of my old pokemon on black just waiting for X and Y!

      3. No you can’t. The codes were changed between gen 2 and 3 so you cannot bring your mew from gen 1 up that way

      4. maybe if you breed mewtwo and ditto you’ll get mew who knows but that picture is hacked you wouldn’t find a legendary at lv.4 IT DOESN’T MAKE SENCE!

      5. I found palkia level 5 4. And 3 yeah it’s true you can’t breed legendaries but go to gts and type in palkia you’ll find those numbers even giratina I feel bad for you’ll find the same :( poor legendaries being made into a joke

      6. you can move pokemon from all the gameboy games to a sinnoh region game, then transport to black or black two, and then you can get your old pokemon in XY

      7. you can get a mew egg from pokemon ranch if you beat the game. It will be level 1 when you hatch it like all eggs.

      8. How can you get the mew egg I went to pokemon ranch and I talked to them but none of them gave me egg what do I do ?!?!

      9. The only reason that mew was level 7 was because, in order to do the glitch, you had to fight that trainer with a lvl 7 rat attar beforehand. It copied the level over. As for this mew, it appears that it is within the first forest where you can catch pikachu, thus mimicking the level of pokemon in that forest. Mew will never be available naturally; it is destined to be an event pokemon.

      10. It does not copy the level over in gen 1. the glitch works in a different way. The last pokemon you defeat has to have 23 in Spez, so Mew appears. The Level is based on the decrease value of that last pokemon. for example, if you use Growl 3 times, the Mew will be on Level 4. 6 Uses and it’ll be on Level 1. Also use Leer one time, Mew will be on Level 100 :)

  3. I think its from the same guy who hacked the game i mean look at the pokemon name it is waitwhatisth which is the same name in the hacked photos

  4. It’s called replacing the Pokemon that originally appear. Really was this not obvious? I’m surprised Arveus isn’t along side this, but again, he changed the encounter slots with Mew to appear.

  5. Mew was always programmed into the game – how else would we be able to receive it via Pokémon Bank in December?

    All this means is that whoever is hacking the game (who found out about the hidden 3 Kalos Pokémon) has figured out a way to get Mew to appear as well. All previous 649 Pokémon are obviously in the game’s coding.

    1. No, Smea’s the one who hacked Mew in.

      Smea’s the one who managed to successfully run unsigned code onto the 3DS.

      He used the exploit bootstrap the latest firmware so that he could play with Pokemon Y while still being able to run unsigned code (which he used to take screenshots, but somehow, not for Mew).

      He’s not interested into sending Mew threw Wonder Trade, as he’s doing this for his personal enjoyment, like his main project with hacking his 3DS.

      In fact, he’s very reluctant to release his exploits to the public, which is why only he so far can run 3DS homebrew and/or hack his 3DS games as if he has the Action Replay for it.

      1. there was many events in the past games for mew. its not any different than any other event legendary.

  6. No. This only means that Mew’s model is in the game, which is necessary for transferring Mew from Black and White to X and Y.

  7. I seriously doubt Mew is even supposed to appear in this game without an event. The picture was made by the guy who hacked the game to force an appearance of Volcanion, Hoppa and Diance. He could have easily forced the game to show Mew as well.

  8. it’s obviously a hacked mew like the other three. we’ll have to wait until nintendo officially reveals those pkm in like a year or so.

  9. Hmm could be a hack but you never know they might be hidden, I did think it was odd there were so few legendaries, maybe there will be a legendary trio hidden in the game which will be revealed at some point, along with an event to unlock them or something? Similarly with Mew.
    Would be nice to get Mew since we can get Mewtwo and there’s so much connection to the 1st gen. Also this would be the first time I’ve ever been able to “catch” Mew in a game.

    1. I think mew is in the game, I saw someone who got it on youtube and I did the same thing he did. It worked but along with the guy from the video the person who gives you the mew rejected me.

    1. SPOILERS Apparently, you are able to get AZ’s Floette as well. Not know if an event or not. Also, there if a Mega for Latios/Latias but they look exactly the same

      1. I’ve heard a bit more about some of the hacks and the different events they thought would cause special Pokemon to appear, but I didn’t know of those. Quite intriguing if you ask me. Thanks for the heads up.

      2. Well you can’t get mega latios/latias cause mega latios item and latiasite it’s not part of da game yet

    1. Remember when they thought Xerneas was supposed to be playable in the next Smash Bros.? I think you’re right.

  10. I wish it were real, but Mew at level 4? I’m pretty sure Mew is typically found at level 20. Plus, Mew is always an event Pokemon.

    1. In a 3rd gen Toys R Us event, Mew was distributed at level 5. I still have mine, I’ve transferred it through the generations and it is currently on my White 2, but it is level 100 now.

