Flipnote Studio 3D’s Friend Gallery Service Is Now Discontinued


Nintendo Japan has announced today that the Flipnote Studio 3D Friends Gallery has now been discontinued. This move follows a similar move by Nintendo yesterday, which saw the Kyoto based company close the Swapnote service. Both services have been closed due to inappropriate messages being sent back and forth between users.

Thanks, Anubis


      1. I heard after Bill Gates stole Titanfall due to a loophole in the exclusivity contract, he bought a Nintendo 3DS and started dropping F-Bombs left and right in Japan cause they don’t like the XBONE! Sore loser!

      2. It’s not the swearing that was motivating Nintendo to do this.

        It was obscene pictures.

      1. Seriously, Fuck off, Nintendo! You can delete your friends anytime you want! Let people use your services like they want to use them, stop spreading yoru buttcheeks to incompetent parents, My blood is literally boiling becaude of this inherent stupidity going on.


  1. You might as fucking well disable Miiverse while you’re at it, Nintendo.
    There has to be a better solution to this.

    1. flipnote gallery: world is still alive, but with this, there is less chance that flipnote studio 3d will arrive here…

    2. ONLY REASON I BOUGHT THE DARN NINTENDO 3DS for my teen was Flipnote Studio closed the other site, and we have waited and waited for this. BUY MY 3DS PLAYER BACK THEN. I dread showing my son this news. He will be furious! Parents need to monitor, but like anything out there, a few spoil it for the rest of us. Get their ISP and ban ’em. Don’t deprive the rest who have invested good hard earned $$.

  2. Fuck you Nintendo! Fucking come to our houses and take our systems from us too. Do you want my copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf back while you’re at it mother fucker? Shut down the e-shop shut down all the mother fucking Miiverse communities, Fuck you! Fuck you again! And go fuck yourself in ass with a Pokey from Super Mario Bros.

    1. Mature people like you cause good things to happen.

      On another note, that is the gold Zelda 3DS XL, yeah? Imma need me one of those.

  3. Great now we all have to suffer because of some 43 year old virgin sending pictures of his dick to kids stupid enough to add him

  4. Yes this is very smart for Nintendo to stop the inappropriate people :) Nintendo know what they are doing :)

      1. The problem is that they are behaving like the US, Nazis, Communists and all other idiots out there wanting to control and censor everything just because of a few retarded fools…

        If High Command continues like this, they’ll lose a big chunk of their followers aswell as my own…

      2. NC? that is unlike you to say Nintendo is like Nazis… What happened to you?

      3. I don’t want them to become like the Xbots…

        It always starts small until it’s too late…

        Without the Nintendo we love, the gaming universe will be utterly crap…

      4. phew at first I thought you had turned just a heads up NEVER compare anyone to a Nazi especially our dear Nintendo, im sure that if we bring this up with Nintendo they will acknowledge us like an operation moonfall,

      5. Maybe I was a bit harsh but the day our empire gets corrupted or falls, gaming will never be pure again…

      6. agreed but it is up to us to make sure it doesn’t fall, Nintendo have done something bad and strange, but we will find out more

      7. Somehow I feel as if Lord Shibata would run things better these days as the EU territory has been blessed by his actions for some time now…

      8. It’s funny that Nintendo is known as a family company but everyone fails to see that this is the right move from a non gaming parents point of view. Think of it this way. If Nintendo lost a few of its core fans it wouldn’t matter as much as a few parents sharing their bad experience with other parents.

        In retail 1 bad experience gets told to 80 people. And those each of those 80 may share that with another 80.

        Brand ruined.

