Mario Kart 8 Coming Spring 2014 For Wii U

Straight from Nintendo Direct is the first trailer for Mario Kart 8, and it promises a whole load of new karting fun. The fun-filled racing extravaganza will defy gravity by racing up vertical walls, and you can even go upside down in three-dimensional courses. Plus it’s coming direct to your Wii U spring 2014, and will integrate heavily with Miiverse. Let us know what you think of Mario Kart 8 in the comments below.


  1. Coudnt even add level editors and custome karts. ITS THE SAME FREAKIN GAME AS THE LAST TWO nintendo = abandoned console port these games to ps4

  2. Looks absolutely sick. Upside down, sideway racing? Mind boggling. But releasing it literally next year is a big let down. :( The game looks like its ready for the holidays.

  3. Am I the only one having trouble watching this? The official site won’t play at all. I finally found another site to watch it, and the video keeps freezing the whole time. WORST E3 PRESENTATION EVER!!!!

  4. Mine finally started playing without freezing after 23 minutes passed. I missed all the games it showed at the beginning. I’ll have to watch later.

  5. they need to think harder. I cant help but get the feeling all these games have just been rushed. this is not like you Nintendo. pick up your game

    1. Rushed when everything is NEXT FUCKING YEAR??? Thats not rushed thats TO DAMN LONG.

      1. Mario 3d world. this game shouldn’t have been created. they only reason I can think of is Nintendo need games to help sell wii u, so they came up with a cheap and quick way to move units asap instead of taking time to make something actually good.

        1. I hope this increases the chance of a proper 3D Mario game later in the console cycle though. If that’s true, I’m completely fine with this :)

  6. I’m way to speechless to say anything… This looks beyond amazing and beyond what’s beyond amazing!!!!!!!!! I think I’m dead now!!! GoodBye!!!!

    1. I know right. I don’t know why every one is saying it’s a bad E3 for Nintendo. This looks so much better than I thought it would look like.

  7. “Did we say spring of 2014, we meant to say Summer 2014… oh wait, make that Fall 2014… Nevermind we meant to say Holiday of 2014.” Just like “launch window for Wii U…” This is ridiculous! The game looks Amazing, but how many people have bought the Wii U for games to be pushed back and released in 2014? Not me.

      1. This e3 was such a let down, as far as Nintendo is concerned. What a weak offering they brought to the table, WFU, W Party U and other games they showed last year as LAUNCH TITLES! Really, am I supposed to get excited about old news? I think they just didn’t understand the amount of people it takes to make HD games these days, AAA console games.

  8. Now this game looks immpresive. but I dont know how much of that trailer was cut scenes, either way this is the innovation this franchise needs and more, keep it coming big n

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