      1. Everyone it is a hoax…hack, cheat, fooled you!!! You can get me through poke bank or find someone to trade you….I have a box full..just have to be willing to trade something worth it.

      2. Ill give you a manaphy with poke birus for a shiny mew or regular mew
        Friend Code: 3480-2551-1382

  11. He’s meeting legendaries in the wild. He’s hacking.
    Geesh people are stupid. He even met the event legeandries in the grass.
    Please remove this article.

  12. the mew is in there i killed one by mistake still looking hoping it’ll show up again its in a hidden cave close to pokemon village area you need cut and rocksmash to get to the place

    1. That’s mewtwo you idiot and everyone knows to save the game before battling legendaries when you can find them an see them in a cave

  13. This proves nothing. All of the Pokemon exist in the games’ data so they can be traded over, that doesn’t mean they can be caught in game. Mew can simply be transferred over through Pokemon Bank, or possibly distributed through an event later this gen (I wouldn’t be surprised if we get one this gen considering how much Kanto nostalgia there is).

    1. I’d say the image is real, albeit a hack.
      You can get pretty much any pokemon you wqnt right now via the GTS, save for Mew.(I have all the 2nd gen starters and have seen Entei and Lugia available for trade aswell) The fact that noone has a Mew up, even for bragging rights, would lead me to believe they’re going to make it an event pokemon or hopefully they’ll give him out as a mystery gift considering psychic types are useless in the 6th gen.

  14. These Pokemon games just keep getting better! I beat there is quite a bit buried in these versions. ;D

  15. Are you guys literally retarded? He hacked Mew in just like how he hacked the wild Hoopa, Volcanion, Diancie, Mega Latias and Mega Latios. None of them are found in the wild. You should really do more research before writing ignorant articles like this.

    1. He DID do his research, as he linked an article who assumed the same thing he did (ie, that Mew could be found in the wild).

      It’s just that he apparently didn’t research properly.

  16. Guess what everyone: A 3D model for (get this) RATTATA is saved somewhere in X/Y’s data. Big news.

    1. You’d be looking forever, because that’s a screenshot taken from a man who managed to run unsigned code onto his 3DS with an exploit (ie, an hacker).

    2. i actually found mew but there’s one problem.
      it occurs only in one place once its in a patch of grass near where you fight zapdos but the patch of grass is hidden away it took me almost three hours to find it if you want proof i’ll post the picture aswell of my shiny blue mew on pokemon amie !

      1. i would like to get directions/pics of were you caught mew if possible, i saw that a japanese player in poke-amie had one and have been trying to find it myself

      2. Could you. Please right some step to steps of where it’s at? I know a lot of people think it’s fake and I know this certain pic Is a hack but I still believe that out there some were, I mean unless you looked you wouldn’t find Zygrade.

      3. Hey… Spppptttt…. Pictures or proof or we won’t believe you, my friend ._.
        On another note, I certainly believe that Mew, along with the other 3 Legendaries, will all by event Pokemon. Lets give Nintendo a few more months/years, like maybe around the Summer (May-Augest) or even next year sometime. So, let’s wait patently and griev for the Mew we could possible get :D

      4. They are all lying about finding it in game without hacks if you haven’t figured that out yet…..You can get them through Pokebank, trade, hack, or events…even though there are no mew events for x or y I believe.

  17. From what I heard, it’s supposed to be an event Pokemon and the hacking had brought up the files for it.

  18. Of course mew’s data is in the game, you need to be able to get pokemon from pokebank. All the hacker did was force encounters with pokemon of his choosing succh as the events and mega latis

  19. Every single Pokémon has a 3D character model for X and Y. But if you are asking is Mew just sitting in a place waiting for you to find it then I doubt it. But its possible. But more then likely it will be an Event Pokémon.

  20. ITS FAKE! Look at the name of the trainers pokemon….waitwhatisth…. “wait what is this?”…

    1. Anyone can name their Pokemon ingame “waitwhatisth”.

      He named it that way for fun, as evidenced when he posted the yet-unrevealed actual event Pokemon he managed to hack into his game.

      Although it IS normally impossible to find Mew here, the hacker’s the only one who effectively has the Action Replay for 3DS, as he found a way to run “unsigned code” (ie, homebrew) on it.

      And in case you’re wondering, he used his skills to bootstrap the latest firmware so that he can play his game without the hindrances of bug fixes that the latest firmware would’ve made which would block his exploit.

    1. Would you trade one of your mew for any pokemon? I really want one as it’s my favourite pokemon :( I don’t wanna do the hacking and all just for this pokemon.