      9. I would prefer they expelled those abusing the service, instead of ALL of us.. Nintendo more or less just told us they don’t trust us as much as they would a sex offender.. That’s brand-ruining to me. I’ve never sent nor received anything offensive in Swapnote, and now the only feature of the software I used (and in some cases my only means of contact with some of my friends) has been taken away? All because Nintendo is unwilling (or incompetently unable) to blacklist problem users? (and YES Nintendo could do it, Ban the problem 3DS itself from ALL online services offered by Nintendo. Every online device has a unique identifying number FOR A REASON! the Terms of Service are pages and pages of legal crap FOR A REASON! USE THEM!) Flipnote 3D sounded like it was ruined out of the gate with the service not being free, now that I can’t share work with friends I have to ask myself what the point of the 3DS friendlist even IS anymore.. Oh? I can see my buddy is playing Mario kart, can I send him a message direct to his system to ask if he wants to play? NO! Because the Internet just can’t keep it’s pants on you get to be forever alone! The Poor design of the 3DS clamshell that allows the screens to scratch eachother shook my trust in Nintendo.. but now that they’re taking away online features left and right? My trust in them is Gone.

      10. The US isn’t like Nazis! Not even close to Communists. Maybe heading in the direction of stupid socialism…but that is thanks to the Obama Administration (literally the WORST White House Administration EVER) and Obama (the WORST President in the history of US Presidents…) Seriously, anyone who thinks other wise is either a literal “moron” or completely oblivious to what is going on.

      11. Socialism is so much better than your current system…

        It’s your goverments that have brainwashed you all into believing that if you have some sort of socialism, you are a nazi or a communist which are so wrong…

        Obama wants for normal people to have health care, what’s wrong with that?…

        Or would you rather have your continued corrupt system with people suffering more and more because of lack to health care?…

        That’s selfish…

      12. You’re looking too far into it. Nintendo don’t want children that use their 3DSs to receive dick pics from a middle-aged guy, nor do they want to be held responsible for it. They already stated that they had no other choice but to disable the service to prevent this from happening again.

        Like it or not, this was the right decision.

      13. Then I suggest they just create an account system because the will of the many should not be tormented by the evil doings of a few…

        And parents shouldn’t let their kids use the internet without knowing what they are going to do…

      14. dude your right nintendo shuting down exchange is good. others say f**k you nintendo i say good job

      15. One system update, one little Swapnote patch, and they could’ve had another choice.. Patch Swapnote to include reporting of problem users.. Patch the OS to allow a pushed Blacklisting of the Troll’s 3DS from the internet, and make it’s menu flash black/white, so every store you try to sell the “bricked” system to Know’s it’s offline only and they can refuse to buy yours OR sell you another.. True, they Could still just go out and buy another system outright from another store, but after a while you’d think that’d get to be too expensive to keep up. Plus if you were a truly sick —-, sending naked pics to kids, the literal stack of 3DS’s in your house would be Very interesting evidence when your place gets raided. Nintendo didn’t do the right thing, they did the quick and cheap thing, ignoring that it effects millions to protect a few. At this rate I expect Animal Crossing to be patched to be a single player game just in time for Christmas

      16. All they had to do is ban those users, update the supervision of date passed and allow users to report inappropriate content and let Nintendo services handle it. These moves are beyond premature and extreme since these services are acclaimed by fans and now them just killing it off completely without changing it to reinforce rules is just as unjustified as some sick fuck posting images of gentians or whatever. Its unfair punishment to those who respectfully used the service.

        Do you understand now dumbass?

      17. Swapnotes doesn’t work that way. Theres no “users” ergo no one to ban. And think at it from their core target’s point of view (family/parents/casual gamers): if your kid was getting sent pics of a Dick by a pedo, wouldn’t you want the service stopped?

        And reporting would be faulty because it’d likely get flooded by false reports by kids mad at their best friend.

      18. Ummm.. There IS a user ID.. it’s called your Friend Code! And no, I wouldn’t want the service stopped, I’d want the sick —- tracked down and arrested first, and the service fixed to protect the innocent and better catch the guilty second.. I don’t expect eMail or Twitter to shut down forever because of one Sick person’s problems, why should I be cool with it when it’s Swapnote?

      19. Swapnotes is different then twotter and email. eMail is a universal thing, and most email providers require you to be at least 13 or older, or have parents permission. Meanwhile. Swapnotes is at a system thats geared towards kids and thats available without registration of an account or agreeing to a TOS. So twitter and email wont shut down because they are valuable services and they are needed and use professionally, and are not liable for such things. Nintendo is quite the opposite, where swapnotes was not used for business, but fun, and Nintendo could possibly be held responsible for abuse of the service.

