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UK: Sony’s PlayStation 5 console has already overtaken the Wii U

Games Industry recently released the monthly video game sales in the UK for the month of March 2021. Within the article the site stated that the PlayStation 5 has already surpassed sales of the ill-fated Wii U console which launched back in 2012 in the United Kingdom. The Wii U had a fantastic library of games but it failed to take off in most territories. Thankfully Nintendo’s current console the Nintendo Switch has proved to be a success in the UK and elsewhere. However, during the month of March the Nintendo Switch was in third-place after PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series systems.

“Sony’s new console enjoyed its second biggest month so far, and it’s already overtaken PlayStation Vita, Wii U and Dreamcast in terms of sales in the UK.”


21 thoughts on “UK: Sony’s PlayStation 5 console has already overtaken the Wii U”

    1. None of the systems mentioned are massive failures. Not even failures. They are missteps/miscalculations at worst. The Dreamcast is the only system of those that had to be pulled from the market (if at all, I’m not sure) yet it left quite an impact.

  1. the strange world of stranga

    outsolds the PS vita, dramcast and wii u…only mentions wii u in the headline, classic era mynintendonews, now if the commander and obinna were here to complete the circle…

      1. the strange world of stranga

        He got tired of the string of failures under his belt…also he’s now working for shinesparkers.

      1. He’s now working for shinesparkers and runs a LGTBI+ smash community called titans smash. ask nintenmau!

  2. I fail to see why this matters. It’s like saying on your 37th birthday “I beat Jesus at living” pointless and honestly makes you look like a bit of a shitbag.

  3. I can’t see the point of this. It’s like saying “I beat Jesus at being alive” on your 37th birthday. Entirely pointless and makes you look like a bit of a scumbag if I’m honest.

  4. You just love being an ass towards a console that’s better built than the Switch. That’s just sad. Just like how badly the PS5 started at launch.

  5. The amount of fanboys upset by this is astounding. I loved my Wiiu but are people still deluding themselves into thinking it wasn’t a colossal failure brought on by Nintendos complacency?

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