  21. Well, none of you actually know whether the guy hacked to get Mew to show up, Mew was randomly encountered, or the picture was fake. To be honest, I don’t either. But it does make sense that Mew was supposed to be an event pokemon, and the hacker got to it first before it was released to the public via distribution. Maybe the truck method is related to this. If X/Y doesn’t have a truck, all I can say is :(

  22. Ok, I think you can get Mew, but not now. You probably have to wait for some event to occur. In fact, I think that’s why those idiots hacked X and Y in the first place, because they didn’t want to wait for the event. The stupid morons are impatient cause they’re probably bored out of their minds.

  23. There is possibly a secret to the parfume palace garden that someone else and myself may be close to figuring out, which may involve the way to get mew, although I doubt it since mew seems to be an event Pokemon.

  24. My friend just found a mew in the area where ditto is. This is legit. When I get the game ill attemp to find my own mew

  25. Does anyone have a mew in there X or Y that there willing to trade? I would love to have one it’s my absolute favorite an ignore last post iphone glitched up a bit while typing

    1. Look asshole I’ve been everywhere in my fucking game and have beaten the pokemon league 7 fuckin times and I don’t know how to do all that hacking/cheating shit you prick so therefor IM STILL NOT GOIN TO KNOW WHAT FUCKING TRUCK!!!!!!!!

      1. There was a glitch or hack or something where you could find Mew under a truck in Pokémon Red/Blue/ etc. in the Vermilion City area were the ship is.

  26. mew is already in the games code for poké bank. what he most likely did was switch the regular pokemons code that appear in that area, with mews code. i always did that with platinum

  27. I remember doin something on yellow poke and mew appear on wild level 5 no cheats or action shit he appear legit on yellow.

  28. It is totally fake. I have fallen for to many of these in the past and I have learned that most likely it is fake. But don’t worry there will probably be a event for it.

  29. i think its real because supposedlly pokemon x and y have every pokemon there is. but thats just what ive heard i have no idea if its true

  30. You have to realize that he has six pokemon in the first forest (what it looks like to me) and the pokemon he had out is named waitwhatisth (probably ending with at or is) just makes you wonder “hmm I wonder if this was intensional” sarcasm alert

  31. go to the unknown dungion at the pokemon village in the winding woods neer wulfric’s coach leader place youll find a mewtwo im not lieing hes there standing creepy as day PS dont EVEN try catching him its imposibul i used all of my balls and all of my pokemon fainted

    1. I caught him on Pokemon Y .-.
      It was easy XD
      Protect until his Recover (Or what ever that healing move was) is out of PP, send in a Dark (Watch out for Aura Sphere) type Pokemon, and False Swpie him to death, use a statas move (Sleep or Paralasis) then toss many, MANY dusk balls, Ultra balls, and Timer Balls :T
      It’s worth it. Make sure you save BEFORE you talk to him/it if you want to get a good nature for it :3
      Have bout 10 full restors, 30 Dusk balls, 15 Ultra Balls, 20 Timer Balls, 15 Full Heals, and you are set, my friend :D
      To get him to appear again (IF you killed him or lost to him) just beat the Elite four again. Have ALL of your pokemon Level 80+ is reconmended. Hope I helped :D

    2. I caught him easily. Second ultra ball. Didn’t lose a single pokemon. I still haven’t used my master bal, and I’ve caught most of the legendaries.

  32. Speaking of Mew, if there’s one thing I want to see in the inevitable Ruby and Sapphire remakes, it’s a series of events that recreate those from gen 3.
    It’d be cool to see them distribute the Mystic Ticket for Ho-oh and Lugia, the Old Sea Map for Mew, and the Aurora Ticket for Deoxys, and since Deoxys has different forms, maybe they could set each form for a different game like gen 3 did.

    1. I have a more interesting idea for Deoxys. I remember an old rumor that there was an event where you can go into space from the Mossdeep Space Center to catch Deoxys, would be nice if they made that a real event. But yeah, bring back those events in the remake.

  33. I have found mew and diancie they are in game pokemon you can find
    mew in the wild at sauntulune forest but its super rare. diancie is a super rare roaming pokemon even rarer than celebi!

    1. no no no i’ve been to sauntulune forest in x SEARCHING FOR LEGENDARY POKEMON AND THEIR ARE’NT ANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. For all the idiots saying they “found” mew in a cave that’s mewtwo you morons!! I have a regular mew and a shiny mew but only because I was traded them one is Japanese mew the other is a Korean mew so what’s probably going to happen is there going to make it a event pokemon or for those who have it in pokemon black/white2 your just going to have to wait till they eventually reveal a release date for pokebank gosh

    1. someone ALMOST traded me a Mew lv.50 for my shiny red Gyarados! But then he canceled the trade. :( :( :( IT WAS ACTUALLY ENGLISH, AND POKEMON BANK ISN’T AVAILABLE YET! I THINK HIS NAME IS ERIC BUT IT MIGHT ANOTHER ONE OF MY FRIENDS! It’s on Pokemon X!