        Furthermore, the friendcode is NOT a user system. A friend code is a non transferable, unchangeable code registered to each system. A user system contains a user account on a server or database, and is managed by a company (as well as can be transferred to any system). Shutting off a 3DS’ access to the web through blocking its friend code would be both tricky and could lead to legal issues (blocking a service they don’t provide [Internet Access]). Where email is more direct and is sent to a user and stored on a server, Swapnotes was like a “PO Box”, where notes are sent to a general “box” with the friend code address on it, the 3DS would check it whenever it connects to the web.

        TL;DR: It (Friendcodes, Swapnotes) just doesn’t work like you’d want it to, and this was likely the best course of action as far as safety was concerned. We’ll likely see it return once NNIDs are implemented, but till then, its gone.

    1. Fuck you nintendo is fucking bullshit they ruin everything FUCK THOSE ASS HOLES THEY SHOULD GO BURN IN FUCKIN HELL!!!

    1. because is not as easy is like a private line you know what they are doing but you cant know who sent what…..i think

  5. Nintendo is becoming a joke now, other companies have come up with solutions other than shutting the system down why can’t Nintendo ?

    1. Because Nintendo is liable. Swapnotes was a private messaging service, and their target market is families and children, so when pedos are abusing the system and any attempts to moderate could prove either crippling, ineffective, or an invasion of privacy, what else are nintendo to do?

      1. Thats like your ISP banning you from the internet for sending a dick pic. Theres legal issues there, since the 3DS relies on the friend code system for multiplayer interactions online, with the exceptions being the shop and web browser, meaning banning friend codes could cause legal issues. Im not even sure if its possible anyways, seeing as friend codes are like an email address thats built into the system. Each system has a unique friend code and cannot be transferred nor changed. Its not like a user system to where the user account is in a database and the system is registered to the account.

        In all honesty, nintendo wasn’t left with much of a choice, seeing as the best (and most effective) choice was also the worst in the interests of the average consumer. Its possible once NNIDs (Nintendo Network IDs) are implemented on the 3DS we may see the return of Swapnotes spotpass feature, or even see its successor, but till then this was the best choice in the eyes of nintendo to make.

      2. umm.. ISP’s can ban you for almost anything they want, it’s standard boiler-plate stuff that’s in the first revision of every terms of service ever made.. You agreed not to break the law on their service when you signed up, violate that and they have the right to terminate your service, without warning at any time. Nintendo’s ToS’s are Notoriously draconian, and agreeing to the legal ‘Contract’ that would let Nintendo kick your system into the dark-ages can be as simple as buying and/or installing the software (it pays to read those things sometimes) Ignorance of the Terms of Service doesn’t protect you from those terms either. Nintendo has Every legal right to take nearly Any measure they want to stop a user from abusing the system, short of coming to your house and stealing the damn thing

      3. I didn’t use swap note too much so I can’t say anything about it, and I’m not stupid enough to try, but I have used Flipnote from the Dsi. In the original flipnote there was no true messaging system,(at least for Dsi locked users)Nor were pictures in full color allowed. While you could upload a picture onto the flipnote, it usually ended up looking more like a child’s scribbles on an etch a sketch then an actual picture. On top of that, flipnotes had to be approved before they could be viewed. In this way, any content considered obscene(sexually anyways)
        from getting through basically until the hours before it finally shut down for good (one or two flipnotes made it through a few hours before it shut down, most likely due to there being no one still reviewing and blocking them)
        As for the chat, I said there was no true messaging system, that being said users managed to get around that using the comment system. This allowed users to write or draw messages to the creator of a flipnote.

        I will concede that Nintendo ‘ s decision did fix the problem, but to say it was the only choice is a bit of a stretch. Simply switching back to the old system of reviewing and approving would fix the problem. As for the removal of a chat system, well, flipnote users have survived before.

