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Kickstarter Project Paradise Lost: First Contact Could Come To Wii U

Asthree Works‘ Paradise Lost: First Contact could come to Wii U. The Kickstarter project is currently seeking pledges of at least $70,000 to be funded. If the project attains its stretch goal of collecting $250,000 in pledges, a Wii U version of the completed game will be developed – along with controls that are specific to the Wii U GamePad. The project’s funding period ends on December 1st.

38 thoughts on “Kickstarter Project Paradise Lost: First Contact Could Come To Wii U”

  1. Another crap game that’s gonna get backed up yet great games like Shadow of the eternals doesn’t. I wonder what goes through the mind of people when they back things up.

      1. why did nintendo fund 3 shitty sonic games, that sonic lost world is crap and it also failed to sell. looks like greedytendo shouldnt of funded shitty games just because they thought it could earn them easy $$$$$ and look it sonic lost sales.

        yet they wont fund eternal darkness 2……. a game that probably will be great or has a good chance to be. it could be a great exclusive and it would give wii u a must have game, it would probably sell better than sonic failed world too. you know people like to buy good games, oh wait not you nintendrones.

        you fanboys are clowns.

        1. Oh shut up, Ice.
          The Sonic fanbase has had its head on backwards for ages now; it’s split between people that love or hate the 3D games and the reviews being all over the place reflect this.
          It’s a damned decent game in its own right.
          The fanbase is just retarded.

      2. Because people lost their touch. They rather spend money on another platformer than a full blown 3d world. Yes some people criticized the people wanting to make it but that was such a small few. People want to give thousands of dollars to games that are platformers, old aged gameboy graphics and is like a hour playthrough.

    1. Not enough people wanted Shadow of the Eternals… “Dem graph!x” is not good enough to fund a sequel to a game that had a cult following. Least that’s how I figure it…

      1. xenoblade is a cult following, so is conker and bayonetta?? great games deserve sequels and im sure more and more people are aware of eternal darkness than they were before

  2. This is the type of shovelware mediocre came out of the 80’s 2D games the underpowered running on 7 year old hardware Wii U was made for lolol. This is the only type of games this failed console will get as all the triple A games will be skipping the Wii U. Bring on the 2D Mario games and 2D crap shovelware games!

    1. your right, its a crap game just look at this. of course this shit would go to wii u its the only console shitty enough to maybe sell on. also nintendo would fund this game over eternal darkness 2 because their fucking retarded as well as these fanboys. thats the only game that was a surprise. an eternal darkness 2 and exclusive to wii u!! that is great, that is a must have but all these baby fanboys are hating on good games and would rather play sonic. its pathetic and that is why nintendo fanboys are the laughing stalk of the game community.

      1. also that make me think if i was some how working for a video company as a creative director (thats not going to happen, if it does it will be out of no where) i would try to make more of a different game, fuck all that hero shit. where your close party members die, you cant do anything about it, no reviving or fake deaths. (somebody is going to die depending) after hours of game play. you dont end up winning, you fail or only help things. the world would be doomed all because the whole time you were the villain and actually killed the good ancients. some shit like that and more.

        if it was like cokers bad fur day, i would have had conker shoot himself in the ending like they were originally planning, stuff like that. their needs to be more villain and darker stuff.

        1. Your game should inspire hope where it seems like things are getting better only to have it crushed by the “evil influences”. Also, if main characters are “going to die depending” you should make it so that the chances of them dying/living are correlated by the choices you make. Also, 1 save file per account and auto-save before the events of them dying/surviving happens so players can’t just shut off the game and try again. If they don’t want them dead they have to erase their save files and start from scratch. Just some ideas, lol.

          1. yeah haha. better words. thats what i was kinda thinking, if the characters would die it would be like one of the 3 depending on what you have done. it would save right after no matter what. that is so if you replayed it it wouldnt be the same everytime.

            i dont know jack about programming but it would be cool to like direct something or give the ideas.

  3. This looks pretty cool! I’d buy it. And because I’d buy it, I must be one of the o-so-cleverly labeled ‘nintensheep’.
    Its too bad people are still salty over Shadow of the Eternals, but people are allowed to like/fund/support what they want. Stop crying.

  4. Iceazeama…. dude, if you have such a problem with Nintendo and its fans, why do you surround yourself with them constantly… do you stay on this site, hating, 24 hours a day? Laughing “stalk” of the gaming community? You’re the laughing stock of us.

  5. Sickr, I’ve been a fan of your blog for sometime. However, as your blog became a haven for trolling, I went else where for news and respectful conversations. I recently heard that you imposed some restrictions that limited trolling. When I came back to your blog, I was once again happy to find it a place of respect. However, it would appear that those restrictions are no longer in place, because the trolling is back full force!

  6. So let me get this straight, these guys need roughly $250,000 to push what looks like an average action/adventure game more suited for the Nintendo 3DS? *shakes head*
    I don’t understand how this will help build hype for the WiiU. Much like I don’t understand Nintendo’s decision not to market the GBA Metroid games for the 3DS e-shop which by comparison look a million times better than this title, just saying.

  7. 250k for this shit …srs??

    1 Year in, and we still only get news about shitty kickstarter games, news about 3ds games and news about dk, mario kart,smash bros,and mario 3d…
    Why cant I at least play 3ds games on the wiiu, why cant this console do shit?

    nintendo disrespecting wiiu owners since launch…pathetic.

    1. its true, nintendo just keeps on disappointing. not even showing early adopters thank you even if they basically lied about everything and ripped us off.

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