      1. Aawwee so you were ssoo close I know that feeling with a couple of pokemon I was so close to getting

  35. To you people who say you cant get pokebank but some people managed to get through the online traffic that postponed the release date

  36. to everyone: mew is coded in the game. he is number 150 and he has to be encoded if they want a national dex in the game. Obviously it has been hacked to appear, but there is no need to get butt-hurt.

    1. Im pretty sure r hats bull since the X, Y, Z legendarys are shinylocked I belive mewtwo and the legendary bird for your starter are shinylocked aswellbut dont quote me

      1. Yea, sure you did Pewdiepie :D
        It’s real, just like your user-name :D
        (Warning, warning, Sarcasem alert! Don’t get but hurt!)

  37. Mew is in the game it is just not found this one is most likely hacked in it is going to be in a event

  38. why would mew not be in the game!? its the most famos legendary! I even have mewtwo wich on pokemon y apparently mega-evolves into mewthree (don’t ask me why) but still… mew I don’t think you can encounter it on lv4. o yea and heres a tip on getting the very spectal kahngoskan! if you search glittering cave for a while, you might stumble into the great khangoskan! can you belive getting it used to be the bees-knees around here?

    1. I got 2 kangaskhans(<-correct spellin there for reference I you needed it) from the glittering cave. They're not all that special, but their mega evolution seems like it has some potential. As for anyone that says you have to have a certain number of encounters in victory road… Why would you even bother? I realize it's the best pokemon out there but still… 40 THOUSAND encounters? Not worth the time in my opinion. When I was in santalune forest searching for my mew, I noticed gullible was written on one of the trees. Check it out, it's legit… I promise. Wait, why are ou looking at me like that?

  39. it seems that took place in the forest (theres two forests in x and y) so im gonna go chek some time. and it looks like the first one since in the first forest you can find pokemon lv4 but I just spent a long time there and nothing happen…

    1. Hun, don’t get your hopes up. it’s most likely a hack, and will be an event Pokemon. We ALLLLL want Mew in our game :3

  40. this is hacked buy a 3ds user just to show it off or use it for battle but its no big deal in other words ITS FAKE

  41. The ONLY WAY to get mew in pokemon X or pokemon Y is to have 1 either it transfered once pokebank does come out as long as the Asians don’t break it this time >.> or 2 have one traded to you from the japs I had a mew then traded it for something else and I have a shiny mew as well

    well i was calling nintendo customer service and the guy they hooked me up with was a pokemon fan.
    so while he was looking up something, i ask him “hey are those event pokemon people have been hacking real?”
    he then says “yup. there real, although the names and stuff may not be final.”
    then i start flipping out and im like “you know im probably the only person who knows these are ACTUALLY real and nintendo can fire you because theyre trying to cover this up.”
    and he said “yup i know. i am a big pokemon fan considering i have a three-foot pikachu on my desk.”

  43. There’s this wonderful little device called Action Replay. You pop it in your DS, enter the Wild Pokemon Modifier Code and make sure to fill it out perfectly for Mew or any Pokemon of choice, and it will appear anywhere in patches of grass/caves at the average level of all the other Pokemon (unless you alter that, too.) About 30 bucks at GameStop. You should check it out ;3

  44. I was once in a battle spot in pokemon x, and all of a sudden, I saw a guy that had a mew, and he sent out that mew. Somehow, it was a shiny mew. I dont remember if it looked like this or not, but it looked different to me.

  45. for all those idiots on this site that mew is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry dont mean to be mean and also about the grammar)

  46. Omfg people YOU LACK IN FUCKING BRAINS!!!!!! Who gives a shit anymore if mew is in the game or not I got a shiny mew from a passerbyer in my game but so fucking what pokebank just came out so go transfer your damn mews from your older games into X an Y and FYI YOU GET A FREE LVL 10 CELEBI for using pokebank now go find y’all a god damn brain because the comments on these things are so stupid an so immature for those who “found mew” in pokemon village in a cave THATS MEWTWO YOU DUMBASS!!!!! Now be patient because more an likely they will make mew an event pokemon my god ppl use your god damn brains y’all look so pathetic on here askin where he is an how did you get it my god just go fuckin use pokebank for crying out loud my god

      1. Awe cute it’s a dumb bitch ;) clearly you can other wise all my friends wouldn’t have their mews an jirachis an meloettas hun ;)