        As for the free part that let’s you share flipnotes between friends, that can be submitted to the same review/approve approach, supposing the flipnotes were sent using the internet, not picked up with streetpass. Which, as I have read, seems to be limited to friends only as well. Meaning that if someone were to try to send picture not necessarily kid friendly, it would be severely localized.

        Now then, feel free to tear down every bit of my argument, poke holes in it, counter it, just don’t scream nonsensical babble at it please.

  6. stupid move nintendo. i hope you fix it and not just drop it. You need to finally do a real account system then you can ban perpetrators and not punish all your loyal supporters and fans.

  7. To those throwing a strop… First World Problems much, just be thankful you actually have enough money to own any gaming system or even just to read about these gaming systems, I know I am

    1. I don’t care what “world” it is, I don’t accept anyone or anything that does what it pleases…

      1. This comment dosnt make a inch of sense. You blame Nintendo for forcing people to not do has they please but you don’t like people that do has they please?

    1. It’s not about doing the parents’ job. Nintendo is just trying to maintain its public image. They want to be known as the fun, family friendly game company, not the sending your kids dick pics and drawings company. Who can blame them?

      This just further illustrates why they need to incorporate NNIDs on the 3DS. That way if someone violates the terms of service, they get the ban-hammer, and the rest of us can keep enjoying the software the way it was meant to be used.

      1. They can try all they want, if they truly want to succed, it means to apply a “Police Governance”…

      2. They could do it right now by the friend code, or by the systems unique MAC address that virtually ALL internet devices have.. and there’s terms of service for what the 3DS does now, hell they could add a forced update to Flipnote & Swapnote to add a ToS, or anything they needed to add to a ToS, to gain the legal right to blacklist users.. It’s not like this is hard to do, I just hope both these moves are temporary until they can figure out a fix.. But I’m not holding my breath

  8. Then just get the report button again >.> i know its a pain for some ppl but god damn nintendo…..

  9. I wish Nintendo were a bit more leniant, and that they would stop trying to babysit all of us. There’s a parental lock system for a reason. It’s up to the parents to make sure their kids aren’t sending stupid shit. Don’t make the whole community suffer, Nintendo.

  10. What Nintendo needs to learn is that no matter what, if there’s an app for communication, someone out there is going to abuse it. Just like Facebook, Youtube, etc. There’s always going to be perverts on it who don’t follow the rules. I see where Nintendo is coming from, because they want to protect us from those people, but I believe there are better ways they could have approached the situation. For Swapnote, they could have at least made us able to report others, so the perverts would get punished instead of everyone. For Flipnote, I think it’s ridiculous to discontinue the friend’s gallery. What about the people who can’t afford the Flipnote Gallery World service? They won’t be able to share anything with their friends. It’s not right. Like I said before, they should just make it to where you can report. If that’s not possible offline, which I’m sure it’s not, then the person could simply delete the other person from their 3Ds friends list. There are plenty of other ways, but my point is that Nintendo shouldn’t discontinue every little thing when a situation like this pops up.

  11. Nintendo is doing good. They should be more strict in Miiverse as well. People just gotta learn how to follow the rules. You go Nintendo!!!

    1. Don’t be such an ass. This is by far the most premature move Nintendo has done since the whole Youtube thing and yes this coming from a big fan of Nintendo since childhood of the early 90s.

      You don’t go punish everyone else who abides the rules just because of few dumbass perverted trolls out of 6.5 billion humans on earth posting sick shit via Swapnote which is suppose to be a friend-only service and cancelling Flipnote 3D (which we all haven’t even received the app in eShop yet) altogether is completely unfair.

      Unless this move is too cancel temporary and implement some filter and abuse report functions, this is a dick move by Nintendo. Now watch the mob approach their headquarter’s doorstep in any minute now…

      1. The only ones being premature is the people sending pics of their penis to underaged kids through ‘Nintendo’s service’.

    2. Way to go for not thinking of a better solution! Obviously stopping the service is better than not having the option of putting pictures in the software!

  12. What the heck, Nintendo? I’m sure there are better ways to solve this instead of shutting it down. Think of all the people who actually used it appropriately. You’re just ruining their experience.

