Splatoon Is Selling Out In Japan And Nintendo Issues Apology And Promises More Stock

It turns out that Splatoon has become a big hit in Japan and copies of the game are currently very scarce indeed. The Kyoto based company has taken to Twitter to apologise for the situation and promises that more copies of the game will be available to purchase sometime next week. The company also advises that people who want the game should consider purchasing it from the Wii U eShop.

Splatoon has become scarce in the stores, and we apologize. Next week, but additional shipping, hurry please consider also purchased the download version. Also will add production amiibo splatoon are in short supply. Will be charged while your time here, but thank you for your note.

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Splatoon Invading Times Square On May 31st

Live in New York City? Well, if you do, we hope you don’t mind getting inked up a bit! No, we’re not talking about tattoos! To celebrate tomorrow’s release of Splatoon, the folks in Nintendo’s marketing team are having a party to let New Yorkers know that Splatoon is here, and it’s here to stay!

So! If you happen to live in the Big Apple, here’s the low-down: on May 31st, Nintendo is going to invade Times Square and throw a pep rally at 9:30am. Come early enough and you might score yourself a Squid hat (I want one sooo bad!). Then, after an hour, the festivities will make their way over to the Nintendo World Store not far from Times Square and give the fans access to their Splatday event!

Do you thINK you have what it takes to hold down your turf come May 29th? Read our review of the game here!

Nintendo’s Most Powerful Character Ever Is… Luigi?!

Yes, you heard right! The famous ‘other’ brother has had a reputation for lurking in the shadow of Mario’s fame, but he’s certainly emerged from the darkness in recent years. As a matter of fact, Luigi has been making quite the name for himself; amongst the plethora of death stare memes, auto-wins in Mario Party 9, and “wee-gee time!” quotes, Luigi has uncovered a new calling as Nintendo’s most powerful character. Ever.

How powerful, you may ask? Enough to beat any Level-9 computer-controlled enemy in Smash Bros for Wii U — without doing a thing. YouTube channel Omega Tyrant has uploaded a 20 minute video showcasing a string of wins by Luigi, who stands absolutely still in each match. Of course, these are all staged, but the amusement factor is undeniable. It almost makes Smash Bros’ AI appear as if it needs some tweaking!

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Here’s A New Splatoon Single Player Commercial

We’ve seen plenty of footage of the multiplayer mode for Splatoon in recent commercials, but what about the single player? Well, the latest TV advert from Nintendo of America shows off just that. You can watch the inklings take on a variety of interesting opponents and decimate them with their ink-based weapons complete with cheesy music.

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This Is What Happens When Yoshis Meet Amiibo In A New CGI Trailer For Yoshi’s Woolly World

You may be familiar with the Yoshi species – the long, sticky tongues, the ability to eat enemies of various shapes and sizes, their commonly green-coloured appearance… But in Yoshi’s Woolly World, coming to Wii U on 26th June, tap one of over 40 compatible amiibo to your Wii U GamePad, and Yoshi will transform in-game to assume the patterns of your favourite Nintendo characters.

Meanwhile, tapping a Yarn Yoshi amiibo or Yoshi amiibo to your Wii U GamePad will allow you to play solo with Double Yoshi – two Yoshis on screen.

To get a sneak peek at Yoshis applying their new transformation trick when coming face to face with amiibo, check out a new Yoshi’s Woolly World CGI trailer.

Nintendo Uploads A Splatoon Video Showcasing New Weapons

With the release of Splatoon just around the corner now is the perfect time for Nintendo Japan to upload a new video showcasing a number of new paint-based weapons that will be at your disposal when the game launches on May 29th. The bizarre but extremely effective weapons include a paint megaphone and a paint guard shield. Be sure to check out the video to get a good idea of what’s at hand.

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