  13. My god Nintendo. Why is it recently I’m hearing you’re making one dick move after another just because of one to few violators that you could’ve easily dealt with in just seconds by now? Come on. First YouTube, then Smash Bros. story mode omitted because of YouTube which is very stupid, Swapnote cancelled from yesterday and now Flipnote 3D which we all still haven’t gotten the damn app in eShops yet plus you lied about receiving it from pasted summer.

    Nintendo, I swear to god if this BS doesn’t end right here and now, I will sell my goddamn Wii U and my 3DS and just switch with PS and stick with my iOS gaming. This has gone far enough and its time for Iwata to go. He hasn’t done any good shit for his platforms since he decided to take charge of the world’s Nintendo headquarters. Ever wonder why your own home turf doesn’t buy your consoles anymore? And if you count out Monster Hunter and PKMN, what do you have left?

    Its either you get your act together and start busting your ass to implement your online infrastructures right or I will jump ship for the last time. And that is a promise.

    1. I would suggest demanding a new High Command before jumping ship…

      But indeed, they are now even at their limits of making us even more loyal fans mad…

  14. Off topic. The media is full of shit. I’m trying to see Wii U version of Assassin’s creed 4 to the 8 core consoles. They’ll place videos of 360 vs Xbone and PS3 to PS4 and Wii U to 360 and PS3. The media is bullshit!!!!! They won’t put it on there because it’ll make that dumb rumour about Wii U being underpowerd not so underpowerd. Nintendo vs the gaming community. We have the opportunity to see Wii u visuals againts 8 core consoles and we get nothing.

    1. Yes I also think that no matter how good it looks the developers did not do their best on the wiiu version.

      1. This big propoganda of media wanting the wii u to flop you speak of is absolutely true. They all tend to act stupid like it isnt doing much and that maybe its juat an add on. I hope it backfires in their faces this holiday.

  15. A bit of an over reaction on both sides, having said that.
    Nintendo needs to stop trying so hard to be like fucking Disney with its overly sanitized PC attitude… and the whiners need to take a big fucking chill pill.

    Seriously… Iwata is the DEVIL!!! BURN HIM!!! “ohh… where did that come from?”


      1. I think so. They haven’t said anything about getting rid of Flipnote Studio 3D completely, I don’t think.

      2. Although a rumor is going around that it’s not coming, but no one really knows for certain

      3. I think they could do a software update where you cannot put pictures in at all. It would kind of suck, but it is better than stopping the whole service.

    1. SAME HERE! I sent my FC to a few people on a game I wont mention cuz then Nintendo will disable THAT too, but unlike all those other perverts I never sent pictures of my dick on there! I WAS CLEAN!!! Now I’ll never be able to contact my friends again. :(

  16. It’s not Nintendo’s fault. The people who send material notes is their fault so there.
    Don’t worry, Nintendo will try to release Flipnote Studio 3D before or after the holidays.

  17. the flipnote gallery friends can be private, so Nintendo can moderate it and whoever is in the gallery can see it… THIS WOULD BE FAIR!

    1. I’m confused. What’s the difference between Flipnote and Swapnote? I just started using Swapnote more than I used to. But Flipnote?

      1. It doesnt matter noke of them affect gameplay so both are irrelevant and probably they are not a product of nintendo because their gameplay sucks and we all know that fameplay is the most important thing in the world and thats whu nintendo is cool and other developers sucks donkey dicks.

      2. Swapnote is a Nintendo 3DS messaging system where users can send messages(drawn) to friends. You may also attatch pictures to the messages. Flipnote is a simple animation studio where the user makes and shares small(now 3D) animations online. Its very much akin to making an animation on post-its- notes. The user can attatch low resolution photos(at least on the original) sound files, and music. One is for messaging, the other is basically the 3DS’s version of Youtube.

      3. But it dont have gameplay so suck my dick you graphicwhore/socialappswhore WE the nintendo fans dont need this stupids things so suck my dick and pos it your favourite stupid social “not gameplayable” nettwork ASSHOLE

      4. I would like to bring up that many people had built strong friendships and such with the creation of Flipnote Studio for DSi, and that people were devastated to hear the news of it shutting down. There were probably tens or hundreds of thousands of users on the original site, and there were many with a 3Ds but not a DSi that wanted the application. There aren’t many consoles or companies that provide games for more artistic people, so Flipnote was a huge success in all regions. What’s going to bring success is a good console that can be used by people of all interests.

        As for SwapNote, when Flipnote shut down, some of the users had exchanged friend codes in order to keep contact. When SwapNote shut down the SpotPass feature, it have people with little contact information very little time to inform their friends. I mean, Nintendo could have given us a few days notice, because not everyone uses their 3Ds every day. I think that though they handled the situation “properly,” that they should put more thought into future releases if (more like when) this happens again.

  18. Nintendo is focused on the gameplay rather than the graphics. As long as it doesnt affect the gameplay this is the best way to act because they are the best company ever!!

  19. Oh my god…Fuck you Nintendo, you already ruined Flipnote, now you are just making it worse. And now I can’t even use Swapnote to message my friedns. Thank you for being so “considerate” of my safety. I really hope all of you that made this terrible decision die in some horrible accident. If you lay ONE finger on Colors 3D, I will never buy from your company again, not until you are all dead, and someone who knows how to please fans is put in charge. My god, its like this is some joke made up by some fanboy. Your stupidity amazes me nintendo, No wonder you aren’t awesome like you used to be, you are thinking we are all babies, well fuck you, we are gamers, gamers of all ages, adaults and teens should not have to suffer because you want to protect children from images that do no physical harm.

    1. calm down pal. Nintendo fan dont need this stupid social things which dont add anything new to the gameplay experience and that is what matters the gameplay. Dont worry ninty is concern about your needs of good gameplay and probably thats because they are saving money from theses to put that in gameplay :)

  20. I wouldn’t be pissed off at Nintendo. I’d be pissed off at the fuckers who don’t know how to keep it in there pants and use the computer like they’re suppose to. Thanks for ruining a good thing on the 3DS you ass holes.

  21. you know at this point i’d rather just buy a cheap dsi and play that flipnote. I seriously don’t care for the world or friend feature and I don’t want to wait forever just to animate something. I mean, they could of had this out on day one just like they did with the dsi but nope! I’m going to have to grow a scruffy beard, and wait for it to turn pure white before I can use flipnote studio 3d.

  22. nintendo, one thing, you are blocking everything just for one incident you have to make all of us suffer, you guys are smart(sarcasm) i am a hardcore gamer waiting for flipnote studio 3D to come out. for the people who say they made the right choice srry but you are wrong so much more people are going to be unhappy then happy i used flipnote studio alot then it was shutdown. i made some good flipnotes. xbox made bad choices but they fixed them after all this still use the 3DS because i have it but ill probably stick with sony. its already been 3 months delayed an you have to make it worse, grea job(sarcasm)

  23. I can definitely understand Nintendo’s choice. They’re known as a family company. Whether or not it’s true, they think that their fan base is predominantly children approximately ages 5-12, I guess. They don’t want to be held responsible for some idiot who has slightly traumatised a child.

    There are a lot of factors at work here:
    -crappy parents don’t know how to use parental settings and keep track of their child.
    -the child obviously willingly entered in the offender’s friend code.
    -the offender is a total douchebag and should be charged, not only is he mentally sick but he’s ruined a great feature for the wider gaming community.
    – Nintendo is trying too hard to be the parent’s best friend to keep the money used to buy DSs for all their precious little darlings rolling in.

    Eurughhhh, all I want is to have all the features available. Moreover, Id like it if flipnote would be released.
    Hopefully, Nintendo will re-evaluate their decision and implement some features to allow responsible gamers to use the features as they were meant to be used.

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  25. they only got rid of the friend gallery not the whole thing we might still get flipnote 3d i hope

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  30. I am upset that flipnote studio banned Flipnote studio BEFORE the US even got it
    There goes making vocaloid pvs…

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